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Dalren Sophia Lightstrider
The Cockroach

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Church of the Holy Light


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21-28 Scarlet Crusade
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Third War

  • Scourge Invasion of Lordaeron

Dark Times


  • Fall of the Scarlet Enclave

Alliance-Horde War

Third Invasion of the Burning Legion

Blood War

Cretin. Murder. Oath-breaker. I am all of these things and more, I have chosen the wrong side repeatedly and there is no coming back for it. I have lived a life I regret, but I will say this: I will never regret reuniting with my family and the cause we fight for. I promise for as long as I breathe, whether you believe me or not, I will serve King Wyrnn and help restore order to a world gone mad.

–-Dalren Lightstrider

Dalren Lightstrider (Born June 8 -3 BDP) is the Duke of Dawnshire and a close ally of Serana Dawnsinger. He is the middle child of Sophia and the patriarch of House Lightstrider.

Formerly a priest of the Scarlet Crusade and member of the Crimson Legion, Dalren abandoned the crusade's zealous regime in favor of the Grand Alliance after his disillusionment and the shattering of the world. His first notable event of service was the Scarlet Civil War where he supported the renegade movement against their fanatical superiors.

During the Blood War Dalren co-founded the Order of Dawnshire and reclaimed the ancestral homeland of House Lightstrider. He is currently assisting in Alliance efforts to restore Lordaeron.

History Edit

Youth Edit

Dalren was born in Dawn's Peak as a child of adultery from Sophia Lightstrider and Harvey Garrett, and was in turn initially resented by his half-brothers Berwyn and Bryant for being the reason their respective parents broke apart.

He spent his early years under a constant onslaught of critique from both his mother and his brothers, though his brothers eventually turned to defend him.

When the Second War was erupted and Dawn's Peak came under siege, Dalren was evacuated to Capital City by Berwyn, and later was escorted to the Tirisfal Monastery where he would be given a formal education by the Church of the Holy Light. Despite his new surroundings, Dalren adapted quickly and over time learned the ways of the light. He remained in the monastery even after the war was over and honed his newfound craft as a priest.

Third War Edit

Dalren decided to ultimately, yet reluctantly, remain loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron after his home kingdom of Stromgarde. During the Third War, Dalren did all in his power to save the lives of those travelling south away from Lordaeron. He eventually retreated to Southshore once he had done what he could.

Joining the Scarlet Crusade Edit

Joining up with the Silver Hand forces Southshore led by Saidan Dathrohan, Dalren assisted in the assault against the scourge-held Stratholme City. Once the Silver Hand formed into the Scarlet Crusade, Dalren pledged his life to the order.

As a brother of the crusade, Dalren was sent across the human kingdoms to recruit those who survived the Third War. Along his adventures he briefly joined the effort against The Defilers, visited the restored Stormwind and welcomed several new members into the crusade, including loyalists of House Lightstrider. When not recruiting, Dalren would spend time resting within the Scarlet Monastery

Crimson Legion Edit

After two years of service, Dalren was promoted to the rank of Crimson Legionare and was called to Tyr's Hand and the Scarlet Bastion respectively. As a legionare, Dalren slew both living and dead while following the orders of his superiors, and was feared for his stoicism while carrying out the act. Though he did not take joy in the killing, Dalren believed it was necessary to purge Lordaeron from the Scourge's taint.

Eventually his service to the Grand Crusader cAme to an end once the adventurers of Azeroth stormed the Scarlet Bastion. Left severely wounded and nearly unconscious by the attack, Dalren witnessed the death of the Grand Crusader and the 'emergence' of Bal'nazzar, which initially he perceived to be a demonic summoning by the Argent Dawn.

Tyr's Hand Edit

Escaping with the aid of fellow Legionare survivors, Dalren continued his service to the crusade in Tyr's Hand under General Abbendis. Though over the years Dalren began to doubt the order's leadership as their relations with the Grand Alliance soured, seeing it as impractical to cut ties with the only other 'pure' force against the enemies of humanity.

