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The Crushridge Clan of Ogres have taken up residence in the ruins of Alterac City. The Crushridge ogres are cunning, massive and strong. Leftovers from the Second War, these ogres have thrown off orc rule for their own primitive ways. They live in Alterac City and kill whatever they can. They are cagey and surprisingly shrewd. Under Mug’Thol’s guidance, the Crushridge tribe had become a brutal and feared force in the Alterac Mountains. The tribe’s combined might is formidable, and it relies on brute strength to attain its goals. The warriors of the tribe simply trample their enemies under a massive, raging charge. The tribe is easily roused to full battle. Keeping the tribal stronghold, protecting territory and finding food are the tribe’s main concerns.

After the Second War, they joined the Stonemaul clan. They have since split from the Stonemaul clan, who traveled to Kalimdor and now live in the Dustwallow Marsh. Their leader, Mug'thol, was enslaved by the Banshee Queen. He was later able to free himself of Sylvanas Windrunner's control by using the Crown of Will. Now free from the Forsaken, he renamed his clan the Crushridge and established a new home in Crushridge Hold.

The Crushridge ogres currently control a percentage of the former Kingdom of Alterac. The Syndicate, being the remnants of Alterac's inhabitants, along with various other Alteraci nationalist groups, are in a constant battle with the Crushridge ogres for supremacy of the region. 

(Adapted from WoWiki.)

Prior to the War for Alterac, an Ogre Mage named Rrok'arl had claimed Kingship (though the confirmation of Mug'thol being alive at the time of Rrok'arl's 'reign' disputes this claim) over the Clan & had trained several other Ogre-Magi. He was swiftly defeated at the War's end & the reclamation of the capital city of Alterac.

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