Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Seal of the Ministry


Zanbor Emerson


To further Dalaran's goals through diplomatic means and assist the citizens of Dalaran where ever they may be.

The Dalaran Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government department responsible for the foreign affairs of the Magocracy of Dalaran. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also responsible for the maintaining the Diplomatic Outposts of Dalaran and ensuring the safety of those who work inside the outposts. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is overseen by the Foreign Minister, Zanbor Emerson.

Ambassadors to DalaranEdit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also accepts all ambassadors to Dalaran from the various Alliance and neutral factions on behalf of the Council of Six. Organizations wishing to have a diplomatic presence in Dalaran should contact the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Foreign Policy of DalaranEdit

Some of the more important parts of Foreign Policy are listed here. They mostly deal with justice matters.

Members in Foreign TerritoriesEdit

A member of the Magus Senate of Dalaran located outside the territories of Dalaran will remain subject to the Laws of Dalaran. If a member of the Magus Senate of Dalaran is arrested and charged with crimes in the jurisdiction of other territories within the Grand Alliance, a representative from the Ministry of Justice or Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to meet with the proper authorities to request the offending party be released into the care of the Ministry of Justice to ensure the appropriate sentence(s) are carried out.

Crime by ForeignersEdit

If an outside party is found guilty of of committing a crime within Dalaran or its holdings, said parties will be subject to temporary detention and/or expulsion from the city depending on the severity of the offense. If arrested, the offending party will be handed over to the proper authorities in their own jurisdictions. Said authorities will be requested to charge the appropriate fine to be paid to the Ministry of Justice.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the Ministry of the Interior are responsible for cases of people seeking asylum in Dalaran. Information on the laws and procedures for obtaining asylum can be found in Title XVII: Gateway Act, of the Laws of Dalaran

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