Dahlia Grayblade
Dahlia Grayblade






Born April 18th 1150 F.A.


Warden of Wulfhaven


Duchy of the Ashen Coast
House of Grayblade
House of Nathair


Berenal Grayblade (Father)
Aleyina Nathair (Mother)
Desmond Nathair-Grayblade (Brother)
Liam Grayblade (Half-Brother)
Rose Grayblade (Half-Sister)

Aleyina, the mother, gave birth to the twin babies Desmond and Dahlia in the Farraige a Rugadh Hills of the Fallow Crest after suffering heavy stress in the Stormwind region which caused her to return to her home in Gilneas.

Aleyina named their daughter after another flower the way it was done with Rose.

The children were born on the 18th of April 1150 F.A. in the morning hours.

Aleyina, just as she did with the wedding, gave birth to her children through traditional Galuyn means. In these traditional means the child is born in the water considered the Wavewalkers first "drowning".

Warden of Wulfhaven Edit

Just as it had been done with Rose, Aleyina made sure to provide her own children with titles almost immediately. With Desmond set to inherit all of House of Nathair's lands, Dahlia was named Warden of Wulfhaven until such a time that Wulfhaven would be restored and she would become Baroness of Wulfhaven with her father, Berenal Grayblade, serving as her regent.

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