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Brother Hijaar


IconSmall High Elf Male.gif High Elf


Older than he should be


Ranger of the Derelict Batallion and Vorath'morde


Scarletnewfire.png Scarlet Crusade
TruthfulIcon2.png Army of the Truthful

Former Affiliations

Helficonnew.png Kingdom of Quel'thalas
Lordaeron Icon.png Kingdom of Lordaeron
HandoftheUnblindedIcon.png Hand of the Unblinded


Vanalli Dawnsworn (Cousin)
Serena Dawnsworn† (Cousin)



Brother Daelath Hijaar is a rare quel'dorei veteran of the Scarlet Crusade, having served in the Hand of the Unblinded, and eventually joining the Army of the Truthful where he operates among what is effectively a suicide squad.

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Among the Derelict Batallion, known now as the Vorath'morde, and a crewman of the S.S. Eradicator, Hijaar is a Crusader-ranger with a long and storied history with the Scarlet Crusade. A self-loathing elf, he believes his duty is to die for the Crusade, yet time and again, his incompetency has robbed him even of the simple task of martyrdom. His sole "claim to fame" is that he possesses the once-coveted Bow of Searing Arrows, which he wields with poor precision, yet can loose a full quiver quickly should he find himself in a pinch.


Hijaar, despite being many years the human's senior, had no choice but to comply with the orders of Captain Roqueford of Solliden Farmstead, and journey into the sea with reckless abandon. Whether or not the Captain had an axe to grind against elven crusaders, Hijaar was not one to question his role as a dutiful inhuman. Granted, he has no idea what he or his fellow suicidal comrades are doing amidst a clash of the Alliance and Horde over the depth of Vashj'ir, but his task shall be done nevertheless. Having taken sail upon the S.S Eradicator, Hijaar was thrown in over his head quite literally into naval and marine combat, though sheer luck, he has managed to be the lone survivor among the Vorath'morde, having done significant damage to an Alliance warship. The elf has found himself to truly be a Holy Diver.

Hijaar narrowly escaping death.