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Grand Anchorite (formerly)
Amanalar Peacekeeper (formerly)
The Waverer
The Soulbound
Protectorate (formerly)
Peacekeeper (formerly)








Hand of Argus
Armies of Legionfall
Army of the Light

Former affiliation(s)

Amanalar Peacekeepers
Masquerade of Shadows
The Shrouded Sanctum
Rebirth of Argus


Anchorite of the Hand of Argus
Priest of the Armies of Legionfall
Anchorite of the Army of the Light
Priest of the Conclave

Former occupation(s)

Soulpriest of the Auchenai
Necromancer of the Auchenai
Amanalar Peacekeeper
Protectorate of the Te'Amun
Grand Anchorite of the Auchenai
Amanare Peacekeeper




Duum'viaer (father)
Shi'var (mother)
Alastasia (mother-in-law)
Harsuur (father-in-law)
Utruvi (older sister)
Mordaros (younger brother)
Aelleena (wife)
Irenora (daughter)
Kai'soran (son)
Leanarhi (daughter)
Brundak Snowstalk (son-in-law)






Kron'ak (mount)
Taeryn (mount)


Lawful Good

When darkness falls, light rises.


Danarshi is a knowledgeable and venerable draenei anchorite, soulpriest, harbinger, and necromancer who survived the exodus from Argus and persevered against the Burning Legion for millennia. He has long since sworn himself against necromancy and is now most commonly referred to by his title of Anchorite for his tendency to serve the interests of his people and their allies through the means and morals of the Holy Light.

In his homeland of Amanalar on Argus, Danarshi was mentored as a harbinger by his father, Duum'viaer, which led to him eventually becoming a member of the Amanalar Peacekeepers. Long following that, he met the love of his life, Aelleena, who he later married and had his first child with, a daughter they named Irenora.

When the Burning Legion came to Argus, Danarshi was tasked by his father to escort civilians to Mac'Aree so they could escape the demons. Shortly after successfully fleeing from their homeworld onboard the Genedar, Danarshi and Aelleena had their second child and first son, Kai'soran, to commemorate the event.

During his long voyage onboard the Genedar, Danarshi arose as an anchorite under D'ore and advanced to the title of Grand Anchorite roughly fifteen thousand years after. Later, he saw the birth of his second daughter, Leanarhi.

Following his arrival on Draenor, Danarshi served the Auchenai in Auchindoun alongside his wife, initially as an anchorite though later as a soulpriest, which taught him how to purify spirits and wield shadow magic. In becoming a soulpriest, the Auchenai also granted him the tincture that would forever allow him to see into the Shadowlands.

After the fall of Karabor, Danarshi fled from Auchindoun to Shattrath City under the false assumption that it would survive against the Horde. In the following days, he defended Shattrath against the orcs alongside Irenora, who sacrificed herself to teleport him away once they lost the battle. Danarshi was left to survive a dying Draenor while clinging to the shores of the Zangar Sea, later hiding in Zangarmarsh after the planet was obliterated into what is now known as Outland.

Danarshi, unknowing that Aelleena had perished in the summoning of Murmur in Auchindoun, returned to its ruins to discover her fate and stumbled upon the remnants of the Auchenai who welcomed him into the Auchenai Crypts and indoctrinated him into learning necromancy, which he planned on using to revive his wife at the cost of severing his connection to the Light and corrupting his physical appearance. After his resurrection spell failed, turning Aelleena into a mindless undead, he fell into utter insanity and performed further heinous necromantic acts.

Danarshi did not awaken from his mania until a weakened D'ore contacted him in his dreams, ordering him to forsake necromancy and leave Auchindoun to help fight the Burning Legion and Illidari on Outland. After freeing Aelleena from her torment and cremating her, he did what the naaru commanded. His return to sanity was brought to an abrupt end, however, when he was chastised over his descent to darkness by a dying Kai'soran at the Black Temple, turning him into a vessel of hatred.

Danarshi soon found himself on Azeroth through the Dark Portal and happened upon Stormwind City. He intermingled with its malevolent organisations and resumed his practice of necromancy. Before long, he was awoken once more by the voice of D'ore in his sleep, and in the coming days, was accepted into the ranks of the Te'Amun, who promised to aid him on his path to redemption. Around the same time, he pledged his allegiance to the Alliance and Exodar.

With the help of the Te'Amun, Danarshi recovered his connection to the Light, but not long before he fell into a trap that was laid by his man'ari brother, Mordaros, who locked him in a time stasis spell and banished him to the Twisting Nether. He unconsciously drifted through the Nether for months until the link was made between the main universe and alternate universe, causing an anomaly that sent Danarshi to alternate Draenor and awoke him from his stasis.

Afraid that history would repeat itself, Danarshi went on a journey across alternate Draenor to find his alternate family and convince them to accompany him, which proved successful, aside from his alternate counterpart, who refused. They helped in the war against the Iron Horde, during which Danarshi discovered that his alternate self had sworn himself to the Sargerei, resulting in him fighting and killing him.

For a brief time, Danarshi was a member of the Rebirth of Argus, a small-scale draenei order. This lasted until after the Tanaan Jungle campaign when he once again stumbled upon the Te'Amun, who had thought him to be dead, and was readmitted into their ranks. He also became a member of the Hand of Argus shortly after. Once more, the Te'Amun proved instrumental in his path to redemption, as he gained many close companions and remembered what it truly meant to be benevolent.

Danarshi stood alongside the Te'Amun, Conclave, and Armies of Legionfall throughout the third invasion of the Burning Legion. He even took part in the long-awaited Argus Campaign, during which he joined the Army of the Light, combated countless demons, and ventured to Amanalar, where he summoned his brother and exacted revenge upon him by slaying him with the aid of the Te'Amun. Shortly afterwards, he took part in the siege of Antorus, contributing to the ultimate defeat of the Burning Legion.

Danarshi spent much of the Fourth War defending the Azuremyst Isles from the threat of the Horde. Midway into the war, he accompanied the Alliance fleet in pursuit of the Horde fleet over the Great Sea, which led to their fall into Nazjatar. He survived the wreckage but was stranded, forced to endure the harsh conditions. As this was happening, the Te'Amun fell into turmoil over recent events and disbanded, which Danarshi did not discover until after his return. As a result, he later stood against the forces of N'Zoth mostly alone, testing his resolve more than ever before.



Danarshi originally possessed vivid blue skin, brown hair, and two horns that protruded outwards from each side of his forehead. Today, however, his appearance is almost reminiscent of the Void itself, their natural colours washed out into ominous shades of blue and purple. His horns, too, have changed, contorted forward. Although one might not immediately see any of this as unusual, upon closer inspection, they will likely notice that his features have a certain sickliness and unnaturalness to them.

Danarshi's altered appearance is the result of his former practice of necromancy in Auchindoun years ago. Despite long since swearing against the usage of necromancy, the damage that it wrought upon him is permanent, and the dark magic still lingers deep within him. Those who possess a powerful connection to forces that conflict with death magic, such as Life or the Light, might detect it hidden inside him, providing them with a more acute understanding of his abnormal features.

On the lower portion of Danarshi's face is a rather stylish goatee that accompanies an impressive moustache. Atop his head and behind his crest rests his hair which, unlike his facial hair, is long and dishevelled. When uncontained, its length covers much of his back. However, most of the time, his hair is tied into a lengthy foxtail, with additional locks resting upon his chest and shoulders. Far above his jawline, separate from his goatee, are thick sideburns that harmonize with the hair that often flows over them.

Etched into Danarshi's face are six deep scars, with three on each of his cheeks. They were made via his own accord long ago, shortly following the draenei exodus from Argus. They represent the six major settlements that once stood proudly in his homeland of Amanalar and serve as a reminder of what he lost when he fled from his homeworld. He also has many finer scars across his form, usually hidden by armour or robes.

Despite all the changes his body has undergone throughout his life, Danarshi has mostly remained adamant in maintaining his physical well-being. Due to frequent physical exertion through combat and other less violent means, his muscles are imposing in scale, giving him a buff figure. Standing at seven foot seven, he is colossal compared to some Azerothian races. Although he is largely a shadow of what he once was before arising as an anchorite, he still possesses incredible strength, able to lift a substantial amount of weight. His dexterity is noticeably less impressive, particularly when concerning agility and flexibility.


Danarshi is a worn and seasoned individual who has survived over thirty-seven thousand years of trials and tribulations. Because of his age and past, he is wise and learned, often acting and speaking sternly and solemnly, which inspires respect and admiration in his peers and allies.

Though Danarshi was driven by negativity in recent years, since returning to the Holy Light and surrounding himself with his fellow draenei and their allies, he possesses a more positive attitude and demeanour. At his heart, he is an honest, compassionate, righteous, and respectful individual who strives to perform deeds of good, though in a manner that favours order over chaos.

Danarshi stands firmly against deeds, principles, and magics that he considers evil and seldom shows clemency toward such things. To some, his perception of morality may seem unusual, if not skewed, as, whilst he usually deplores the usage of fel and death magic, he is lenient with those who wield the Void, viewing it as a natural and fundamental component of the universe that is not inherently evil, save for certain creatures that dwell within it or originated from it, such as the Old Gods.

As a simultaneous wielder of the Light and Void, Danarshi undergoes a constant struggle to maintain harmony and control of such conflicting forces. Whilst the Light works to soothe and strengthen him, the Void does the opposite, whispering into the confines of his mind and inspiring feelings of dread, vexation, and anxiety.

Although Danarshi is adept at restraining the sensations inflicted upon him by the Void, when he heavily utilises such magic or wanders into a place where its presence is strong, it will prove increasingly difficult for him to resist its urges. When this occurs, he may prove increasingly severe, irascible, and unstable, depending on the severity of the Void usage or presence. Due to his inherent willpower and connection with the Light, however, he rarely loses full control of himself.

On the day the Auchenai deemed Danarshi a soulpriest, he consumed a concoction that granted him the perpetual ability to peer into the Shadowlands and see the spirits that roam within. Although he has since grown accustomed to this, the Shadowlands are filled with unspeakable horrors that can still prove frightening or disturbing to him. In consequence of this, it is common for Danarshi to suffer from nightmares and have his disposition shift negatively at intervals that may seem random and unjustified to those who are unknowing of his plight.

Though Danarshi is reticent to people he is not familiar with, he is prone to divulging his more sensitive thoughts, opinions, and memories to those who he considers intimate or trustworthy. After suffering from the death of his family and countless friends, he is loyal and protective towards those he is close with, due to a fear of losing them similarly; this is worsened by his knowledge of the Shadowlands, where he believes the souls of the dead go to suffer infinitely. Primarily because of this reason, Danarshi, himself, is also afraid of dying.

After he desecrated the corpse of his wife, Aelleena, with necromancy, when he made a deranged and desperate attempt to return her to the realm of the living, Danarshi carries crippling guilt over his sin. Because of this and a lingering loyalty to his deceased wife who he wronged, he refuses to take part in romantic behaviour. He is uncomfortable around those who approach him in such a way, particularly if they are aware of his condition, which he sees as inconsiderate and disrespectful. Though this has shown signs of lessening since the defeat of the Burning Legion, it remains a significant hurdle for him.


Long Before the Storm

Duum'viaer, Shi'var, Utruvi, and Danarshi together at their home in Amanare.

Approximately thirty-seven thousand years ago, Danarshi, the second-born child of Duum'viaer and Shi'var, was born and raised in Amanare, the capital city of Amanalar, upon the surface of Argus. Although he had no known relatives beyond his nuclear family, his parents were both accomplished individuals. His father, Duum'viaer, was a legendary harbinger who was among the founders and members of the Council of Amanalar; he was also the creator and leader of the Amanalar Peacekeepers. His mother, Shi'var, was a wise and renowned philosopher who often served as the voice of reason for her husband. His older sister, Utruvi, was an apprentice philosopher under Shi'var.

Unlike his sister, Danarshi was influenced by his father, who led him on the path of a harbinger at the rather young age of two hundred. Duum'viaer possessed a strong and assertive personality, and few dared question him, including Danarshi. The man was a strict parent and teacher who made certain that his children and students alike would own up to their mistakes, though within reason. Despite his stern demeanour, he was patient and empathetic when he needed to be, which helped provide Danarshi comfort as he learned the trying ways of a harbinger.

Danarshi's mother was defined by her empathy. She was a warm and approachable character who he found solace in whenever he was weary of his father's severeness. He formed a close relationship with all three of his family members, finding admiration and appreciation for their unique characteristics. He considered his sister, in particular, to be a close friend, as she was kind and enthusiastic, similar to their mother though with a younger, more lively spark.

A young Danarshi ambles by a peaceful stream near the border of Amanalar.

From the influence of his family and his experiences in life, Danarshi formed a fiery though affable personality. He was enthusiastic, lighthearted, respectful, faithful, empathetic, among many other positive traits. In contrast, however, he was rather impatient and impulsive, often allowing his emotions to drive his decisions and cloud his judgement. Regardless, he was a man of many friends, companions, and even lovers, most of who found him exciting and motivating.

At the age of three hundred, Danarshi put his century of harbinger training to use as a peacekeeper of Amanare. He was tasked with guarding the walls of the city, patrolling the roads leading from it, and policing its streets, enforcing law and order amongst the populace. Fortunately for him, Amanalar was close to a utopian status, meaning crime was a rare occurrence. There were moments, however, when the few criminals of Amanare would appear, allowing Danarshi the chance to apprehend them. Ultimately, he found the most action outside of Amanare itself, where wild predators were still sometimes audacious enough to venture from the forests bordering Amanalar and threaten eredar travellers.


For five hundred years, Danarshi lived in the home of his parents in Amanare, with little motivation to leave due to his agelessness and the constant peace across Argus. The house was impressive, hosting multiple rooms and a small, decorated courtyard where Danarshi often trained with his father. Overall, it provided more than enough space for him to coexist with his family.

As soon as Danarshi reached his fifth century of age, he gained his own home elsewhere in Amanare, though the occasion was soon spoiled by the first true tragedy of his life. Within the following years, a deadly plague swept over Amanalar and infected hundreds of eredar, including Utruvi. Danarshi and his parents did all they could to care for the sick woman, but to no avail, as she perished in the weeks following her contraction of the disease. Because of his close connection with her, this devastated Danarshi, and he formed a slightly more serious personality.


Five hundred years after the death of Utruvi, Danarshi's younger brother, Mordanas, was born. With the trauma of his sister's passing still lingering in his mind, he felt an inherent responsibility for the wellbeing of his newborn sibling, which compelled him to care for his brother throughout and beyond his youth. Though Duum'viaer and Shi'var typically took the role of the leading figures in Mordanas' life, Danarshi supported him to the fullest of his ability. As a result, the two of them became close, rivalling Danarshi and Utruvi's prior friendship.