The Fall of Tyr's Hand Edit

Once the Lich King awoke from his frozen throne and prepared his assault on the Scarlet Enclave, Dalren was among those who defended the townsfolk from the incoming death knights. As the crusade faced defeat after defeat from the Scourge and Abbendis prepared to retreat, Dalren refused to abandon his brothers in arms and joined Galvin Pureblood's forces in their last stand. Much like what happened in the Scarlet Bastion, Dalren survived the battle through sheer luck.

The Aftermath Edit

He spent the next year in hiding, knowing that the crusade was most likely doomed. Doubtful, enraged and lethargic, Dalren spent much of this time travelling Lordaeron and slaughtering the undead he came across. But when not killing the scourge and forsaken, Dalren assisted the villagers and common-folk of Lordaeron, including members of the Alliance. From doing so, Dalren had time to contemplate on his decisions and realized that he would rather risk a plagued human than kill all he came across. From this realization a downpour of regret washed over him due to his actions as a crusader. He decided to turn back to the original virtues of the Church of the Holy Light to work towards redemption.

The Shattering Edit

When the Scourgewar ended, Bal'nazzar re-emerged and the Argent Crusade tightened their hold over Lordaeron, Dalren mourned the defilement of his fellow scarlets who had now become risen. Hearing the news of the Argent Crusade conquering Stratholme and slaying Bal'nazzar, Dalren finally knew that the crusade had been corrupt from the start. With this new outlook, he returned to the Scarlet Monastery to fight in the Scarlet Civil War and potentially re-align officially with the Grand Alliance. When Joseph and the Alliance eventually won and the crusade splintered into Taelenite and Saidenite chapters, Dalren officially laid down his insignia and was enlisted in the Grand Alliance Army where he continued to assist in the various campaigns across Lordaeron, Gilneas and Stromgarde against the Horde and Scourge. Despite being a now loyal member of the Grand Alliance, Dalren initially loathed the death knights under Varian for their actions at the Scarlet Enclave, but was eventually convinced that like him they sought redemption for the innocents they killed.

Mending the Wounds Edit

Once the Alliance-Horde war ended, Dalren took the opportunity to lend his services to the refugees of Southshore, the soldiers of Stromgarde and the people of Gilneas in their various endeavors to recover from the war. He also reunited with his half sister Amelina in this time and they worked together to slowly put House Lightstrider back together.

Third Invasion of the Burning Legion Edit

Though he did not trust the Horde, Dalren participated in the joint-faction effort against the Burning Legion as part of the Conclave of Priests. He was most notably apart of the Armies of the Legionfall campaign and the conclave's efforts to recruit defectors of the Scarlet Onslaught. In this time he reached out and reunited with Berwyn who had just returned from the Dark Portal after twenty-two years under the Son of Lothar banner. The two brothers embraced upon first meeting but were constantly separated in the war.

When Berwyn was dying of a slow but incurable, crippling and lethal poison, Dalren remained with him on his death bed. When Berwyn passed away Dalren was officially named the head of House Lightstrider.

The Fourth War Edit


Relationships (WIP) Edit

Family: Edit

Berwyn Lightstrider: (WIP)

James Lightstrider: (WIP)

Amelina Lighstrider: (WIP)

Sophia Lightstrider: (WIP)

Mia Sunseer: (WIP)

Friends: Edit

Serana Dawnsinger: (WIP)

Personality Traits and General Habits Edit

Dalren is a confident and charismatic individual. He is patient, reliable and altruistic. However he is also overly sensitive, stubborn and brash. His self esteem thoroughly depends on his ability to uphold his ideals.

Dalren tends to have an open gestured body as if he is always giving a speech. His hand naturally falls on his chest making it look like a permanent salute.

Whenever Dalren enters an area he tends to be the loudest around. Its a seldom sight to see him without a smile on his face when out in public. But once the curtains are drawn and he is in an intimate space, he is much quieter and more conflicted.

His interests include:

  • Politics
  • Horses
  • Religion
  • Drawing
  • Storytelling
  • The Light

Trivia Edit

  • Dalren could speak all the languages from the Alliance of Lordaeron (Dwarven, Thalassian and Common).
  • Horses are Dalren's favorite animal.
  • Dalren's middle name was given because of his similar features to his mother.
  • He earned the moniker 'Scarlet Cockroach' for surviving two massacres the Scarlet Crusade faced.
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