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Dagran Thaurissan II




Darkirontemp.png Thaurissan
BETTERIronforgeIcon.png Bronzebeard




Crown Prince of Ironforge
Crown Prince of Thaurissan


BETTERIronforgeIcon.png Kingdom of Ironforge
Darkirontemp.png Empire of Thaurissan




Magni Bronzebeard, grandfather
Eimear Bronzebeard, grandmother
Dagran Thaurissan I, father
Moira Thaurissan, mother
Muradin Bronzebeard, great uncle
Brann Bronzebeard, great uncle

Prince Dagran Thaurissan II is the son of Dagran Thaurissan I and Moria Bronzebeard, and the rightful heir to the Empire of Thaurissan and the Kingdom of Ironforge. Born of both Dark Iron and Bronzebeard blood, Dagran II is the legal heir to two kingdoms. If he becomes Emperor, it is often argued that he stands a chance at uniting the Dwarven Clans like has never been seen since the Anvilmar dynasty. Much controversy surrounds him due to his mix of Dark Iron and Bronzebeard parentage, though many hope that he will serve as a unifying leader when he comes of age to rule. Until then, he remains vulnerable as a political pawn and fragile hope among the dwarves.

As of the aftermath of the Legion War, Dagran is approximately six to seven years old. He is well-educated, having been raised under the finest tutelage that the Dwarves can provide. He has just a hint of a Dwarven accent, and his skin is an unusual shade of grey, as befitting his clan, yet has inherited flameless, green eyes from his mother's Bronzebeard heritage. He is a bright and bookish boy with a thirst for knowledge and has been becoming more and more involve in Court politics as he grows older to prepare for the burden of leadership he must one day assume.

Emperor of Blackrock (under regency of Moira Thaurissan)
Preceded by
Moira Thaurissan
Dagran Thaurissan II Succeeded by
Lord of Ironforge (under regency of the Council of Three Hammers)
Preceded by
Magni Bronzebeard
Dagran Thaurissan II Succeeded by