Amanalar Peacekeepers

Recently inducted into the Amanalar Peacekeepers, Danarshi dons their famed armour.

At the age of two thousand, Danarshi was inducted into the Amanalar Peacekeepers by his father and given the armour they famously wore. The Amanalar Peacekeepers were comprised only of Amanalar's most elite warriors, who were trusted with the safety and security of the region. Despite having nearly two millennia of experience as a harbinger, most of Danarshi's fellow Amanalar Peacekeepers still outshined him by thousands upon thousands of years. He inevitably adopted a negative reputation within the order, viewed as unworthy of his induction.

Fortunately, Danarshi rarely saw the disdain of his comrades beyond harsh stares and remarks, as they feared the consequences if Duum'viaer was to discover their mistreatment of his son. He tirelessly strove to prove himself to his colleagues. As an Amanalar Peacekeeper, his duties sent him all over Amanalar, from patrolling its various roads and settlements to venturing beyond the very borders of the region on missions that dictated its future - though these missions were fairly far and few between. His primary focus, however, would always be the safeguarding of the major settlements of Amanalar, which were: Amanare, Xzaarven, Doros, Faralihr, and Umera.

Though his quest to gain the trust of his colleagues would require much time and patience, the general population of Amanalar immediately viewed Danarshi with veneration for his presence in the Amanalar Peacekeepers. The mere sight of the emblem upon his tabard was enough to make people stop in their tracks to glance at him, which proved unnerving to him at first, though he would eventually adapt to it. It came with its benefits, however; his presence was enough to send the most determined of criminals into hiding, resulting in him rarely running into trouble with the populace.


Curiously, unlike Danarshi, his brother was a stubborn, wilful individual who sought a unique path in life, separate from the wants or wishes of their parents. From a young age, Mordanas heard many stories from Shi'var, including those of myth and magic. Though his family had never shown a particular interest in magic, Mordanas was fascinated by it. He had always heard of the mystical city of Xzaarven, founded and ruled by the Triumvirate of Xzaarven, who were comprised of the ancient and powerful eredar mages known as Tarvorus, Galaviir, and Phaerador.

The majority of Xzaarven's denizens were dedicated to the practice of the arcane, many of whom were members of the Xzaarvenei, a magical organisation that was created and led by the Triumvirate of Xzaarven and made up of practitioners of the arcane. Not only did they work to improve life in Amanalar with their magic, but they also hosted a university in Xzaarven that taught its students the ways of the arcane. While Danarshi was led away from Xzaarven under the sway of his father, Mordanas was, instead, allured by it.

Unsurprisingly, Duum'viaer was against the interests of his younger son, wishing for him to become a harbinger, as Danarshi had. Shi'var saw no reason to oppose Mordanas and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Danarshi was no different, seeking only the best for his brother and supporting him in his endeavours. In the brief years after Danarshi joined the Amanalar Peacekeepers, Mordanas travelled to Xzaarven and approached the Xzaarvenei, who openly accepted him into their order and set him on the path of a mage. This proved to be a monumental moment in the history of their family, as it established a potential future of mages within their bloodline.

Jewel of Argus

For thousands of years, Danarshi loyally served Amanalar alongside his fellow Amanalar Peacekeepers and gained much knowledge and skill along the way. By the time three thousand years had passed after his induction, he had more than earned the respect of his colleagues. To some surprise, he had even surpassed several of them in fighting ability, largely because of the constant preferential treatment and training from his father. At last, he felt equal to his comrades and found genuine friendship in them.

Soon after Danarshi reached the age of five thousand, the Council of Amanalar secured a meeting with the renowned Triumvirate within the grand capital of Argus itself, Mac'Aree. It was the mission of the Amanalar Peacekeepers to protect Duum'viaer as he met with the Triumvirate to establish a functioning alliance between Amanalar and Mac'Aree. This excited Danarshi, as he, like his parents, was a homebody who rarely left Amanalar and had never seen Mac'Aree, though he had heard much about it.

When tasked with travelling vast distances, the Amanalar Peacekeepers often visited the Xzaarvenei in pursuit of their teleportation magic. Their mission to Mac'Aree was of no exception, and thus, through a conjured portal, they stepped hoof in Mac'Aree, including Shi'var, who sought to study the philosophy of its people and culture. The sheer sight and scale of the city amazed Danarshi. With miles of grass as golden as the sun, trees of orange and lilac, towering spires of metal and crystal, glimmering rivers and walkways, he could only describe it as one of the most majestic marvels he had witnessed in his lifetime.

Duum'viaer, accompanied by Danarshi and his fellow Amanalar Peacekeepers, promptly met with Velen, Kil'jaeden, and Archimonde in the Seat of Triumvirate. Following a long discussion between Duum'viaer and the Triumvirate, Kil'jaeden and Archimonde complimented Amanalar for its magical and technological accomplishments but concluded that they were disinterested in an alliance, instead offering to absorb the region, allowing it to operate as it always had, though under the ultimate authority of the Triumvirate. Velen admired Amanalar for its rare independence and self-sufficiency and supported an alliance, though his fellow leaders outnumbered his opinion.

Duum'viaer, unwilling to subject Amanalar to the jurisdiction of the Triumvirate, declined the offer of Kil'jaeden and Archimonde and departed from their meeting. Although Amanalar failed to secure an alliance with Mac'Aree, they gained the approval of Velen, which they hoped would eventually help them sway Kil'jaeden and Archimonde. Danarshi, honoured to have merely been in their presence, walked away feeling elated and enlightened. For a few days, they remained in Mac'Aree, enjoying what the city offered, before returning to their homeland.

A New Dawn

For the following three thousand years, Danarshi continued serving his people as an Amanalar Peacekeeper whilst appreciating the more peaceful aspects of life. Up to this point, he possessed much freedom, able to do as he pleased, within the bounds of the law. Without ever having the responsibility of raising a family, he had not yet stopped pursuing intimate relationships, none of which lasted. Soon, however, this would change. Around the age of nine thousand, he met the love of his life, Aelleena, on one fortuitous day during a routine patrol of the roads leading away from Amanare.

The innocent woman was foraging for plants in the open fields of Amanalar when she was attacked by roaming predators. Fortunately, Danarshi spotted the incident from afar and hurried to save her, striking the creatures down and sparing her from harm. Aelleena showered him in appreciation for his heroic deed and declared herself indebted to him, which he humbly declined and instead agreed to acquaint himself with her in Amanare, where they both lived.


Across months, Danarshi and Aelleena frequently met in Amanare, learning more about one another each time. Aelleena was a peaceful soul who possessed a talent for the arts of painting and sculpting. With only five hundred years separating them in age, with Aelleena being the younger of the two, they were close in age by eredar standards. Although they did not have much in common, they found a certain curiosity and appreciation for their differing interests, and it was not long before they formed a close friendship.

As years passed, their friendship progressed into love, though neither initially possessed the courage to inform the other of their feelings. Danarshi felt that something was different about Aelleena compared to the women he had previously loved; deep down, he knew that they were meant for each other, and this struck fear into him. Because of their agelessness, commitment could intimidate a race such as the eredar. Regardless, he eventually gathered his courage and revealed his attraction to Aelleena, who did the same to him in return, marking the beginning of a long connection between the two.

For three centuries, their relationship developed and flourished, leading to their marriage, in which they underwent a joining ceremony, witnessed by their friends and relatives. At the pinnacle of the ceremony, they swore an oath of eternal loyalty and faithfulness to one another, binding them together for the foreseeable future. Following this, the couple gained a new and sizeable home in Amanare and started their lives as a wedded couple.


Irenora, Aelleena, and Danarshi enjoy each other's company in their home in Amanare.

Danarshi and Aelleena happily lived alone in each other's company for centuries. Seven hundred years after their marriage, Aelleena gave birth to their first child, a daughter who they named Irenora. For a thousand years, they allowed Irenora to mature in the safety and comfort of Amanare, doing all that they could to ensure that she had a positive upbringing.

Once Irenora reached the age of one thousand, Danarshi offered to mentor her in the ways of a harbinger. Though Irenora expressed an inspiration for him and his heroics, her life to that point had dictated that her calling did not rest with the practice of melee weaponry and close-quarters combat, and therefore she declined. Though this saddened Danarshi, he possessed the will to accept it and support his daughter in whatever path she would follow. Little did Danarshi know, however, she possessed an intrigue in magic for much of her life, sparked by stories Mordanas had told her since her childhood.

Mordanas soon secretly informed Irenora that a magical ritual was to take place in the woodland nearby Xzaarven, performed by some of the most skilled mages from the Xzaarvenei. He urged for her to hide near the ritual so she could witness it in person. Throughout her youth, Danarshi and Aelleena warned her many times of the dangers that lurked in the forests of Amanalar. Despite this, the woman's curiosity was peaked, so she placed her faith in her uncle and did as he suggested.

Unbeknownst to Irenora, Mordanas purposely planned the ritual to interest his niece in the arcane. Fortunately for him, he was successful in his endeavour, as the ritual amazed Irenora, convincing her to visit Xzaarven within the following days to meet the Xzaarvenei. There, her uncle revealed his true intentions and offered her a place as an apprentice mage within the Xzaarvenei, which she willingly accepted.

Only after this did Danarshi and Aelleena realise their daughter's fascination in magic, and though it initially came as a surprise to them, they were quick to give her their full support. With this, Irenora moved from her parents' home and became a resident of Xzaarven. There, she tirelessly studied in the city's arcane university, where she arose as an arcanist and discovered she possessed serious potential as a mage.

Burning Legion

Over a thousand years later, the darkest event in the history of Argus transpired when the Dark Titan Sargeras approached the Triumvirate with promises of untold power for the service and loyalty of the eredar within his army, the Burning Legion. Before long, propaganda filled the streets of Amanalar's cities and settlements, urging their citizens to pledge themselves to the rule of the Triumvirate beneath their new, mysterious master.

The propaganda disconcerted an ill-informed Danarshi. Although he wielded no form of magic, nor had he sought to, he realised Sargeras' promises ran far deeper than mere magic alone; he would transform the eredar into a physically stronger, more capable species. Despite some suspicion, he could not help but feel as though declining the proposal would be foolish, as he feared most eredar would conform to it, leaving the outliers to a questionable fate.

In the days that followed, thousands of Amanalar's citizens, primarily from Xzaarven, began vanishing, including Mordanas, much to the dismay of Danarshi. Strangely, seemingly no one outside the Xzaarvenei could discover the cause of this, and Danarshi was no different. However, not all hope was lost. A defiant Velen sent a message across Argus that revealed Sargeras' intention to corrupt the eredar into demons. He also stated that those who were to venture to Mac'Aree would find a means of escape from Argus.

Aelleena approached Danarshi with Velen's message and her anxieties. Danarshi argued his fears with her and expressed his disapproval towards abandoning Argus, but it was not long before he saw the sense in his wife's words and agreed that his loved ones were more important to him than any mere offerings of power, thus deciding to leave his homeworld behind.

The Great Escape

Within the following days, Danarshi and Aelleena met with Irenora, Duum'viaer, Shi'var, and the Amanalar Peacekeepers in the centre of Amanare, where they sought to decide upon how to deal with the coming chaos. During these moments, freakish sounds from an abnormal storm loomed over the horizon, intensifying as it crept closer towards Amanalar, signalling that an apocalypse was hastily approaching.

Duum'viaer took charge and formed a stratagem: Danarshi would escort Aelleena, Irenora, and Shi'var out of Amanare whilst congregating all civilians he stumbled across, before leading them all to Mac'Aree via any means necessary. Meanwhile, Duum'viaer and the rest of the Amanalar Peacekeepers would make their last stand in the centre of Amanare, hoping to cause a distraction in favour of the fleeing group, and as an ultimate act of defiance against those who would harm Amanalar.

Danarshi quarrelled with his father over his plan, but the old harbinger was resolute, and Danarshi soon realised he could not change his mind, no matter how hard he tried. With much sorrow, Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, and Shi'var wished their final farewells upon Duum'viaer and the Amanalar Peacekeepers and started a journey that would test the will of Danarshi unlike anything before. As they made their way towards the gates of Amanare, Danarshi rallied all the civilians who stood in their path, and by the time they exited the city, he had amassed approximately three hundred eredar in total. They had no option but to abandon thousands of innocents to their fates, to which they all shared crippling guilt.

They did not tarry after leaving Amanare. As they trod into the plains of Amanalar, Irenora attempted to teleport them all to Mac'Aree, though found herself unable to transport so many people over such a vast distance. After accepting her shortcoming, Irenora warned her family and the civilians about the treachery of the Triumvirate of Xzaarven and the Xzaarvenei, who she was aware had sided with the Burning Legion. She advised that they avoid Xzaarven, which Danarshi agreed upon.

Without a reliable means of teleportation at their disposal, they had no choice but to pass through the forests and mountains of Amanalar, from which they would walk the long distance to Mac'Aree. Any semblance of peace came to a sudden halt, however, when the skies above them became darkened with winged monstrosities unlike anything any of them had ever seen, ranging from felbats to fiends and doomguards, demons in their purest of forms.

Although Danarshi made a steadfast attempt at leading his family and the civilians away from the approaching demons, they were too swift to outrun. A doomguard slammed in front of them, metres away from the Harbinger, and questioned their loyalties to the Burning Legion. With a ferocious slash, Danarshi cut the creature down, infuriating its surrounding kin, who descended upon the innocent eredar with felbats in tow. Danarshi then yelled for the amassed group to flee, which they did, without question.

As they drew closer to the cover of Amanalar's forests, the winged demons swooped away and slew many civilians. While Danarshi struck at them whenever they came close, Irenora joined the fray, assaulting them with her arcane magic. The most courageous of the civilians also lent their aid, though, with most of them unarmed, there was little that they could do.

Danarshi leads his family and the civilians to safety through the burning forests of Amanalar.

By the time they passed into the concealment of the forests, thirty civilians had already perished. Fortunately, the winged predators could no longer harm them within the thicket. Their respite was short-lived, however, as colossal formations of rock and cinder soon rained down upon the woodland from the skies above, alight with fel. These were revealed as being more than mere meteorites, as they reanimated into infernals and climbed from their craters, spreading emerald wildfires across the vegetation.

Danarshi led the civilians to an overpass and fled across the border of Amanalar, successfully evading the demons who were preying on them, though only after twenty more of the civilians had fallen to asphyxiation from the foul smoke that flooded the forests from the spreading fel fires, lowering the survivor count to two hundred and fifty. As the sky came back into their view, they saw it choked with clouds of darkened ash and crackling fel lightning, from which infernals rained down upon the distant cities and settlements. Amanalar had met its downfall.

