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Rsz hand of the transparent.pngThe Crimson Infantry
The Crimson Infantry in the hills of Tirisfal.


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The Crimson Infantry is the specialized phalanx of the Hand of the Unblinded, serving as the sect's first and foremost show of Scarlet might. Their abundant success was widely attributed to their rigorous discipline and sheer ferocity in the face of danger, making their reputation as efficient soldiers a prestigious one.


Led by the headstrong and powerful Scarlet Champion Rolafo, the division has been an integrated part of the Scarlet Crusade since the early days of it's founding. Under the leadership of Rendfield, the then unnamed division was led with an unsurpassed aggressiveness against their enemies in the Plaguelands.

An oddity that arose with the Infantry was Rolafo's tendency to organize small groups of the soldiers into 'raiding parties' with the intent to strike out on small groups of undead, plunder or burn resources, and quickly return to the Scarlet Ramparts with their quarry. Odder yet, they would often use flank tactics to take their enemies by surprise; rather than fanatically sauntering forward to fight to the death as wasordinary for Scarlet Crusaders.

This strange brand of guerilla warfare quickly gave the division a reputation to be named the 'Skirmishers' more often than not, and their terrorizing tactics to be renowned for the times to come.