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The Dalaran Guard is a term used to collectively refer to the various organizations that are tasked with protecting the City of Dalaran and its people, operating under the authority of the Dalaran Ministry of the Interior.

Forces of the Dalaran Guard

The City Guard

The Dalaran City Guard is charged with the internal security and policing of Dalaran. They need special permission to operate outside of the city. Currently overseen by the Director-General of the Guard, Octavius Graves.

Violet Hold Spellbreaker Guards

The Violet Hold Spellbreaker Guards the smallest of the guard factions. Comprised mostly of humans, this group deals largely with the Violet Hold and the prisoners within. In times of strife or when the city is under attack, they have been known to assist in defense and policing, though it is rare. They work almost entirely within the city of Dalaran, with the major exception being if they are transporting a prisoner. They are lead by the Warden of the Violet Hold, Archmage Alturas. The Spellbreakers specialize in disrupting spells and combating casters and magical creatures. They often train for years and are incredibly disciplined.

A Spellbreaker Guard.

The Mageguard

The Mageguard is a division of the Ministry of the Interior charged with protecting senior senate officials both in Dalaran and abroad. They are also charged with protecting visiting delegates and diplomats should they request such protection. The agents of the Mageguard are trained to be unobtrusive when protecting people.

Silver Covenant Rangers

A Silver Covenant Ranger.

The Silver Covenant Rangers were largely contained to the Silver Enclave part of Dalaran. Their primary function was to keep Horde out of the Alliance only Enclave. Since the re-introduction of Dalaran to the Grand Alliance, the rangers have become a major player among the guards. The are led by Vereesa Windrunner and are the group most independent of the Kirin Tor. As the Silver Covenant is a part of the Alliance they are not allowed into Quel'Thalas where many of them trained, before that kingdom's fall. Vereesa created the Silver Covenant Outpost of Windrunner's Overlook in Crystalsong Forest to train new recruits. The rangers are made up of spellsbows, scouts, and outriders, and have become a more public force with Dalaran's decision to rejoin the Alliance.