Unfortunately for the survivors, their journey was far from over. Atop the overpass where they stood, they seized the opportunity to recover their strength and set eye upon their homeland for what they assumed was the final time, before continuing towards Mac'Aree. For several hazardous days, they travelled across Argus, avoiding the demon patrols however they could, though forced to fight for their safety on a multitude of occasions, losing dozens of more lives.

Miles into their trek, fatigue afflicted them. A harsh reality soon struck Danarshi: if they were to stop, they would risk not reaching Mac'Aree in time, which would have sealed their fates on a dying Argus. Upon realising this, he begrudgingly proceeded with the decision of abandoning those who were too weary to follow. While Irenora reluctantly agreed on the necessity of Danarshi's decision, Aelleena could not help but argue with him, horrified about dooming innocents to such a fate. Despite the additional guilt this laid upon Danarshi, it was not enough to sway him, so they continued onward, leaving behind the weak and infirm.

The Final Stretch

Once Mac'Aree was finally visible on the horizon, approximately one hundred of the survivors from Amanalar remained standing. Much to their dismay, not even the grand capital of Argus itself was spared from the wrath of the demons, as fel fires had spread across much of its streets and structures. A glimmer of hope yet remained for them, however, as the chaos within the city appeared fresh; many of its spires still stood proud, and screams reverberated throughout the air. Though it seemed unlikely that Velen had yet fled the planet, it was clear their time was running short. Sustained by adrenaline, the survivors approached Mac'Aree, adamant on finding the Prophet.

The demonic presence in Mac'Aree was stronger than anything they had yet seen. From the moment they stepped through the city's gates, they were assaulted from all directions by various types of demons, including imps, felhounds, felguards, and shivarra. There was, however, one type of demon in particular that sent shivers down the spines of the survivors: the man'ari, eredar who had succumbed to Sargeras' corruption. With eyes of flaming fel and skin of red, grey, and orange, the man'ari lashed against them without remorse.

Despite the dire circumstances, Danarshi and the survivors persevered, pushing their way through the collapsing streets of Mac'Aree. For almost every demon that fell, they claimed civilian lives as payment. Although their numbers continued to dwindle, their wills remained unwavering. After a debilitating series of minutes, their destination was in sight, south-east of the Seat of the Triumvirate, within an arena where a shining, resplendent light radiated through the archways of metal and crystal surrounding its perimeter.

From hundreds of metres away, Danarshi could see thousands of eredar fleeing through the archways into the safety of the luminous light, where no demon could pass, as they were dissolved into ash by a device known as the Argunite Matrix, which shielded the arena. As Danarshi and the survivors drew closer to the source of the light, an abnormal sensation of courage and resolve washed over them, renewing their vigour and intensifying the more they approached. Moments ago, they were trudging with fatigue; now they were speeding into a running pace.

Cries of pain, fear, and anger sounded in all directions as Danarshi raised his shield in front of him, forging a path through the assemblage of demons and eredar for his family and the survivors who remained at his rear. Danarshi, Aelleena, and Irenora were the first to step into the arena through one of its archways, and as they did, a single scream amidst hundreds sent chills down their spines, realising it was the voice of Shi'var. They could only watch as a doomguard impaled her, mere inches away from the archway, before hauling her into the surrounding crowd.

The panic-stricken shouts of Danarshi, Aelleena, and Irenora resounded over the area as they called out for Shi'var, though there was no response. After all that had transpired over the previous days, this was when something truly changed in Danarshi. Unprecedented feelings of grief and hatred washed over him, consuming him; he would never be the same. Though the desire to mourn Shi'var was overwhelming for the three, there was no opportunity for such; they had to flee Argus, lest they would all perish.

Fleeing Fate

Those who successfully passed through the archways into the arena found themselves within the presence of L'ura, a naaru. With the Light at its disposal and with the help of the Argunite Matrix, L'ura fended off the hordes of stampeding demons to the utmost of its ability, allowing many of the fleeing eredar to pass unharmed; many others, however, such as Shi'var, were not so fortunate.

Although powerful, L'ura was not impervious. Its strength was matched when Kil'jaeden appeared on the field, accompanied by an elite force of his fellow man'ari, including the monstrous Khazaduum, who dwarfed his kin in size and ferocity. Khazaduum pierced through the defences of the arena and destroyed the Argunite Matrix, rendering the survivors vulnerable. At this moment, Prophet Velen stepped forth with the Ata'mal crystal in hand and summoned the aid of another naaru, K'ure. In seconds, a dimensional ship, the Genedar, appeared in the skies above and whisked the survivors away to safety.

A heavy hum sounded throughout the Genedar as three naaru, K'ure, D'ore, and K'ara powered and piloted the dimensional ship from inside it. Danarshi watched through a glass aperture as L'ura sacrificed itself against Kil'jaeden and his demons on the location that would be renamed Triumvirate's End. As the Genedar ascended through the atmosphere of Argus, it revealed a world shrouded in clouds of smoke, ash, and fel lightning. Whilst their homeworld lessened into a faraway speck within the vastness of space, Aelleena stood at Danarshi's side, attempting to comfort him with a hand upon his shoulder, though to no avail.

Of all the civilians that fled Amanalar, only thirty-eight of them survived, including Danarshi, Aelleena, and Irenora; most of them, however, would also perish throughout the millennia to come. On that day, Danarshi swore an oath that he would someday return to Argus to achieve vengeance against the Burning Legion and see his homeworld cleansed of the corruption that had claimed it. In memory of Amanalar, he carved three deep scars into both of his cheeks, each representing one of its six major cities at the time of its fall, specifically: Amanare, Xzaarven, Doros, Faralihr, Umera, and Korus.

The Exiled Ones

Shortly after their exodus from Argus, the uncorrupted eredar renounced their race out of spite for the man'ari, renaming themselves draenei, meaning “exiled ones” in Eredun. With the Genedar at their disposal, the draenei set out on an unknowingly lengthy journey throughout the Great Dark Beyond, on a quest to locate another world that they could call home.

Kil'jaeden, hellbent on revenge against the traitorous draenei, sent his most trusted accomplice, Talgath, in pursuit of them. Talgath would torment them for countless years, making it nearly impossible for them to settle upon a world. No matter where they ran, Talgath would find them, and the Burning Legion would follow, destroying all planets the draenei dared to touch.

A vengeful Danarshi wears his new armour and facial scars.

Danarshi remained as a harbinger, striving to protect his fellow draenei from the Burning Legion or whatever other threat would attempt to harm them. With the purpose of the Amanalar Peacekeepers now complete, he, as their last member, declared the order as defunct almost immediately after fleeing Argus and ceased wearing their armour. As he struggled to come to terms with what the demons had done to his homeworld, he proved to be a rather cold, unpleasant character. Eventually, he would adapt to this plight, though it would take him many years to do so.

The Holy Light

The naaru quickly arose as the most respected symbol to the draenei people, not only because of their actions in saving them from annihilation on Argus, but also because they were godlike beings who symbolised virtues such as hope, righteousness, and nobility, those of which the draenei valued. The naaru soon granted them a gift that had never fully graced them on Argus: the Holy Light. The naaru served them as mentors and protectors, instructing the amenable in the ways of the Light, whilst defending their race against the Burning Legion.

Before long, many of the draenei succumbed to the Light. With the naaru D'ore as her mentor, Aelleena swore herself to his service and was the first of her family to embrace the Light, arising as an anchorite during the initial years of their exodus from Argus. Although Danarshi, like most of his kin, held a deep respect for the naaru, he had grown suspicious of unfamiliar magicks since the fall of Argus, proving far more reluctant towards the Light than his wife, and thus refused to let it influence him.


With the draenei exodus from Argus still being recent, Danarshi and Aelleena viewed it as an important moment of change for their people and agreed to mark it with a second child. Shortly after Aelleena became an anchorite, their first son, Kai'soran, was born. As one of the initial draenei born away from Argus, Kai'soran served as a symbol of his race's transition from eredar to draenei.

For centuries, Kai'soran's purpose remained a mystery. When he reached the age of five hundred, however, Danarshi and Aelleena, each stressed by their recent calamities, attempted to influence the direction of his future. While Danarshi enthused him about the violent though honourable ways of a harbinger, Aelleena instead encouraged him to arise as a warm, peaceful, and generous anchorite. Ultimately, to please them both, Kai'soran took the mantle of one of the first draenei vindicators, pledging himself to K'ure and embracing his teachings of the Light.


Over four thousand, five hundred years later, Danarshi inevitably collapsed under the united sway of Aelleena and Kai'soran, laying down his melee weapons and plate armour for staves and robes and following in the steps of his wife as an anchorite, swearing himself to D'ore. As followers of the Holy Light, Danarshi, Aelleena, and Kai'soran would help shine the way for the draenei on their long voyage, remaining faithful for countless years to come.

Great Dark Beyond

Planet after planet, the draenei scoured the Great Dark Beyond in search of a new home.

For millennia, the draenei wandered the Great Dark Beyond onboard the Genedar, continuing their search for planets they could call home. Throughout this period, Danarshi witnessed hundreds of unique locations and phenomenon that he never dreamed of seeing on Argus. He saw worlds teeming with life and wonder, whilst others were scarcely habitable. His mettle was tested time and time again, as he assumed the role of a healer and defender of his people whilst they settled upon these worlds, which led him to face many threats and challenges.

However, regardless of what planets the draenei landed upon, the Burning Crusade spared none of them. Inevitably, over time, this harsh reality wore down on the draenei. While some wished that the demons would leave them in peace, others still sought vengeance, including Danarshi, whose hatred only continued to grow with each world that fell. Although he learned to cope with their predicament, deep down, there was still nothing he wanted more than to take part in the destruction of the Burning Legion, and he would never stop waiting for that opportunity to present itself.

Throughout the rest of their voyage, Danarshi's commitment as an anchorite would remain his primary focus. However, despite this, he maintained his mastery in melee combat whenever convenient, which allowed him to keep his title of Harbinger and remain a formidable warrior. Unfortunately, he still lost much of the skill that he possessed on Argus because of his occupation as a harbinger no longer being his priority. Interestingly though, he mostly made up for this by teaching himself how to empower his melee attacks with the Light, similar to that of a vindicator, but cruder.

The Departure

The prime naaru Xe'ra eventually approached the draenei, seeking to induct them into her holy faction known as the Army of the Light. Composed of races who lost their worlds to the Burning Crusade, the Army's purpose was to stand against the Burning Legion. Xe'ra saw the draenei as a promising addition and selected their most powerful and elite warriors to join its forces.

While Danarshi, Aelleena, and Irenora were not among those chosen to join the Army of the Light, Kai'soran was one of them. Although Kai'soran considered answering the call of the Light Mother, he ultimately saw himself as a protector of innocents rather than a vessel of retribution and declined under the justification of serving K'ure. Danarshi supported his son's decision, despite being secretly upset over not being seen as worthy by Xe'ra, disappointed he would not get the chance to retaliate against the Burning Legion.

Shortly afterwards, the Genedar split into another dimensional ship known as the Xenedar, which housed the chosen soldiers. With that, the Xenedar and its crew flew away into the cosmos on their mission to oppose the demons, leaving behind those who stayed on the Genedar. Though Danarshi appreciated the courage and heroism of the Army of the Light, he could not help but feel sorrow over the departure of his fellow draenei, afraid they would not return.

Grand Anchorite

Approximately twenty thousand years after the exodus from Argus, D'ore granted Danarshi the title of Grand Anchorite in acknowledgement of his skill, wisdom, and selflessness as an anchorite. He was, however, the last of his family to achieve such a prestigious position, as Irenora, Aelleena, and Kai'soran had already long since mastered their respective classes. Aelleena, in particular, became a grand anchorite roughly five thousand years beforehand. Their accomplishments merely struck pride into Danarshi and motivated him to improve himself, which helped him reach the status of Grand Anchorite.


For countless years since the birth of Kai'soran, Danarshi and Aelleena contemplated having a third child, though their commitments and responsibilities always caused them to shy away from it. It was not until roughly twenty-three thousand years after the exodus that their second daughter, Leanarhi, was born. The young draenei served as a symbol of the resilience of her people, who had survived against the Burning Legion for years immeasurable. Unlike Kai'soran, however, Leanarhi was far from the first of draenei children. With most of her race already being accomplished individuals, there was much she could learn from them, but also much she had to prove.

Danarshi, Irenora, Kai'soran, Leanarhi, and Aelleena together onboard the Genedar.

Learning from their mistakes in their upbringing of Kai'soran, Danarshi and Aelleena did not force Leanarhi down a particular path, allowing her the freedom to determine her fate. Her siblings were no different in their approach, supporting their sister as any sensible siblings would have, though influencing her in no particular way. Leanarhi grew to be a secluded individual of few words or companions, and, like her family, she was resilient. Unlike them, however, she did not find interest in the Light or arcane. Her purpose would remain hidden for many years.

Fall of the Genedar

Over twenty-four thousand years after the exodus, during the Genedar's approach of yet another uncharted planet, K'ara lost its connection with the Light. K'ara's final act was a warning for the draenei to eject it from the vessel before it fell into a state of Void corruption common among dying naaru; although Danarshi had long since heard of this phenomenon, it still shocked him to see it happen in person. K'ara lashed out at K'ure and D'ore, which Prophet Velen intercepted by shielding them. Velen then ejected K'ara from the ship, as it requested, but it was too late; the assault already weakened K'ure and D'ore, dooming the Genedar to crash into the unknown planet.

Exiles' Refuge

The Genedar soon pierced through the blue skies of the world it approached. Though it plummeted into the planet's soil, the dimensional ship, and most of the draenei inside, survived. Unfortunately, among the casualties of the crash was D'ore, which devastated Danarshi, Aelleena, and hundreds of other draenei. As Danarshi drifted from the vessel, he laid eye upon the rolling green fields of Nagrand. It reminded him of his long-lost homeland of Amanalar, which brought him some measure of comfort.

The crash-landing of the Genedar, observed by an orc of the Warsong clan.

Draenor, meaning “Exiles' Refuge” in Draenei, was the name that the draenei gave this new world. From that moment forth, they would consider it their home. Danarshi, however, recognised the situation for what it truly was: they were stranded on Draenor with no means of escape, and the Burning Legion had not ceased their search for them. He knew it was only a matter of time before they found them, but until then, he agreed to make the most of the situation by supporting his people in their colonization of the planet, hopeful that, for once, they had found some proper respite from the demons.


