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The Crimson Portcullis
Salvation laid across the treacherous frozen river, the lofty redwood treetops beckoning from a place where the grass truly was greener.




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On the river between Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills, north of Onslaught Base Camp



The Crimson Portcullis is a fortified bridge in the northern regions of Dragonblight, serving as a one of the primary passages and mean in which to cross the river to Grizzly Hills. The Scarlet Onslaught initially began its construction; however, it was eventually seized by 7th Legion forces. With the taxing war efforts, the Alliance eventually the bridge, after the fall of the Lich King.

As a vital supply line for the Kingdom of the Light, the Crimson Portcullis was the final siege point for the Dragonblight Offensive. Alliance forces were successful in securing the bridge and scattering the Scarlet occupancy, as well as capturing vital leaders.


During the Scarlet Onslaught's first settlement within the frozen expanse of Northrend, construction proved expedient when they established their first garrison in New Hearthglen. The chief architect knew that they would need far more lumber to continue their ambitious expansion plans as set by Admiral Westwind's commands. Fortification began to halt upon the Onslaught Base Camp despite Iustus' frustration, as resources and workers were slowly being siphoned to the relatively clandestine operations near Frostmourne Cavern, as well as the chief architect's pet project: the Crimson Portcullis.

Iustus had already mounted assaults against Wintergarde at the time, and with the bridge's construction crippling the completion of his base camp, the Onslaught forces were ultimately defeated, and with further intelligence leading the 7th Legion to the remaining Scarlet architects, they would soon lay siege to the Portcullis itself.

Manned primarily by workers and basic grunts, the half-finished bridge was quickly captured by the Alliance forces. Despite not reaching completion, it managed to provide ample use for the supply lines between Wintergarde and the Westfall Brigade's forward encampments.

Kingdom of the Light


During the Army of the Truthful's expedition into Dragonblight, the Crimson Portcullis was immediately stationed by their forces. They ran supply routes into Grizzly Hills for the expansion of New Lordaeron before the schism within the Kingdom of the Light. The Truthful forces began to station a significant portion of their manpower in order to control the bridge, and deprive further defectors of escape.

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