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Cross of Llane
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Awarded by the House of Wrynn


Bravery Decoration


All Stormwind Military personnel

Awarded For

Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in the face of overwhelming adversity




Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

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None (Stormwind)
Medallion of the Alliance (Alliance)

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Conspicuous Service Cross

The Cross of Llane is the highest military award in the Kingdom of Stormwind. Granted for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in the face of overwhelming adversity," personnel may be awarded it during foreign or domestic service, though the former is significantly more common.

Created by Anduin Lothar, regent to the crown of Stormwind after King Llane Wrynn's demise during the First War, it replaced the old Cross of Logan, which was the highest military award prior to it for centuries, and used the same medal design.

Physically, the cross is made of gold with a Stormwind lion and wreath embossing in its center. The drape is a dark blue, and the cross holds precedence over all other medals. The ribbon is a gold and deep blue one, with a metal Stormwindian lion device.


Any Stormwind Military personnel may be nominated for the medal - usually through dispatches, or by nomination by peers. However, the majority of recipients are recommended by commanding officers who's nominations are further reviewed by a board of officers and then submitted for finalization by the House of Wrynn. The award is generally presented by a senior commanding officer, and for one or more of the following:

  • The soldier must have displayed tremendous courage in the defense of a fellow soldier, or in saving the life of a civilian through extraordinary manners.
  • The soldier had, during times of war, displayed an act of courage and valor in the face of overwhelming danger, even at the cost of their own life.
  • The soldier has been a key member in the dismantling of a major crime organization or operation or has been an integral piece in critical law enforcement operations and/or deployments.
  • The soldier was captured and/or imprisoned by a foreign nation or other hostile entity and refused to compromise the Kingdom of Stormwind or endanger civilian lives, even under extreme adversity.
  • The soldier has committed an exemplary service to the Kingdom of Stormwind through acts of valor in a deployment, leading forces to victory or ensuring a critical mission is fulfilled, even at great costs.


There are hundreds of accounted Cross of Llane recipients, some of whom may be listed here. Below are the recipients who received the Cross for heroic actions in service to the Kingdom of Stormwind before and after the formation of the Grand Alliance.

First War

Second War

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Grand Alliance