Shortly after the draenei arrived on Draenor, Prophet Velen created an order known as the Rangari to scout the continent they crashed upon, to map out its features and resources. Although they did not officially join the Rangari, Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, and Leanarhi agreed to accompany them to assist them however they could and see what Draenor had in store for them. Kai'soran instead remained in Nagrand to aid with the formation of draenei settlements there. After wishing a touching farewell upon Kai'soran, the family set off into the unknown, on an expedition that would last for several weeks.

An uncharted Draenor.

They passed through lands of luscious jungles, barren deserts, freezing blizzards, towering spires, and everlasting night. There was one region, in particular, in the centre of the continent, filled with gleaming forests of gold and orange flora, that the draenei would name Talador. Talador served as the geological crossroads between the lands of Draenor, and, in time, the draenei would consider it as the heart of their society.

Home for the Honoured Dead

Once the Rangari successfully mapped the continent, Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Leanarhi, and Kai'soran were all left with the hard choice of where they would deem home. Kai'soran had already found his place in Nagrand, and Leanarhi joined him there shortly after the expedition. Five years later, Irenora declared residency in Shattrath City and went to assist in its construction. Meanwhile, in the same year, Danarshi and Aelleena learned that another fledgling order, the Sha'tari, planned on establishing a magnificent mausoleum in Talador, where they could inter D'ore and deceased draenei.

Auchindoun sits proudly on Talador soil as a place for the dead to find eternal peace.

Avid on bestowing D'ore the burial they believed he deserved, Danarshi and Aelleena willingly aided the Sha'tari in the mausoleum's assembly, which would become known as Auchindoun, meaning “a Home for the Honoured Dead” in Draenei. Following its completion, the newly appointed Exarch Maladaar led and created the Auchenai, who would serve as the custodians of Auchindoun and the caretakers of the deceased within its halls and crypts. Because of the weight that death held to the draenei, Danarshi and Aelleena could think of few positions more virtuous than a caretaker of the dead and therefore swore themselves to the Auchenai, becoming two of its initial members.


Within Auchindoun, Danarshi continued to serve as an anchorite alongside his wife, which now mostly involved them interring deceased draenei into the crypts and performing their funeral rites, among other duties, such as the occasional healing of the sick and injured. However, it was not long before they learned of a secret that few outside the Auchenai's trusted had known: since the death of D'ore, Void energies leaked from his remains, attracting souls and consuming them to regenerate his strength and return him to the Light. The Auchenai also learned that when spirits came into proximity of D'ore, they could communicate with them.

Those within the Auchenai who were aware of this, such as Danarshi and Aelleena, were quick to realise one of the underlying purposes of the order: to feed the souls of the dead to D'ore to aid in his regeneration. This horrified some within the Auchenai, including Danarshi, but Maladaar quelled much of the unease by ensuring that the process was involuntary on behalf of D'ore and that it was the ultimate means for a spirit to become one with the Light.

Danarshi was perplexed over how he had not heard of this process after spending thousands of years as an anchorite. Whilst his shock wore off, he refused to contribute to the feeding of souls to D'ore, despite his reverence of him, and continued focussing on interring the deceased into the crypts and performing their funeral rites.

Darkened Descent

With their discovery of the attraction and consumption of spirits by D'ore, the Auchenai introduced soulpriests and soulbinders into their order, whose purpose was to interact with the departed in unique ways. While the soulpriests helped to purify the lost and restless spirits who could not find their way to D'ore, the soulbinders worked to preserve the souls of prestigious draenei, sometimes by placing them into mechanical constructs known as vigilants, which allowed them to continue serving their people forevermore. There laid one significant hurdle in their path, however: spirits were not normally visible to the naked eye.

To solve this issue, the Auchenai devised a complex concoction that allowed those who drank it to peer into the Shadowlands, so they could witness the spirits within and communicate with them, no matter how far from D'ore they were. The Auchenai usually granted this potion only to the soulpriests and soulbinders of the order, as their duties depended on its abilities. Although this intrigued Danarshi, he suspected the strain it would have upon one's sanity would be adverse and thus ignored the temptation.

This became the least of Danarshi's concerns, however, as he soon discovered that the soulpriests and soulbinders planned on wielding the powers of the Void to more thoroughly interact with spirits. Because the naaru had long since indoctrinated him into viewing the Light as inherently good and the Void as inherently evil, this news dismayed Danarshi and others - especially Aelleena. Before this sparked out of control, however, Exarch Maladaar made certain that his disciples understood his intentions, informing them that the Void would only help in the purification process of the spirits and that he would punish those who misused it.

Intimidated by the harsh processes and sacrifices required to become a soulpriest or soulbinder, Danarshi remained as an anchorite within the Auchenai. As years started flowing by, he and his wife persisted through countless days and nights of strange paranormal phenomena that they could only assume originated from the invisible spirits that lingered in Auchindoun. Danarshi, highly disturbed by the hauntings, could feel his paranoia increasing. He became curious about the concoction and its effects and eventually wondered if drinking it would help ease his growing stress.


Despite the connection the soulpriests had with the Void, Danarshi considered undergoing their initiation to open his eyes to the Shadowlands, and so he could assist in the recovery of D'ore. For a time, his wife dissuaded him from this path by expressing her fear of the negative consequences it could have had upon him. Ultimately, however, by the thirty-fifth year after the construction of Auchindoun, Danarshi inevitably succumbed to his urges and forsook his title of Grand Anchorite in favour of Soulpriest, beginning his training.

Deep within the ranks of the Auchenai were monks who worked to master their control over their emotions. They shared their wisdom with their fellow Auchenai so they could cope with the strain of witnessing the Shadowlands and wielding the Void. Though Danarshi had already practised meditation techniques with the monks in the past, it was nothing compared to what he was about to experience. For ten years, he underwent intensive disciplinary training with them, surviving challenges that would have scarred many. They taught him how to cope with traumatic occurrences and how to maintain control over his emotions in hard situations. It was not until after this that the Auchenai taught him how to wield void and shadow magic.

On the day the Auchenai deemed Danarshi's training complete, they granted him the title of Soulpriest and presented him with the potion that would forever allow him to peer into the Shadowlands. As dozens of Auchenai spectated, he drank the concoction, and within seconds, could see the ghosts of draenei wandering through the halls of Auchindoun. While many of them were unaware of what was happening around them, some surrounded Danarshi, staring at him with wide, emotionless eyes; this was his first true taste of what lingered within the Shadowlands, and despite his discipline, it caused him much fright.


Throughout the following decades, Danarshi focussed intently on his duties as a soulpriest, working tirelessly to purify the lost spirits in Auchindoun. At first, this offered him respite from his deeper thoughts, as his newfound abilities distracted him. Once he adapted, however, he was quick to find his previous contemplations replaced only with more disturbing ones. He dismally pondered the mysteries of the Shadowlands, wondering how vast it was, and the number of souls trapped within it. He soon adopted a fear of death, afraid his spirit would forever suffer in the Shadowlands. Ultimately, his gift became a curse, inflicting only more misery upon him.

As the years progressed, Danarshi's constant exposure to wailing ghosts and Shadow magic caused his sanity to descend, delayed only by his discipline. Slowly but surely, he shifted into a morose, irascible, and isolated individual, to where even his wife could no longer fully communicate with him. For the first time since their joining, a wedge was being driven between them. While this devastated Aelleena, Danarshi was almost oblivious to it, too caught up in his thoughts to realise the extent of the damage he was causing.

Sixty years after Danarshi's initiation as a soulpriest, he and Aelleena received an unexpected visit from Kai'soran, who they learned was on a pilgrimage to Karabor. Though they remained in limited contact with Irenora over the years, they had not seen Kai'soran since their arrival on Draenor. Danarshi showed a rare measure of joy over his reunion with his son, yet much of it remained shrouded by his disconsolate demeanour. Shortly after Aelleena showed Kai'soran around Auchindoun, he wished positive fortune on his parents and continued on his journey, determined to reach his destination.

More years passed, and Danarshi only continued to descend into darkness. Eventually, sleep became a rarity to him, as he often awoke screaming and drenched in sweat. Throughout the day, he would occasionally speak out loud while nobody was around, sometimes to the invisible spirits around him, and sometimes to himself. It shocked Aelleena how far he had fallen; to her, he felt possessed, no longer the man she had loved for countless millennia, and it left her heartbroken.

Noble Intent

During all his years in the Auchenai, Danarshi rarely left Auchindoun. It was common for him to remain inside the mausoleum for weeks on end, which only contributed further to his degrading sanity. Occasionally, however, he would venture out into the forests of Talador to clear his mind and find rest from his duties. One hundred and forty years following his initiation as a soulpriest, there was one day in particular when he was wandering the roads of rural Talador in his lonesomeness, basking in the solitude and tranquillity.

The muffled sounds of a woman weeping from behind the cover of nearby shrubbery interrupted Danarshi's walk. In front of him laid a trail of red blood, leading in the commotion's direction. Danarshi, with his mind clearer than usual, felt his heart drop within his chest at the sight of this. Although the colour of the blood was an obvious sign that it had not originated from a draenei, he did not allow it to cloud his conscience and pushed his way through the flora to investigate.

Inside a small clearing, Danarshi stumbled upon a female orc, down upon her knees in a pool of blood that did not belong to her. Cradled in the woman's arms was an infant - her son - who was motionless, with a gruesome slash across his chest. Danarshi discovered the source of the blood pool to be a deceased male orc who was laying nearby, unmistakably the father of the child, covered in various battle wounds. A few metres away from him was a winged arakkoa, who had met a similar fate, revealing that they fought to the death.

Seconds later, the orc woman pleaded for Danarshi's help in broken Draenei, which he initially responded to in conflicted silence, though ultimately caved from his pity, realising the pain that would accompany the loss of one's child. At that, he sealed the boy's wound with the Light and successfully revived him. Afterwards, he shifted his healing focus to the boy's father, though to no avail, as his soul had already left its body.

The woman, though relieved that her son had survived, could not help but mourn for her husband, to which Danarshi cautiously comforted her with a hand upon her shoulder. Seconds later, she asked for his name, and he provided it without question. She expressed her gratitude to him before requesting that he leave so she could bury her husband in peace, which he obliged, returning into the thicket from where he came with much to think about. Little did he know that the woman would name the boy Danarsho, an orcish variation of his name, for having saved his life.

The Horde

One hundred and eighty-eight years after the draenei arrived on Draenor, many of them had grown complacent, failing to foresee the return of the Burning Legion. Talgath had, at last, found his prey, and his master, Kil'jaeden, wished them only one fate: their demise. Rather than raining demons upon them, however, he worked from the shadows, manipulating the orcs to rebel against them.

Granting the powers of a warlock to Gul'dan, Kil'jaeden used him as the primary pawn in his schemes. Over years, deceit was spread throughout the orcish clans, until they were convinced that the draenei were plotting against them, to which they united under the banner of the Horde in preparation of facing their adversary.

After eight years of plotting and conspiring against the draenei, the Horde marched upon them in full force at Karabor. Once Gul'dan rose the Hand of Gul'dan, the orcs attacked the temple, and although the draenei held against them for several minutes, despite being outnumbered, the tides were turned when the Horde unleashed the Dark Star upon them, which was, in fact, K'ara in her Void state. With K'ara at their disposal, the Horde utilised her shadow magic to decimate Karabor and its forces, sending the surviving draenei into full retreat.

Danarshi was alarmed when he heard about the fall of Karabor, afraid for the safety of himself and his children, especially Kai'soran, who he knew was living in Karabor at the time of its fall. Above all, however, the Hand of Gul'dan proved to him that the Burning Legion had found them on Draenor. Upon this realisation, he grew apprehensive about the defences of Auchindoun and questioned if the mausoleum could stand against the orcs.

Danarshi formed a misguided assumption that Shattrath would have a higher chance of survival and planned to flee there and reunite with Irenora. He approached Aelleena about his plan and offered her to accompany him, and although she considered it, she ultimately refused, unwilling to abandon D'ore and her fellow Auchenai to their fates. Danarshi made little effort to argue with his wife and remained firm in his delusions, leaving Auchindoun on the same day and extinguishing whatever love remained between them.

False Hope

As Danarshi headed through the forests of Talador toward Shattrath, he suffered from conflicting thoughts and emotions. Although he was relieved to be free from Auchindoun, it was negated by his earlier confrontation with Aelleena, and a fear that the draenei would not survive the return of the Burning Legion. He questioned if he made the right decision abandoning his wife, but did not turn back. After hours of walking, he reached Shattrath and located Irenora at her home on the Shattrath Overlook, which led to a heartwarming reunion between the two.

Despite the joyous occasion, tensions quickly rose when Danarshi told Irenora his concerns about the Burning Legion, the Horde, and Aelleena. How he spoke was far more melancholic and perturbed than when last they met, which helped Irenora see the toll that Auchindoun had wrought upon his mind. Fortunately, she sympathized with him and did not blame him for Aelleena's stubbornness, falsely assuming he tried his utmost to sway her.

Irenora allowed Danarshi to stay in her home. Within the following days, anxiety afflicted him and many others, as it spread throughout Shattrath and made the draenei consider evacuating the city. Ultimately, under the advice of Exarch Larohir, they decided they would make a stand against the orcs. While the majority of the draenei military and civilians remained behind, many citizens fled to safe locations, such as the temple of Telredor in the Zangar Sea.

Contrary to Danarshi's hopes, however, the draenei did not believe they could stop the Horde at Shattrath. They planned on sacrificing themselves and the city to fool the orcs into thinking they beat the draenei, to stop them from searching for those who went into hiding. When Danarshi realised this, he was frantic before being calmed by his daughter. He refused to accept death at the hands of the orcs, and as a coping mechanism, continued lying to himself that Shattrath would defeat them.

The Fall

The Horde soon amassed outside the walls of Shattrath, as predicted. The draenei scrambled to create a formidable defence, though it was obvious the orcs outnumbered them. Danarshi watched from the Shattrath Overlook as the Horde assembled. All he could think about was the involvement of the Burning Legion in these events, and it caused him more anger than fear. He had grown tired of running from the demons and sacrificing worlds to them. He was ready to stand and fight for Draenor.

Irenora approached Danarshi and urged him to find safety in the Shattrath City dome, but he refused, insisting that he aid the defenders. Although she tried to convince him otherwise, his anger clouded his mind, and he did not listen. In defeat, Irenora allowed him to accompany her in the city's defence. Despite his skills as a harbinger having grown rusty during his time in Auchindoun, Danarshi brought with him a weapon he could use in a head-on charge against the orcs.

