Crowton Blakemoore, also known as the Crow, is a director of SI:7, lost son of Archduke Archibald Blakemoore, and lover of Princess Tess Greymane.


Crowton was born in the house Blakemoore, a noble, rich house who ruled on Crow fields, a large island west of Gilneas. His father was a good ally and friend of House Greymane, and always stood by their side. Sadly when Crowton was born, the war of the Silver Feather was happening between Gilneas and Trolls of Zul'dare, which led to House Blakemoore's members mostly dying, even with Gilneans winning in the end and Crowton himself, childhood friend of Tess Greymane, went missing as a young child, until an old woman named Thanisa found and raised him. Crowton still had a necklace which his name was written on, so he kept his name. Thanisa raised him like his own child, until the Northgate Rebellion. Crowton left to aid Crowley's rebels, acting as a scout commander, even it led to his imprisonment. When the Worgen began to flow in Gilneas, he was afflicted by the curse, and alongside Crowley, later fought in the Liberation front. Crowton made his foothold in Fenris isle, fighting the Forsaken as the scout master of the Liberation front.


When the third invasion of Burning Legion began, Crowton joined the Uncrowned against the demons, and there he met his childhood friend once again, Princess Tess Greymane. The two, still holding a love for each other, fell deep in love, being eachother's partners. To this day, they fought alongside eachother, now in Darkshore alongside their Night elven allies.

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