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Cross of Naval Merit


Decoration of Merit


Any Military officers, members of peerage or notable persons with affiliation to the Grand Alliance Navy.

Awarded for

Gallentry, service or other commendable acts during service or support of the Grand Alliance Navy during peace or wartime.

Awarded by



Currently Awarded

The Cross of Naval Merit is a Naval Merit decoration which is awarded by the Order of Triumph. It's awarding was once strictly limited to the Order, who held complete control over the awarding, until it was broadened into the general Navy as it's official Order of Knighthood.

While the majority of recipients of the award reside within the Order of Triumph and it's sister unit, the 226th Naval Infantry, it can be awarded to anyone who has shown commendable service or affiliation to either of the two groups, or to the Grand Alliance Navy. It is considered a foreign award by those outside of the Order's ranks.

The Crosses are divided into two main categories; Grand Crosses and Crosses. Grand Crosses are awarded to Senior and Commissioned Officers as well as high ranking members of Peerage, where as the Crosses are awarded to sailors, NCOs and those who are not distinguished as senior in rank (Including minor nobles).


Each medal is awarded for different reasons and categories, as explained below.

Red Grand Cross - The Red Grand Cross is awarded to senior officers or members of peerage for acts of bravery or courage. This is the most highest regarded cross. Alternatively, the Red Grand Cross may be awarded for a significant amount of allied service with the Navy.

Blue Grand Cross - The Blue Cross is the second highest of the four, It is the most commonly awarded cross as it is awarded for acts of great service or command within the Navy. Many important Senior and Flag Officers are awarded this item for commendation of their leadership or period of service.

Yellow Cross - The Yellow Cross is similar to the Red Grand Cross as it is awarded for acts of bravery as an NCO or sailor. It can also be awarded to low-ranking members of peerage or personnel who have shown substantial service to the Navy.

White Cross - The White Cross is the only award that may be granted to civilians or those without active service. It may be awarded for a variety of reasons and is the most flexible of the four.


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