Danarshi and Irenora met with a large group of defenders at the eastern bridge of the Shattrath City Centre. The eastern and northern bridges were crucial in the city's defence as they led directly to the Sha'tari Skymesa, Shattrath Residential District, and Shattrath Overlook. This left Danarshi and Irenora with an important and perilous task. Within the following few minutes, the Horde began their siege. The sky lit up as arkonite defence crystals deflected dozens of fireballs launched from catapults, but there were too many, and they bombarded the city, spreading wildfires and shrouding the sky in smoke.

Moments later, crude bombs rained over the city, releasing clouds of red mist that suffocated many of the nearby draenei. Although the red mist had failed to reach the bridge where Danarshi and Irenora stood, they were far from safe, as the orcs clashed with the draenei in the following seconds. As the orcs closed in, Danarshi could see their demonic taint; their skin ran green and their eyes glowed red from drinking the blood of Mannoroth. Despite his fury, Danarshi avoided the front lines, intimidated by the strength of the blood-cursed orcs. He smote them with the Light from afar, while Irenora struck them with her arcane magic.

Although Danarshi was a highly seasoned wielder of the Light, Irenora was undoubtedly among the most powerful of the defenders, possessing the ability to reduce her victims into piles of gore. They did not relent against the orcs for several minutes, yet, no matter how many of their corpses piled up on one another, their numbers refused to diminish. Slowly, the draenei force was withering away as their healers struggled. Eventually, Irenora ordered Danarshi to assist the wounded, and after struggling to compose himself amidst the chaos, he agreed with her and focussed on healing his fellow draenei.

With the help of Danarshi, they held the bridge until he and the other healers lost their remaining mana and could not continue. Without the Light to heal the defenders, they began falling at an alarming rate, as did their hope. A weary Danarshi dropped to his knees and his weapon slipped from his hand, to which Irenora ceased her spellcasting and came to his side. Once she processed their defeat, she conjured an unstable one-way, one-use portal, unable to spare the time or mana to increase its potency.

Irenora lifted Danarshi to his hooves while she spoke to him in a sorrowful voice. He was confused until he saw the portal she conjured and realised she intended on sending him through it. He desperately fought against her but was too weak to overpower her. Danarshi stared into his daughter's teary eyes and implored her to change her mind, but she already made her choice. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug and issued him with an emotional farewell before forcing him through the portal. It closed immediately after, leaving Irenora and the defenders to their inevitable deaths.


Shortly after Danarshi went through the portal, it opened over the water at the northern reaches of the Orunai Coast. He fell into it and sunk while dazed and barely conscious. As he started drowning, he regained his senses and made his way to the surface, where he discovered he was near the shoreline. After swimming to the beach, he collapsed on the sand and laid on his back while gasping for air. He could see Shattrath City to the distant south, consumed by fire and smoke. He wept while staring at the sky above him, only able to think about the countless draenei who perished and the sacrifice his daughter made.

Fortunately for Danarshi, the Zangar Sea was one of the safest regions on Draenor from the Horde. However, that did not mean he was no longer in danger, as he would still have to remain cautious of the orcs and wildlife. He also had limited knowledge about surviving in a wilderness, especially one as alien as the Zangar Sea, and had much to learn. Although his experience as an anchorite and harbinger placed him at an advantage, as he could defend himself and heal any injuries or sicknesses, it would not save him from starvation or dehydration.

Over the following days, Danarshi created a makeshift spear that he could fish with and use as a weapon. He tasted much of the local flora, and while most of it made him sick, he discovered some edible plants. A lobstrok later attacked him, but he successfully slew it. He was forced to eat his prey for survival, and while it kept him fed for a short while, he would not always be so lucky, as most of the creatures around the Zangar Sea were poisonous for consumption.

Danarshi soon encountered orcs on the Orunai Coast for the first time. Although he successfully hid from them, he realised he would not remain safe if he did not move. He spent many hours learning how to craft a seaworthy raft through trial and error, and when it was complete, he set out west across the Zangar Sea until he landed at the Zangar Shore. Shortly after arriving, he met a group of draenei survivors and joined them.

Danarshi found that survival was easier when he was with his fellow survivors, as they could work together to retrieve supplies and fend off threats. Although his healing abilities proved invaluable to them, not all was pleasant. The weight of their harsh predicament caused tension to spread amongst them, to the point they often fought with one another. Danarshi did not help the situation, as the fall of Shattrath had made him even more dismal and withdrawn than before. When around others, he was quiet, unsociable, and quick to anger.

Within a few weeks, the hostility between the group's members caused them to disband. Afterwards, Danarshi sailed further west, exploring the Lernaean Shore and Cerulean Lagoon. Ultimately, he returned east to the Zangar Shore and then back towards the west, repeatedly, to avoid lingering in one place for too long. He did not go back to the Orunai Coast, as he was afraid of the potential Horde presence there, and was careful to avoid the northern coast of the Zangar Sea because of the freezing weather of Frostfire Ridge.

Throughout this cycle, Danarshi came across other groups of survivors but joined them only if he was struggling to survive. Many of them shared the same fate as Danarshi's first group, and for those that didn't, Danarshi left them regardless after growing tired of their company. He came to appreciate solitude, as it kept him busy enough to distract him from his more painful thoughts. This was often not the case when he was in groups, as the work was split evenly among its members, and when they displayed negative emotions, he found it contagious.


As the draenei race collapsed, so did the purpose of the Horde. Little did Danarshi know, after the fall of TaladorKil'jaeden left the orcs to their own fate on Draenor, by the order of Sargeras himself. The orcs, now abandoned by their demonic masters, fell into a state of hysteria and started turning on one another in their bloodlust. This lasted for years, and although it shifted their focus from the draenei, they were still a tremendous threat to them.

Since the day the orcs started practising fel magic, it slowly corrupted Draenor, converting much of its vibrant landscape into an infertile wasteland and turning its wildlife savage. This affected Danarshi, as he struggled to survive the frenzied animals while watching the planet turn sick around him, limiting his sources of food. Despite this, he and his people persevered.

Three years after the fall of Shattrath, Sargeras found a new purpose for the Horde. The Dark Titan secretly unleashed the Horde upon the world of Azeroth through a colossal dimensional gateway in Tanaan Jungle, known as the Dark Portal, to weaken the planet for a Burning Legion invasion. Though the orcs constructed the frame of the Dark Portal, the rift was opened by the possessed Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh, after Gul'dan powered it with the souls of hundreds of draenei prisoners.

For seven years, the Horde invaded Azeroth, achieving many victories until they ultimately crumbled under a union of Azerothian races known as the Alliance of Lordaeron. The Alliance drove the orcs back through the Dark Portal and pursued them to Draenor, intending to wipe them out. Although Danarshi was unaware of the Alliance's presence, they were the unwitting saviours of the draenei, as they would set forth the events that would eventually allow his people to escape the Horde's brutality.

A year after the Alliance pushed the Horde back to Draenor, Ner'zhul, with the Sceptre of Sargeras, the Eye of Dalaran, and the Book of Medivh, opened countless dimensional portals across the planet to find another world where his people could flee. The sheer amount of energy the portals released was enough to tear Draenor to shreds and send its remnants hurling into the Twisting Nether.

When this happened, Danarshi watched in terror from the southern coast of the Zangar Sea as the sky ignited into flames and the earth trembled with the force of a titan's fist. Mountains fell and rose in all foreseeable directions while the oceans drained into nothingness. The shattered continent Danarshi stood upon was almost all that remained of Draenor, with Frostfire Ridge and the Spires of Arak having been destroyed by the cataclysm. The remnants of the planet became known as Outland.


Once the water drained out of the Zangar Sea, the seabed was exposed and the region became a swamp full of towering mushrooms. In reflection of this, the Zangar Sea was renamed Zangarmarsh. Although most of the marine life in the Zangar Sea became extinct, Zangarmarsh proved far more hospitable to land-dwelling creatures. After drifting around the coasts of the Zangar Sea for eleven years, Danarshi eagerly ventured into Zangarmarsh, hoping to find further salvation from the Horde.

As Danarshi delved into the marshlands, he witnessed countless aquatic animals scattered around him, suffocated from the absence of water. Their corpses filled the air with the foul smell of decay, invoking an immense feeling of loss within Danarshi. Until this moment, he was mostly concerned with himself and his people, but that changed as he now realised the wildlife of Draenor had equally suffered from the Horde's chaos.


Fortunately for Danarshi, his journey through Zangarmarsh led him to Telredor, which survived the recent apocalypse. In the past, Danarshi often heard of Telredor from his fellow survivors on the coasts of the Zangar Sea but was never brave enough to search for it. Telredor sat upon one of the tallest mushrooms in the region, accessible only by a magical elevator. As Danarshi ascended into the anchorage, he was surprised to see hundreds of draenei, though immediately remembered hearing about the refugees who fled there from Shattrath over a decade ago.

The custodians of Telredor greeted Danarshi with respect for his status as an anchorite. For the first time in years, Danarshi saw civilization, and it pleased him more than he expected. Despite being worried that the Horde would soon sweep through Zangarmarsh, he could think of no place safer than Telredor. Danarshi remained there a few days, re-familiarizing himself with the comforts of civilization. Within that time, however, he saw Telredor for what it really was: a crowded hostel that lacked the solitude he valued.

For most of his initial stay at Telredor, Danarshi lingered in the corners where the fewest people would congregate, but no matter where he went, he was never alone. This irritated him to where he fled the sanctuary for the Zangarmarsh wilderness and resumed working for his survival. Fortunately, this proved simpler than before, as Zangarmarsh had an abundance of plants, and some animals that survived the destruction of Draenor. He would occasionally return to Telredor when it was necessary, but otherwise, he was happiest on his own.


During his time in Zangarmarsh, Danarshi witnessed the Krokul, meaning “Broken” in Draenei. At first, he was wary of them, unaware they were draenei who were affected by the red mist that was dropped on Shattrath City by the Horde years ago. The red mist was a modified version of the red pox disease that not only malformed its victims but also cut them off from the Light. When Danarshi learned this, he felt much pity for them. He remembered the siege of Shattrath as clear as day and respected those who survived it, and it was obvious the Krokul suffered the most from it.

The Krokul underwent a constant struggle to maintain their sanity as their minds deteriorated from their condition. Those who failed devolved further and became Lost Ones, savages corrupt beyond compare. A group of Lost Ones once attacked Danarshi, and though he fended them off, it showed him how far they had fallen. Ultimately, the reclusive Danarshi avoided krokul and Lost Ones alike, and regardless of his sympathy for the Krokul, he could not help but feel cautious of their severance from the Light.


Danarshi hid in Zangarmarsh for thirteen years, too afraid to leave out of fear the Horde still dominated Outland. By the time those thirteen years passed, however, the dust had settled, and Danarshi was curious about what befell the rest of the planet. For weeks, he reminisced about his years prior to the orcs' corruption. Although he recalled his life in Auchindoun, he mostly thought about his wife. Over the years, he began yearning for their reunion, but only now did he realise how much he genuinely missed her.

Eventually, Danarshi swallowed his worries and ventured towards Talador for the first time in over two decades, eager to discover what became of Aelleena and Auchindoun. Although part of him expected the worst, Danarshi filled himself with the false hope that his wife might have survived against the orcs. As he approached Talador, he was shocked to find the once-vibrant land had become a dreary, colourless shadow of itself, renamed Terokkar Forest by the arakkoa that fled there after the destruction of their home.

For a moment, Danarshi considered visiting Shattrath City, but his traumatic memories of its fall were enough to dissuade him. He continued towards Auchindoun unhindered, absorbing the desolate atmosphere of Terokkar Forest along the way. The haunting silence of the forests shook Danarshi, but it was nothing compared to the horror he felt when he reached the outskirts of Auchindoun. He found the area surrounding the mausoleum blackened, devastated, and covered in the bones of the fallen.

Unknown to Danarshi, the Shadow Council attacked Auchindoun shortly after the Horde's invasion of Shattrath. They decimated the mausoleum and the surrounding land through the accidental summoning of Murmur, an otherworldly elemental creature that could destroy worlds with the power of sound. What remained became known as the Bone Wastes.

Although the Bone Wastes harmed Danarshi's faith in Aelleena's survival, he remained steadfast and approached Auchindoun, treading over countless skeletons to get there. On his way, he saw hundreds of lost spirits roaming aimlessly around him, and noticed a swirling vortex consumed the sky above, much like within the Shadowlands. The sheer amount of death that occurred around Auchindoun was enough for the Shadowlands to leak into the material world, and it dismayed Danarshi when he realised this.

The Dead Speak to Those Who Listen

Danarshi, despite having a growing urge to flee Auchindoun, ignored his instincts and ventured into the ruins of the mausoleum, determined to discover the fate of his wife. Moments of his past flashed before his eyes as he witnessed Auchindoun's ravaged interior. After exploring the upper floor and finding no signs of life, Danarshi delved into the depths of the Congregation of Souls. Once concealed by darkness, sunlight now exposed it, revealing a floor covered in chunks of concrete and rebar that had long since fallen from above.

As Danarshi reached the centre of the Congregation of Souls, he fell to his knees in defeat after finally accepting that no person could have survived such devastation. Upon closing his eyes, he sent forth a prayer to the naaru, hoping to alert them to the fate of Auchindoun, so they could come and purify the countless spirits stranded there. At first, he heard only silence, though seconds later, the unthinkable occurred, as he heard a voice in response. However, the voice was shrouded in Shadow, revealing it was not the naaru who spoke to him.

At first, Danarshi could not understand the words spilling into his mind, though there was a certain familiarity to them he could not identify. Over time, the voice became clearer, and eventually, he realised it belonged to Exarch Maladaar. Danarshi rose to his hooves in surprise and responded to Maladaar through the Void, pleading for his forgiveness after having abandoned the Auchenai years ago.

Danarshi heard no response, though an enormous stone door soon opened to the west. From the door came two draenei who introduced themselves as members of the Auchenai, confirming that the order had miraculously survived. They welcomed Danarshi into the Auchenai Crypts, their hiding place, and he happily followed them, his hope renewed.

As Danarshi walked into the Auchenai Crypts, a sudden stench of death nullified his excitement. Moments later, he saw that the crypts were barely in better shape than the rest of Auchindoun. Rubble, bones, and decaying corpses littered the halls. This sickened and confused Danarshi as he struggled to comprehend why the Auchenai would leave the remains of the fallen in such a deplorable condition.

