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Dalaran Academy
of Magical Sciences


Spell and Quill


231 K.C.

Grand Magus

Archmage Siandra LaBelle

Academic Staff





Dalaran City


Dalaran City (Main)
Stormwind City
Theramore (Destroyed)

The Dalaran Academy of Magical Sciences is the place of formal education for training magi. It was established in 231 KC by magocrats to provide a more standardized education to trainees, as well as promote research and knowledge to the next generation of magi. The academy is noted for its rigorous entrance exams, as well as its challenging material. For students learning to become a basic mage, it takes, for the most part, two to three years to complete. The academy also offers continuing education to those who wish to specialize in any of the seven schools of school, alchemy, or enchanting.


Admission into the academy is based heavily on the strict principles of merit, and is considered one of the most challenging academies to enter into.

To be admitted into the academy, one must meet the following conditions:

  • Is a Dalaranian, Stormwindian, Gilnean Citizen, or any races of exception;
    • The exception applies to Draenei of the Exodar, Lordaeronian Refugees, Stateless Arathi, The Highborne, and the Gnomergan Gnomes.
  • Has the financial capacity to pay tuition (with assistance given to applicants with notable features);
  • Has a graduate of the academy sponsor them;
  • Agrees to abide to all Laws of Dalaran; and
  • Passes the academy entrance exam with an eighty percent or better.

Notable Graduates