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Corlain is the regional capital and largest city of Drustvar and home to Waycrest Manor, seat of House Waycrest. It is split in two areas, Lower Corlain (also commonly referred to as Corlain proper) and Upper Corlain which leads to the Manor.

Corlain fell in the early Drust uprising when Lady Meredith Waycrest, in a bid to save her husband from death, made a pact with Gorak Tul. Harnessing the powers of the Drust, she lured the women of Corlain to the Manor and taught them those magics, turning them into witches for her newly founded Heartsbance Coven. With their magics, they took control of the people and the Waycrest Guard stationed in the city. Captain Goodspeed's guard at the Pikeman Ridge turned his forces to the Coven willingly in exchange for power.

After the fall of Corlain, refugees fled to the town of Arom's Stand for safety, though the traveling refugees were infiltrated by witches from the Coven who sought to bring Arom's Stand down from within as they did with Corlain.

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