As Danarshi entered the initial chamber of the Auchenai Crypts, he saw Maladaar standing in its centre, awaiting his arrival. Whilst he approached him, he peered upon the surrounding Auchenai and noticed that many of them appeared sickly and malnourished. Some, however, looked physically corrupted, possessing unnaturally darkened features, and Maladaar was one of them. After everything Danarshi had seen, he questioned if he had made a mistake by entering the crypts, but he knew it was too late to turn back.

Maladaar warmly greeted Danarshi and accepted his earlier plead for forgiveness. Although Danarshi was grateful for this, he immediately questioned him about the repulsive state of the Auchenai Crypts. Maladaar obliged and explained that the Auchenai had stopped caring for the dead because they believed that Draenor was a doomed world. He revealed that they started practising necromancy on the deceased to gain a greater understanding of it.

Maladaar offered to readmit Danarshi into the Auchenai, but he instead rebuked them for their crimes and shared his disgust of their actions before asking about the fate of Aelleena, to which Maladaar declared that she had perished during the summoning of Murmur. Danarshi, shaken but in denial, demanded that they show him proof of her death. Without hesitation, they led him to her resting place in the crypts and showed him her body, which was remarkably well-preserved by the Light.

With his fears made true, Danarshi broke down in grief. A sympathetic Maladaar comforted him and offered to teach him necromancy, claiming that it could return Aelleena to the world of the living. Danarshi, in his desperation, considered the validity of his words, but his lingering loyalty to the Light overpowered his curiosity, and he refused. At that moment, to his shock, Maladaar gave him a final choice: to join the Auchenai and embrace necromancy, or be killed by them.

Because of his fear of death and a suspicion that the Auchenai would desecrate his corpse, Danarshi relented and joined them, agreeing to learn necromancy so he could revive his wife. Although he acted in disgust towards the Auchenai, deep down, in his deteriorated mental state, the supposed potential of necromancy allured him under the delusion that it could offer the dead a second chance at life.

Afterwards, Maladaar guided Danarshi into the deepest reaches of the Auchenai Crypts, showing him the horrific things they had done. Danarshi saw agonized spirits, shambling zombies and skeletons, and above all, a floating undead horror, known as Shirrak the Dead Watcher, created by Maladaar to guard over the restless souls within the crypts. While Danarshi remained repelled by what he was seeing, Maladaar reassured him, taking advantage of his fragile sanity by filling him with propaganda. With his madness unknowingly setting in, Danarshi started his training as a necromancer within the following days, setting himself on a dark path.

Light Falls, Darkness Rises

Danarshi before and after his corruption from necromancy.

As Danarshi studied necromancy under Exarch Maladaar over the months, it influenced his mind and warped his body. Like the other necromancers within the Auchenai, Danarshi fell further into insanity whilst his skin changed into a shadowy, sickly shade, and his hair and hooves became as dark as the Void itself. It affected even his horns, twisting them forward to adopt an almost demonic appearance.

Danarshi focussed on nothing but his studies, neglecting his wellbeing. From malnourishment and a lack of exertion, he became frail. His hair grew to absurd lengths, contained only by being tied into a ludicrous fox-tail. Throughout all this, Danarshi continued practising shadow magic, though now unrestricted by his previous morals and principles. He learned how to use the Void to harm creatures, manipulate minds, and prey upon the souls of the dead.

Despite his studies of the Void, Danarshi remained primarily focussed on necromancy. In his mad pursuit to resurrect Aelleena, he learned many things, such as raising the dead as mindless thralls, decaying organic matter, creating diseases, and draining spirits of their power. To master these arts, Danarshi experimented on the corpses and souls of other races, avoiding draenei until he was confident in his abilities. Most within the Auchenai had already lost their full morality long ago and did not share this precaution, which angered Danarshi. He would always remain distant from them, caring only about his own advancement.

Unfortunately, the more Danarshi delved into dark magic, the further he fell from the Light. Throughout the months, the Light's warmth seeped from his body until only the cold darkness of the Void remained. With the Light absent from him, there was nothing left to protect him from the dark magics, and his sanity plummeted faster than ever before.

A year after his return to Auchindoun, Danarshi grew impatient in his studies. After reading countless tomes and raising many corpses, he thought himself ready to turn his attention to deceased draenei, and Aelleena would be his first subject. At her resting place, Danarshi spent hours using the Void to locate her spirit through the immense number of ghosts in Auchindoun. Despite the difficulty of the task, his skill as a soulpriest allowed him to summon her.

The soul of Aelleena appeared and stared at Danarshi in a confused and frightened manner. He addressed her with heavy words of guilt and sorrow, expressing his regret for abandoning her years ago, and how he longed to reunite with her. In the following moments, he attempted to merge her spirit with her body. Although Aelleena arose from the dead, she lacked the sentience that Danarshi wanted. She instead awoke in a mindless state and lashed out at him, injuring him before he could bind her in place with the Void.

While most would have repented after such a disaster, Danarshi was hellbent in his madness and delusions. Though the failed resurrection of Aelleena devastated him, he refused to abandon his ambitions and immediately went to find a means of reversing the damage he had caused. He returned to his studies, leaving Aelleena where he bound her. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, as Danarshi looked tirelessly for answers to his questions, but to no avail.

Danarshi performing a necromantic ritual upon a pile of desecrated draenei bones.

In his constant failures, Danarshi slipped from reality and lost sight of his overarching purpose. His false sense of morality diminished as he raised dozens of draenei corpses in search of clarity, resulting in little more success. Slowly, his vision faded, and his focus on Aelleena became overridden by a lust for power until it was all he sought. By this point in time, Danarshi had succumbed to utter insanity, leaving nothing behind of his former self.


Consumed by his hunt for power, Danarshi rarely left the Auchenai Crypts. Within its darkened halls, he lost all sense of time, and his health continued to decrease. Although he continued improving his prowess over necromancy and shadow magic, he had ceased searching for a means of raising sentient undead, interested only in controlling mindless zombies that would be at his beck and call. Aelleena became a distant memory to him, however, something deep within his maddened mind convinced him not to put her out of her misery, and thus she remained bound at her resting place, serving as a reminder of his past failure.

Five years after his return to Auchindoun, during a particular night, Danarshi fell into a deep slumber, which had long since proven rare for him. In his dreams, a familiar warmth filled his mind. It offered him solace from the Void, freeing him from its negative influence, if only for a moment. The source of the holy sensation was soon revealed to be D'ore, as he appeared within Danarshi's dream, wreathed in Light.

D'ore revealed that the prayer Danarshi sent to the naaru upon his arrival years ago had finally reached him through his weakened state and the dense concentration of spirits in Auchindoun, allowing him to speak to him in his dream. D'ore then chastised Danarshi for his crimes, causing his head to pound and his vision to pulsate. He pumped his heart full of remorse, most of which was genuine. Afterwards, D'ore ordered Danarshi to redeem himself by forsaking necromancy, freeing the spirit of Aelleena, and travelling to the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula to fight against the recently arrived demons of the Burning Legion.

Danarshi awoke from his dream in shock and felt the Light leave his body once more, reminding him of what he had lost by abandoning it. To his lack of awareness, D'ore planted an invisible seed of Light within him at the end of his dream, its purpose unknown. His thoughts were clearer than they had been for years, and as a result, he realised the gravity of his sins within the Auchenai Crypts. A panicked and distraught Danarshi made haste for Aelleena, looking to free her from undeath and set himself upon the path of redemption.

As Danarshi found Aelleena, he wept while speaking to her with sadness and repentance, despite knowing she could not hear him. After declaring his love to her and wishing her farewell, he drained her soul from her body, releasing her. With a nearby torch, he cremated her remains, and in the moments that followed, D'ore filled her spirit with Light from afar, causing her to float through the Auchenai Crypts towards him so he could consume her. With his old belief that a soul being consumed by a naaru is the ultimate way for one to become one with the Light, Danarshi was content with the fate of his wife and fled from the Auchenai Crypts.

Path of Redemption

After swearing to never practice necromancy again, Danarshi left Auchindoun, eager to find the Dark Portal and set himself upon the path of redemption. His journey through Terokkar Forest proved difficult for him in his feeble state, though he persevered and eventually reached the border of Hellfire Peninsula. The reddened landscape filled him with horror, as it bore no reminiscence of what it was when he visited it centuries ago. The sky had thinned to nothingness, revealing stars, strange planets, and streams of the Twisting Nether itself.

Danarshi traversed the wasteland, seeing no signs of life for miles. This changed when he reached the centre of the region and discovered the infernal Hellfire Citadel, where the Horde once orchestrated the genocide of the draenei. From a distance, Danarshi saw legions of orcs surrounding the citadel, noting that something about them seemed different, though he could not pinpoint it from his position.

Danarshi's suspicions were answered when he was ambushed by two orcs while attempting to pass by the citadel. They were more corrupted than he had ever seen before, with red skin, crimson eyes, and sharp spines piercing from their skin. Known as fel orcs, they attacked the sickly Danarshi with uncontrolled fury, forcing him to defend himself with the Void. Despite dwarfing the rest of their kin in strength and ferocity, Danarshi deftly dispatched them, proving how much power he gained in Auchindoun.

A weary Danarshi continued his journey unopposed. Shortly after, he saw Thrallmar and Honor Hold in the distance, though was sure to steer clear of them. Following that, he stepped hoof on the Path of Glory and realised the orcs had paved it with the bones of countless draenei. A deep sorrow flooded over Danarshi before being replaced with anger, as the horrendous sight reinvigorated his hatred for the orcs.

As Danarshi trod down the Path of Glory, the Dark Portal fell into his view, and the armies of the Burning Legion marching towards it, which caused his anger to turn to rage. Danarshi approached the Dark Portal, ready to partake in the fight against the Legion, but stopped when he found various unknown races standing against the demons under the banners of the Alliance and Horde. Among them were orcs and draenei, which confused Danarshi, as they were not fighting against each other.

Danarshi approached the leading draenei, Justinius the Harbinger, in search of answers, despite being afraid he would notice his corruption. As he feared, Justinius sensed the unholy energies within him, though fortunately paid little attention to in the midst of the chaos. Throughout the following minutes, Justinius revealed most of what Danarshi missed during his time in Auchindoun, including the recent escape of the draenei from Outland onboard the Exodar, after which they crashed on Azeroth because of blood elf sabotage and became allies of the Alliance, securing their help in their fight to regain control of Outland. The Horde had also changed drastically since Danarshi last saw them, now comprising various races who fought for nobler goals than the Old Horde had.

Although the Alliance and Horde were mortal enemies, they negotiated a fragile treaty in their fight against the Burning Legion on Outland and declared Shattrath City as a shared sanctuary. Danarshi cared little for their alliance, and although he agreed not to attack the Horde in sanctuaries or when demons were present, he would show them little to no mercy if he crossed them elsewhere, especially orcs. Danarshi quickly realised that the Horde and Burning Legion were not the only threats on Outland, however, as Justinius mentioned the Illidari, who comprised of various malicious forces, such as the fel orcs, Coilfang naga, and Sunfury blood elves. Though there were many foes for Danarshi to face, in the meantime, he sated his lust for vengeance by battling the Burning Legion on the steps of the Dark Portal.


Danarshi did not linger at the Dark Portal for long. After hours of helping to fend off the Burning Legion, he set back out across Hellfire Peninsula to oppose the demons and fel orcs who occupied the wasteland. He travelled alone, despite the danger, as he knew his fellow draenei would revile him for his corruption. For days, he hindered the operations of the Burning Legion and Illidari in any way he could and fought the Horde when the odds were in his favour. He ultimately took part in the battle for Hellfire Citadel, and while the Alliance and Horde conquered the citadel itself, Danarshi slew many fel orcs surrounding it, and Horde soldiers who stood in his way.

The battle for Hellfire Citadel was a success. For the first time, Danarshi felt as though he achieved justice for the genocide of the draenei. Elated by the victory, he returned to Terokkar Forest, possessing the courage to revisit Shattrath City. Although the trek still proved demanding for him, it was less difficult than when he fled Auchindoun days ago, as he had regained some of his strength since then. Alas, he arrived at Shattrath in due time and found its dilapidated ruins inhabited by distinct races, most of which came from Azeroth.

As Danarshi crossed a bridge into the city, painful memories of its fall and the death of Irenora consumed his mind, forcing him to stop and collect his thoughts. As he did so, he stared down into what was once a moat filled with water, though now drained and named the Lower City, serving as a slum where refugees could find solace from the wars that ravaged Outland. With a heavy heart, Danarshi continued into Shattrath and investigated the city. Although nothing remained of its outer districts, many of its central districts were still intact, namely the Shattrath Residential District, the Shattrath Overlook, and the Terrace of Light, which housed the Shattrath City dome.

Much had changed in Shattrath since Danarshi's last visit. Led by A'dal, the Sha'tar came to Shattrath and rebuilt the city into a livable state. The Shattrath Residential District and Shattrath Overlook became known as the Scyer's Tier and Aldor Rise. While the Aldor Rise housed the sacred order of draenei priests known as the Aldor, the Scyer's Tier was home to the Scryers, an organisation of blood elves who abandoned the Sunfury to swear allegiance to the naaru. This discovery repulsed Danarshi, as he distrusted the blood elves for their presence in the Illidari and Horde, and their hostility against the draenei.

Although Danarshi now knew that the naaru ruled over Shattrath from within the Shattrath City dome, he avoided them out of his usual fear of being condemned for his corruption. Accepting that his path to redemption had only just begun, he decided he would venture around Outland to face the Burning Legion and the Illidari, whilst Shattrath would serve as his place of rest between his journeys. Soon after this decision, Danarshi departed from the city and started his crusade across the planet. Across weeks, he wandered throughout all of its regions, witnessing the full destruction that befell Outland whilst he fought his enemies.

Whenever Danarshi returned to Shattrath to recuperate, he normally dwelled within the Lower City, where his sins were more often accepted. Although he spent most of his time alone, he occasionally conversed with the refugees, particularly the broken and arakkoa, who he now shared much in common with. Through their stories, he learned of the suffering of their people and expressed sympathy for them, despite his Void-addled mind. He also heard tales from a few of the Azerothian races, which offered him limited insight into the unknown lands of Azeroth.

As the weeks passed by, Danarshi regained much of the strength he lost in Auchindoun, and he heard of the Alliance and Horde's increasing victories over Outland, from the defeat of the Sunfury at Tempest Keep in Netherstorm to the crippling of the Burning Legion across the planet. The one feat that shook Danarshi, however, was the fall of the Auchenai and the death of Exarch Maladaar. Auchindoun was among the only places on Outland he lacked the courage to visit, and although the defeat of the Auchenai relieved him, deep down, losing his former colleagues saddened him.


