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Crillaidie Alanmorn





Place of Birth





Cadet of Kul Tiras
Baker (Formerly)


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
Kul Tiras Icon.png Kul Tiras

  • (Subfaction of Faction 2)

(Former Faction) (Formerly)


Church of the Holy Light (Minor)


Lucas Alanmorn (Adoptive Father)
Kara Alanmorn (Adoptive Mother)
Quillarsh Alanmorn, Brother


Lawful Evil




Crillaidie has long Blonde Hair, she is about 5'6, She is slender, she has crimson red eyes, and she has snowy white skin, she is beautiful even by elf standards


She has the robes in the colors of red, blue and gold. She wears regular old style shoes typical of mages. Finally with her peace loving nature she wears a single neckless given to her by someone she cared for.


Her staff looks identical to that of the Ebonchill, an ancient staff used by the Tirisguard but is weaker in power.


Being born to a family of bakers, her affinity for magic help her family work out their problems despite her own struggle with her mother. One day when she was 16, she ran away from home to join the Kirin Tor an ancient order of Mages who's task is to study magic.

Kul Tirin in Spirit

She was born in Stormwind but she calls Kul Tiras, home and so she is deeply loyal to it


She's a mage, nuff said


During the events of Shadowlands, she went into the Shadowlands to follow her brother, this was a family matter as she knew that Quill could not take on the Jailer on his own. Her Grandfather finally perished but she was unaffected by the loss. She then killed a Blood Mage in Stormwind named Echo Sunspear, this forever changed the course of Crillaidie's life, a darker path. Eventually this led to a huge battle between herself and her brother as she had been driven crazy using Fel Magic to herself more powerful. She faced her brother in a battle near Stormwind and the battle lasted for a long time, eventually she was defeated and she was imprisoned. Her path is similar to that of Jaina Proudmoore, while Jaina became a better person for her experience, Crillaidie's path led to her become something dark indeed.


She was peace-loving, inquisitive, and at rare occasions impulsive like her brother. But now she is manipulative, deceitful, and impulsive in more occasions.


She believes in peace above everything else, she believes that it is that way and should stay that way


Whenever things don't go her way she would drink alcohol way too much.


Crillaidie and Quill have very different views when it comes to the Orcs, Quill believes the Orcs to be savages that have to be put down. While Crillaidie on the other hand believes that the Orcs have hearts and believe that they can be honorable and even brave at some moments.

Her mother passed away before the Legion invasion. But they did not have the best relationship, they constantly argued. Unlike her brother, the day came where she ran away to join the Kirin Tor was the day she had finally had enough of her mothers unwillingness to allow her to join in the first place

Crillaidie's love life, was practically non-existent until she met Colin Clawmane, the love of her life.