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Cross of Tiffin
Cross of Tiffin.png
Cross of Tiffin Ribbon.png
Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Civilian Award


All civilians of Stormwind or foreign allies

Awarded For

Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in the face of overwhelming adversity




Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Cross of Llane[1]

Next (lower)

Order of the Lion

The Cross of Tiffin is the highest honor given to civilians in the Kingdom of Stormwind for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in the face of overwhelming adversity." The cross is a very prestigious award, and only civilians are eligible for recommendation.

The cross was named after Queen Tiffin (consort to King Varian), who was killed in the Stonemason Riots, and created to recognize distinguished acts carried out by civilians in the face of danger.


  1. Technically, the Cross of Llane does not rank higher in precedence than the Cross of Tiffin; however, due to the Cross of Llane being older, in the rare case one had both, the Cross of Llane would be displayed higher. The Cross of Llane is also presented as higher than the Cross of Tiffin by regulation in any official publishings. Notably, though, due to this, it is a common misconception that the Cross of Llane is actually higher in official precedence.