The Crimson Ghost
Crimson Ghost Custom.png
From Dawn to Dusk the Ghost makes the red sky appear at morning.


Fifth Rate


160 ft (48 m) (gun deck length)
135 ft (40.5 m) (overall)


42 ft (12.6 m)


21 ft (6.4 m)


800 bm


1300 tons


350 Officers and Sailors


48 guns

14 x 24-pdr Demi-Cannons
16 x 18-pdr Culverins
4 x 24-pdr Bow Demi-Cannons
2 x 18-pdr Stern Culverins

6 x 8-pdr Demi-Culverins

6 x 12-pdr Demi-Culverins


Bloodsail Buccaneers


Giramar Morgan

The Crimson Ghost originally commissioned as the Crimson Dawn was an experimental design upgrade from the smaller Storm-class and the prototype for the now standard Gryphon-class. Armored with plated steel to support the wooden body, this vessel is leaps and bounds better then its predecessor. And is much easier to repair. That being said, it is far less armored then a normal Gryphon-class, however what it lacks in armor is maked up for in top speed. With a custom deck and modernized uses of secret Bloodsail technique this ship can do circles around most alliance and horde ships.

The original design of the ship greatly resembled that of a lightly armed transport. However after being stolen by Giramar Morgan and being added to the Bloodsail Northern Fleet, the ship went through some drastic upgrades.

The original design of the Crimson Dawn

After the ship was upgraded, its Captain, Giramar Morgan wished to test out its capabilities, as well as prove himself to his new employers. His target, the same scum filled town he was forced to live just a few years ago, Booty Bay.

The Crimson Ghost plundering Booty Bay in a surprise attack.

With his reputation slowly growing Giramar took the Crimson Ghost and raised up the Eastern Kingdom coast. Eventually meeting up and being absorbed into the Bloodsail's Northern Fleet.

The Crimson Ghost making birth on a secluded Isle up north.

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