Shortly after the defeat of the Sunfury at Tempest Keep, Danarshi returned to Shadowmoon Valley after recently being there. There, he sought to prod at the defences of the Illidari in anticipation of the siege of the Black Temple. Whilst he approached the temple via a path from the west, he passed the Netherwing Fields, which the netherwing dragonflight called home. Unexpected by Danarshi, a viridian nether drake ambushed him from above, failing to snatch him with its claws and causing him to grab a hold of it out of reflex.

With Danarshi holding on to its body, the drake ascended into the skies above to shake him off. After it failed, Danarshi secured his grip and climbed up the creature's back until he reached its neck. He then clutched its head and channelled shadow magic into its mind to overpower its will. The drake roared and flailed about in pained protest but could not free itself. Moments later, Danarshi yelled for the drake to submit before unleashing his full power upon it, dominating its mind and allowing him to control its actions.

After Danarshi led the drake to the ground, he leapt from its back and prepared to finish it before being interrupted by the creature as it begged for his mercy. Realising he could communicate with it, Danarshi spoke with the drake, questioning its hostility, to which it claimed it was defending its people from outsiders. Afterwards, it introduced itself as a male by the name of Nexabyss and offered to serve as Danarshi's companion and teach him how to ride him in exchange for sparing his life. Enticed by the offer, Danarshi accepted and began his training with the young dragon.

Black Temple

In the following weeks, the Sha'tar summoned the heroes of Outland to the Black Temple, as Danarshi expected. He answered the summons and flew there upon the back of Nexabyss. There, he saw the forces of the Aldor and Scryers assembling to prepare for their assault on the temple. Because of his non-affiliation with the factions, Danarshi steered clear of them and waited for his role in the battle to reveal itself.

Instead, however, something else revealed itself to Danarshi. Before long, he laid his eyes upon his son, Kai'soran, who stood alongside his four vindicator companions known as Armus, Erenei, Kaedon, and Nirlana. Danarshi froze at this, surprised that a member of his family survived the orcish genocide. He wanted to reunite with his son, though he feared his corrupted state would displease him. He hesitated for several seconds before finding the courage to approach him. At first, Kai'soran did not recognise him, but this changed when Danarshi revealed his identity.

Danarshi's fears came true as he watched the expression on his son's face shift from shock to disgust once he sensed the dark magics radiating from him. Danarshi attempted to embrace his son regardless, only to be rejected. Despite Danarshi being visibly dejected by this, Kai'soran refused to shift his demeanour and referred to him as “one of them”, referring to the Auchenai. This left Danarshi speechless, and moments later, Kai'soran and his fellow vindicators stormed towards the Ata'mal Terrace in the northern reaches of the Black Temple, which housed many Illidari fel orcs. Although Danarshi could feel his son's fury, he followed, determined to make amends with him.

Kai'soran and the vindicators carelessly pushed through the soldiers of the Aldor and ascended the path leading to the Ata'mal Terrace. Danarshi watched from behind as they slew the fel orcs who stood in their way, smiting them with their holy wrath. Although Danarshi wished to assist the vindicators, he could not find the courage to, as he feared his void magics would further anger his son. Regardless, even without his help, the vindicators defeated the fel orcs with ease.

At the end of the path, they found themselves in front of the stairs leading into the Ata'mal Terrace, where a small army of fel orcs awaited their arrival. While Danarshi and the four vindicators appeared uncomfortable over the situation, Kai'soran, driven by his rage, rallied them with a cry in the name of Karabor and charged up the steps into the horde of orcs, despite being heavily outnumbered. Kai'soran's recklessness stunned Danarshi, yet he still found the will to draw a weapon and join them in their fight.

Danarshi, Kai'soran, Armus, Kaedon, and Nirlana fought against the fel orcs whilst Erenei healed them from afar. For almost a minute, they held against the orcs with no casualties, until they surrounded Armus and stabbed their blades into him. Armus released an agonized scream that sent Kai'soran into a panic and made him plunge through the orcs to find his fallen companion, resulting in him lowering his defence and being struck from all directions. Kaedon and Nirlana reacted in a similar manner and thus suffered from the same fate.

A horrified Danarshi watched as these events unfolded. Once all the vindicators aside from Erenei had fallen, Danarshi gave in to desperation, dropping his weapon and restraining the remaining fel orcs with powerful Void tendrils before flaying them with pure death magic, withering them into a pile of lifeless husks. With no time to reflect on what he had done, Danarshi hurried to his son's side and held the mortally wounded man in his arms. As he looked down at him, he saw the same look of disgust from before, though worse.

Danarshi pleaded for his son to hold on to his life, but it fell on deaf ears. Kai'soran unleashed decades of contained anger and hatred upon him, chastising him for his treachery towards the Light, naaru, and draenei, and sharing his revulsion towards his fall to darkness before pointing out the immoral means by which he killed the fel orcs. Danarshi fell into silence, devastated by his son's harsh words and the realisation he broke his oath to D'ore regarding practising death magic. Seconds later, Kai'soran stated his hope that the naaru would have mercy on his father and then breathed his last breath.

Even after Kai'soran's passing, Danarshi remained with him in his arms whilst he struggled to process what transpired. Negative emotions overwhelmed his mind, including a sadness so deep it surpassed the shedding of tears. Eventually, he released his hold over his son and tore an Illidari tabard from the corpse of a nearby fel orc as a trophy before fleeing the Black Temple, leaving Erenei to bury her fallen companions. The death of Kai'soran broke Danarshi once more, extinguishing the sliver of hope and positivity he gained from D'ore and sending him towards insanity for the second time.


With the defeat of Illidan Stormrage at the Black Temple, the Illidari fell into disarray. Only the Burning Legion remained a threat to Outland, yet even they had waned. Filled with anger and sorrow, Danarshi returned to Shattrath City after the death of his son, where he hoped to piece together the direction of his future. Instead, over the following days, the Void consumed his mind in its vulnerable state, overwhelming him with senseless thoughts of hatred and violence.

As an insult to his enemies and his son's killers, Danarshi began wearing the Illidari tabard he claimed from the Black Temple. He then set out from Shattrath with Nexabyss, eager to appease his dark impulses. He scoured Outland for scattered pockets of demons, unleashing the unrestrained power of the Void upon them when he found them. Although this satisfied his lust for violence for a short time, ultimately, it grew hungrier the more he submitted to the Void.

Eventually, as the Burning Legion continued to lose their hold over Outland, their plans became known when Kil'jaeden launched an invasion against the Isle of Quel'Danas on Azeroth, where he sought to use the Sunwell to summon himself into the world. In defence of Azeroth, the naaru rallied the Aldor and the Scryers into an army known as the Shattered Sun Offensive and sent them to Quel'Danas to fight against the demons. Upon learning this, Danarshi joined the conflict, though still refused to swear himself to the participating factions.

Through a portal in Shattrath, Danarshi took his first step upon Azeroth, graced by the vibrant sunshine of Quel'Thalas. Still consumed by hatred, however, he showed little interest in his surroundings and immediately fought the Legion on the front lines. For days, while the Shattered Sun Offensive prepared their assault against the Sunwell Plateau, Danarshi helped keep the demons at bay, stopping only when he needed rest. Although he would not accompany the Offensive into the Plateau itself, throughout the conflict, he slew hundreds of demons without relent, losing more of his will to the Void with every life he took.

When the Shattered Sun Offensive laid siege to the Sunwell Plateau, they prevented Kil'jaeden from entering Azeroth, sparing the planet from the Legion yet another time. Following their victory, Danarshi stayed on the Isle of Quel'Danas to help wipe out the rest of the demon forces before returning to Shattrath. With Kil'jaeden's plans thwarted, his violent urges subsided, though his sanity remained fragile.

A New Beginning

For weeks, Danarshi lingered in Shattrath City and contemplated his future with more success than before. Although he could not convince himself to accept the death of his son, for the first time since the destruction of Draenor, he felt as though hope remained for Outland. With most of the planet secured, he believed to have fulfilled his duty to its defence, and that he could, at last, move on with his life. Upon this conclusion, he flew to Hellfire Peninsula with Nexabyss and stepped through the Dark Portal, hoping to find a new life on Azeroth.

Alongside Nexabyss, Danarshi wandered through the Blasted Lands, Deadwind Pass, and Duskwood, surprised and concerned by their forbidding landscapes. His confidence wavered until he found himself in Elwynn Forest, which proved far more inviting. Before long, he stumbled upon Stormwind City, the capital of the human kingdom of Stormwind, and left his companion's side to venture inside its walls. There he discovered a melting pot of Alliance races, coexisting among one another in peace - something he had only dreamed of.

Despite damage from a recent invasion from the undead Scourge and his innate distrust of other races, Danarshi experienced an abnormal feeling of comfort and safety within the bustling streets of Stormwind. There, he felt safe from the dangers of the wilderness and the judgement of his fellow draenei, who he still feared would castigate him for his corrupted state. Fortunately, he had formed a slight trust and respect for humans for their involvement in liberating Outland. For these reasons, he chose to reside in the city, though without a home or income, he would soon feel the humbling and unfamiliar harshness of poverty.

Masquerade of Shadows

Danarshi spent his first weeks in Stormwind familiarizing himself with the city's laws, customs, and currency whilst sticking to its shadows and avoiding its citizens whenever possible. Even in his troubled mental state, the culture of humanity fascinated him, namely because of its diversity and adaptability. After spending innumerable years living within the strictness and uniformity of draenei society, Stormwind offered him an unknown sense of freedom and renewal.

However, with freedom came crime, as Danarshi realised upon learning of Stormwind's underbelly. With crime having been virtually non-existent within draenei society for most of its history, the criminals of Stormwind intrigued Danarshi, leading him to investigate their activities. His interest peaked when he discovered the malevolent organizations hidden throughout the city, particularly those that practised unorthodox magics.

In his search, Danarshi drew the attention of one organization, the Masquerade of Shadows, who sent a female human agent to confront him. Danarshi convinced the agent of his curiosity about Stormwind's underbelly and revealed to her his knowledge of the Void and necromancy, to which she proposed he join the Masquerade, who she claimed would accept him for his sins. Although cautious of the woman, her proposal allured him, for he had previously thought himself doomed to be an outcast forevermore.

By Danarshi's assent, the agent led him to the leader of the Masquerade, a male human death knight who welcomed him with open arms and filled his ears with inviting words before introducing him to its members, who all shared a questionable past, from thieves to murderers, to cultists, to necromancers. From a sense of belonging and the charisma of the Masquerade's leader, Danarshi agreed to join the organization, without acknowledging he wandered a path similar to his time in the Auchenai.

Over the months that followed, Danarshi fell back into insanity and performed increasingly immoral acts within the Masquerade. At first, he assisted his fellow members with committing various crimes throughout the kingdom of Stormwind, which led to him fighting and sabotaging the Masquerade's opposing organizations. Ultimately, he resumed practising necromancy, which led to him assaulting the Cathedral of Light alongside his accomplices and desecrating its catacombs by raising some of the corpses within.

Almost a year after Danarshi joined the Masquerade, the Aspect of Death, Deathwing, broke free from Deepholm and set forth the events of the Shattering, wreaking havoc across Azeroth. Although Danarshi did not see the damage caused by the Cataclysm firsthand, he witnessed Deathwing's attack on Stormwind, which awoke him to the scope of the dangers present on Azeroth, much to his dismay. Regardless, the operations of the Masquerade remained unaffected and Danarshi's life as a miscreant continued without change.

Throughout his time in the Masquerade, Danarshi made enemies of the Stormwind City Guard and Stormwind City Watch, with the former having incarcerated him twice within the Stormwind Stockades and once in the dungeon of Valiance Keep, though the Masquerade successfully freed him on all three of these occasions. While the Masquerade mostly operated within Stormwind City, their activities occasionally led them into the surrounding countryside, namely Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Redridge Mountains. With Nexabyss at his disposal, Danarshi explored these lands. However, he rarely travelled beyond the kingdom of Stormwind, having visited only Ironforge and Darnassus for matters that concerned the Masquerade.

The Shrouded Sanctum

Months after the beginning of the Cataclysm, the Masquerade of Shadows fell into a violent war with a nemesis organization known as the Crows of a Murder. Danarshi took part in several fights against the Crows throughout the streets of Stormwind City, which led to him sustaining severe injuries. The war ended at a stalemate between the two organizations, resulting in them merging into a single entity called The Shrouded Sanctum. Because of his loyalty to the Masquerade, Danarshi disapproved of this decision, unwilling to coexist with the members of the Crows, though he kept his opinion a secret.

Many within the Sanctum shared Danarshi's opinion, causing strife to rise within the organization, quelled only by its leaders. Despite its instability, the Sanctum operated for many months, spreading fear amongst the denizens of Stormwind, though never to the degree that the Masquerade and Crows had by their own accord. Eventually, Danarshi revealed his disapproval of the Sanctum's leadership to his most trusted accomplices, which led to them plotting the overthrow of their leaders. Before they could act upon their plans, however, the Sanctum crumbled under the tenuous relationship between its members, leaving a maddened Danarshi without a cause or purpose.


Following the disbanding of The Shrouded Sanctum, Danarshi hid in seclusion in Stormwind City for a short period, evading its guards and continuing to serve his malicious interests. Soon, however, the mysterious Light seed planted within him by D'ore in Auchindoun became active during one of his dreams, allowing the naaru to once more communicate with him. While the Light's essence filled Danarshi's body as it did before, this time it proved far more intense, causing his head and vision to pulsate more violently, and his ears to be deafened by a harmonic chiming sound.

As Danarshi's pain became unbearable, D'ore spoke to him, demanding that he awaken from his mania and seek help from his people in a booming and commanding voice. At that moment, Danarshi awoke from his dream to find his thoughts temporarily wiped clean of the Void's influence. Once again, he realised how far he had fallen from grace and swore himself against necromancy before setting out to redeem himself, now knowing he could not overcome his troubles alone.


As D'ore had willed, Danarshi put aside his fear of his fellow draenei and travelled to the Azuremyst Isles to reunite with them and gain their help. There, he learned of his people's struggles by seeing the wreckages and debris they called home, arousing guilt within him for not having been there to assist them through their trying times. Eventually, he wandered into the Exodar and discovered a draenic order known as the Te'Amun, who accepted draenei from many walks of life.

After accepting the possibility that the Te'Amun might act against him for his wrongdoings, Danarshi sought them out regardless, ready to make peace with his people. The Te'Amun's leaders answered his call and met him within the Exodar to evaluate him. Through his words and behaviour, they sensed his sincerity and turmoil and agreed to assist him in regaining his connection to the Light, to which he declared his loyalty to them and swore to uphold his promise against practising necromancy.


