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Barony of Northcliff
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- Ruler

Hereditary Monarchy
Hendrek Ashcroft


House of Ashcroft

Area (Land)


(As of 624 K.C.)


Major Settlements

Edinburgh Castle
Elizabeth Bay


Kul Tiran Coinage

Kingdom Allegiance

Kingdom of Kul Tiras



The County of Northcliff is ruled by the House of Ashcroft. After the succession of Elizabeth Ashcroft, as Countess of Northcliff, the House of Edinburgh was merged into the House of Ashcroft due to the last member of the House, Lord Fredrick Edinburgh, dying. Today the land is ruled by Lord Hendrek Ashcroft, the son of Elizabeth and Baldrec Ashcroft. Northcliff is located on the North end of the main island of Kul Tiras and reaches the shores of the island, making it one of Kul Tiras' prime locations for a naval port that supports trade ships, and ships of the Kul Tiras Navy.

Holdings of Northcliff

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the seat of the ruling family of Northcliff. Formerly belonging to the House of Edinburgh, it is now occupied by Lord Hendrek Ashcroft and the House of Ashcroft. The Castle overlooks the sea and is a few miles away from the County's capital, Baronsport. It is surrounded by great walls and has major defense fortifications built from the second war in order to defend against the Orcish warships.


Baronsport is the capital city of the County of Northcliff, along with being the largest city. Like Edinburgh Castle, major defense fortifications were built during the Second War to prevent the Orcish invaders from making it onto land. Today, all of the structures are still kept operational incase a new threat were ever to arise once again. The City itself is a bustling place, full of trade, production, and luxury. It is also home to one of the largest shipbuilding ports within Kul Tiras and the Eastern Kingdoms alike. Many notable people have commissioned the Baronsport Shipbuilding Company to construct all types of vessels. From Warships, to top of the line Passenger ships, Baronsport builds them all. The massive port always keeps the city busy and productive. Even today, the city continue to grows as new people settle into one of the few safe havens in the Eastern Kingdoms.


Sterntide, unlike the rest of the settlements and cities is not a major producer of anything naval based, mainly because it is landlocked. This small farm town is, however, one of the main producers of wheat and other grains within Northcliff. It has a large granary, and there are also many animal farms surrounding the town that raises chickens, cattle, and horses.

Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay, formerly known as Edinburgh Landing is a small town on the edge of the border of Northcliff. The Bay is the main producer of two products within Northcliff, most notably their fisheries, and their fine crafted armors and weapons. The bay was renamed upon the succession of the crown to Lord Hendrek Ashcroft, when he renamed it after his deceased mother.

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