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Cross of Vanndar
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Awarded by Stormpike Clan


Grand Cross


Stormpike Guard Personnel

Awarded For

Exceptional valor and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity in service to the Stormpike Guard.




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Lena's Favor

The Cross of Vanndar (also known as Vanndar's Cross, and the Grand Cross of Vanndar Stormpike) is awarded to soldiers of the Stormpike Guard who have shown exceptional valor and bravery in service to the Guard, and to members within it.

It is the current highest military award for the Stormpike Guard.

Named for the current leader of the Stormpike Guard, General Vanndar Stormpike, the award has taken on his namesake as the award is representative of the values he sought to see in the soldiers of the Alliance who stepped foot into Alterac Valley. Some argue the name of the award is self-indulgent to the General's view of himself. The amount of weight that has been placed into question after the death of Lena Stormpike who bravely defended her people during the Third Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth - as some argue her name is more befitting of the award.

However, Lena's name is present on the secondary order in the Stormpike Guard, the Order of Lena; as well as the second highest medal of precedence in the Guard, Lena's Favor.