Upon Danarshi's initiation into the Te'Amun, its leaders assigned him to a sect of the order known as Elysium, who acted under the will and law of Prophet Velen and dealt mostly with matters of militancy. Danarshi spent many hours with the anchorites of Elysium, absorbing their wisdom to help re-establish his connection to the Light. In addition to this, he accompanied the order's fighters on several missions against the enemies of the draenei, which often took him back to the far reaches of Outland, where demons and other foes continued to operate in small numbers.

Even with the help of Elysium, Danarshi's road to redemption would not prove easy for him to tread. For months, he did not stray from his training with the order's anchorites, yet showed no signs of being able to wield it again. The more time that passed without results, the more impatient he grew, slowed only by the calming words of the anchorites. His return to a kind and outgoing demeanour proved just as difficult for him, as he struggled to shed his introverted traits, causing him to frequently act cold and withdrawn around his fellow draenei. Despite this, he managed to befriend a small number of Elysium's members who earned his trust.


Eventually, after his admittance into Elysium, Danarshi returned to Stormwind City to repay the city guard for his crimes and earn the forgiveness of the Church of the Holy Light. With the persuasion of the Te'Amun, the city guard agreed to absolve Danarshi in exchange for a large sum of gold, and the Church allowed him to redeem himself by serving the public within the Cathedral of Light and helping to maintain its catacombs. Whilst he did not immediately have the gold the city guard requested, over time, he paid them most of what the Te'Amun gave him, leaving only enough for him to survive.

Midway into his acts of repentance in Stormwind, a female draenei shaman approached Danarshi in the Cathedral Square, accusing him of being a necromancer and challenging him to a duel to the death. Danarshi, knowing that he could only appease the woman by wielding the Light against her, believed that this would be his ultimate test and accepted her challenge.

Overlooking the Stormwind Harbor, Danarshi and the shaman began their duel, with Danarshi allowing the shaman to attack first. As she prepared a powerful lightning strike, he fell into deep concentration, mustering his faith and courage. At the moment she unleashed her spell, Danarshi miraculously absorbed it with a holy shield, proving to be the first time he wielded the Light since his corruption within the Auchenai. The woman, impressed by his achievement, spared him from her wrath and praised him before departing.

Danarshi, elated by his victory against the shaman, continued down his path of redemption with invigorated purpose. In response to his reunion with the Light, Elysium granted him his former title of Anchorite, earning him respect amongst those who distrusted him. Unfortunately, however, Danarshi's ability with the Light remained weak and until he regained his mastery of it, his trials would continue.

Once Danarshi paid his fines to the Stormwind city guard and completed his service to the Church of Light, he returned to the Azuremyst Isles and declared them his permanent home. There, he assisted the draenei in establishing their settlements, though often left to adventure across Azeroth with Nexabyss and Elysium, exploring parts of the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Northrend.


When not occupied by his duties in Elysium, Danarshi occasionally wandered the forests of Azuremyst Isle for their serenity and to ponder the recent events in his life. One day when he did this, he stumbled upon a colourless crystal floating in a clearing in the trees. When Danarshi approached it, he sensed a faint, offputting aura radiating from it, but could not identify it.

Although Danarshi's instincts urged him to leave the crystal alone, its essence allured him. The longer he stared at it, the more curious he became. Eventually, his curiosity overpowered his judgement, leading him to touch the crystal, only to find himself unable to remove his hand afterwards. Seconds later, the crystal turned green and two flaming orange eyes appeared inside it, revealing it to be a fel crystal. The crystal immediately began sapping Danarshi's energy, and he pulled against it to no avail. Before long, he fell unconscious, drained by the crystal.

During his unconsciousness, Danarshi saw various images of the Burning Legion slaughtering entire species and conquering worlds. At the climax of the visions, the demons defeated the Alliance and Horde before destroying Azeroth, and at that moment, Danarshi awoke to find himself laid in a pile of bones in the Bone Wastes, with Auchindoun looming in the distance. The fel crystal had teleported him to Outland and left him fatigued, forcing him to pull himself from the bones with what remained of his strength.

Shortly after Danarshi escaped and found his footing, he heard a loud, booming voice calling his name repeatedly. Danarshi trudged a small distance in a struggle to find the source of the words until a towering male man'ari eredar came into his view with fiery eyes that resembled those within the fel crystal, except green. In a playful, though snarky voice, the eredar spoke his name again and claimed it had been a long time since they last met before proceeding to tease his corrupted appearance.

Danarshi, aggravated by the eredar's audacity, questioned his identity and purpose, to which the demon claimed they once considered each other friends. He continued toying with Danarshi for several moments, mocking him for falling into his trap and mentioning the atrocities he committed in Auchindoun, including the desecration of his wife, which showed that he had been spying on him. Danarshi snapped at the eredar and attacked him with a holy spell that inflicted little more than a flesh wound.

Following Danarshi's failed attack, the eredar finally revealed himself as being his long-lost brother, Mordanas, but renamed Mordaros after becoming a demon. Because he believed his brother to be dead for millennia, this sent Danarshi into shock. Once he found the will to speak again, the two argued about their differing opinions, with Danarshi justifying his decision to flee Argus and serve the Light, and Mordaros pointing out the weakness of the Light and draenei compared to fel magic and the Burning Legion. Danarshi, however, remained persistent in his views, insulting Mordaros and the man'ari for their transformation into demons and concluding that they lacked the willpower that he and the draenei possessed.

Frustrated by their exchange, Mordaros shrugged off Danarshi's words and divulged his plan to banish him to the Twisting Nether, though without stating why he wished to do so, leaving Danarshi to assume that he merely aimed to do it out of spite and without the intention of killing him. In his physically weakened state, Danarshi knew he would not stand a chance against his brother and submitted to him, after which his ankles became bound by Void tendrils and a portal to the Nether opened behind him. Mordaros then stated that Azeroth would soon fall to the Legion, to which Danarshi declared that its united species would be ready to face them.

Rather than continuing their argument, Danarshi and Mordaros wished each other a scornful farewell, after which Mordaros trapped Danarshi in a time stasis spell and sent him through the portal, closing it behind him. The spell froze Danarshi in time, leaving him unable to think, move, or function. This meant that he would no longer age, nor did he need to eat, drink, or sleep, though it meant little, as Mordaros had doomed him to drift through the Twisting Nether for eternity.


Months later, the bronze dragon Kairozdormu opened a portal between Azeroth and an alternate version of Draenor. When the two universes became linked, several rifts opened around Outland and Draenor that converged between the different worlds. However, in most circumstances, mortal creatures could not see or interact with these rifts. For a period, a few unstable rifts appeared throughout the Twisting Nether surrounding Outland, where Danarshi was located. By some miracle, Danarshi eventually drifted near one of these rifts and was dragged inside, due to him being saturated in temporal magic from Mordaros' spell. The moment he entered the rift, the spell subsided, freeing him from his stasis, only for him to witness various colours swirling around him and falling behind as he moved at high speed.

Moments after his awakening, Danarshi reached the end of the rift, which had opened several feet above a golden forest. Danarshi fell to the ground before he could react, though fortunately suffered no injuries. The rift closed almost immediately, creating a deafening sound that echoed across the area. After seconds of composing himself, Danarshi peered at his surroundings and felt his heart drop as he realised he stood on the outskirts of Auchindoun, prior to its destruction, surrounded by the olemba forests of Talador. While he thought he had travelled to the past within the same universe, in reality, he had arrived on Draenor in the alternate universe.

When Worlds Collide

Minutes after Danarshi's arrival on alternate Draenor, three Auchenai vindicators approached him. One of them, a woman who he vaguely recognised, questioned his presence there, and the rift from which he came. Danarshi willingly answered her questions, sharing his name and stating his confusion about the situation. Upon Danarshi mentioning his name, the woman appeared surprised and requested that he follow her to meet a person of interest, which he accepted. Whilst they walked, the woman introduced herself as Cathilia, a high-ranking member of the Auchenai who Danarshi remembered as being a former acquaintance. Through Cathilia, Danarshi learned he had travelled thirty-three years in the past.

Much to Danarshi's discomfort, Cathilia led him into Auchindoun itself before guiding him to a balcony overlooking the Congregation of Souls. There, he stood before past versions of himself and Aelleena and felt a chill run down his spine. As soon as the alternate Danarshi witnessed the face of his future counterpart, he stepped back in fright yet denied what he saw and demanded Danarshi to reveal his true identity and reason for being in Auchindoun. Danarshi merely reinforced the alternate Danarshi's fears by telling him his name and explaining his arrival, including his confrontation with Mordaros. Although the alternate Danarshi appeared shaken by these revelations, he ultimately shrugged them off and ordered Cathilia to remove Danarshi from Auchindoun.

Before Cathilia could act, Danarshi desperately warned them of the corruption of the orcs, the genocide of the draenei, and the destruction of Draenor. With the belief that the orcs would begin their invasion within that same year, he pleaded for them to prepare for the war, and while Cathilia and Aelleena showed concern over his words, the alternate Danarshi continued his denial and once again ordered Cathilia to remove Danarshi from Auchindoun. Although the alternate Danarshi had no official authority over Cathilia, her respect for his status led her to obey him. Danarshi did not resist as Cathilia and her fellow vindicators escorted him from Auchindoun, and as he left, Aelleena sympathetically stated that she hoped he would find his way back to where he came.

Blissful Ignorance

Cast out into the forests of Talador, Danarshi feared he would soon witness the genocide of his people for the second time. Without a means of returning to whence he came, he sought to make the most of the situation by attempting to change the course of history. Although dispirited by his encounter with the Auchenai and his alternate counterpart, Danarshi did not let it deter him. He travelled to Shattrath City, where he hoped to convince its citizens of the approaching war against the orcs.

From within the bustling streets of Shattrath, Danarshi preached his warnings. Whilst most of the draenei ignored him, some gathered to hear his words. They watched with split opinions, however, as while some showed concern, others treated him as a crazed doomsayer. Regardless, he did not hold their attention for long, as within minutes, several peacekeepers arrived to apprehend him. Danarshi struggled against them whilst yelling for them to open their eyes, but to no avail as they eventually overpowered him and dragged him from the scene.


Fortunately, Danarshi received little more than a scolding from the peacekeepers before being released from captivity. Despite this, he felt demoralized, as he realised that he could not sway the draenei in the short time he had. Upon accepting this, he instead focused on saving his alternate family from the orcs by convincing them to accompany him from their homes, so they could unite and survive. With this in mind, he proceeded to the Shattrath Overlook, where the house of Irenora laid.

The Arcanist

Danarshi's memory allowed him to find Irenora's house without issue. Shortly after he knocked on her door, she opened it and greeted him, to which Danarshi responded by saying her name and falling silent, shaken to see her again after the death of her main counterpart. Irenora appeared perturbed before asking Danarshi if she knew him, to which he revealed himself as being a future version of her father. Upon seeing the distinctive scars on his face, Irenora believed his claims and invited him inside her home.

For minutes, Irenora asked Danarshi various questions about himself and the means by which he travelled in time. While he answered most of her questions with honesty, he hid three sensitive details from her, namely the cause of his corrupted appearance, his indirect involvement in Kai'soran's death, and the existence of Mordaros. After he mentioned his plan to save his alternate family from the orcs, Irenora reluctantly agreed to accompany him, as although she did not want to leave Shattrath to defend itself, she cared more about the safety of her family.

The Anchorite

With Irenora at his side, Danarshi returned to Auchindoun to speak with Aelleena about his plan. Although he also wanted to persuade the alternate Danarshi, he knew it would require more than words; having once been the same person, Danarshi understood him better than anyone, and therefore assumed he would come to his senses once he convinced the rest of his family, or once the orcs invaded Karabor.

As Danarshi and Irenora approached an entrance to Auchindoun, several Auchenai guards stopped them in their tracks and questioned their intentions, to which Irenora stated she wished to speak to her mother about an important matter. Because of their distrust towards Danarshi, they proposed that Aelleena instead meet them outside Auchindoun, to which Danarshi and Irenora agreed.

One guard left and returned with Aelleena within minutes. She greeted Irenora with an embrace before asking her about Danarshi, to which she described his plan and rationalized her trust in him. Danarshi reinforced Irenora's words by reassuring Aelleena before stating he did not want to watch his family die for the second time. Aelleena sensed the sincerity in their voices and agreed to leave Auchindoun with them, though temporarily, as she did not wish to abandon the Auchenai.

The Vindicator

Leaving Auchindoun behind once again, Danarshi readied himself for what he feared would be his most gruelling test yet: meeting with Kai'soran. Despite realising that the Kai'soran of alternate Draenor was not the same one who died at the Black Temple, the trauma from his son's death remained fresh in his mind and he dreaded the possibility of the alternate Kai'soran berating him for his corrupted appearance, as his main counterpart had. Regardless, he swallowed his worries and journeyed to Karabor with Aelleena and Irenora.

Following a few days of travel by foot, Danarshi, Aelleena, and Irenora arrived at Karabor and found Kai'soran within the temple itself. Kai'soran greeted his mother and sister warmly before surveying Danarshi suspiciously. He asked them for his name and why they brought him with them, but before they could answer, Danarshi spoke in their stead, sharing all the information he had already told Irenora and Aelleena. As soon as he finished speaking, Irenora supported him by confirming his genuineness.

Despite the assurance of his sister, Kai'soran maintained his caution and mentioned that he could sense dark magic hidden in Danarshi, to which Aelleena revealed that she, too, had sensed it, but still trusted him. After another moment of hesitancy, Kai'soran agreed with Danarshi's legitimacy before asking him about the cause of his corruption, to which Danarshi expressed that he did not wish to discuss it. Kai'soran questioned how he could trust him when he had secrets to hide, and Danarshi replied by pleading for his faith and promising that he would reveal the secrets of his past when ready.

Kai'soran reluctantly accepted Danarshi's plea and agreed to accompany him away from Karabor before declaring that he needed a few hours to prepare. Whilst they gave him the time he needed, Danarshi seized the opportunity to explore Karabor and appreciate its splendour after failing to do so in his home timeline. Eventually, Kai'soran returned with his partner, Janus, and his mount, Fys, to the surprise of Danarshi, who did not know he had a romantic interest and faerie dragon companion.

With Kai'soran recruited, Danarshi informed his alternate family that he planned to find Leanarhi next, despite not knowing her whereabouts. Upon hearing this, Kai'soran revealed that he knew Leanarhi embarked on a journey into the wilderness of Draenor in search of her purpose over a century ago and that he prayed for K'ure to place a holy beacon on her to highlight her position when needed. Kai'soran then guided Danarshi, Aelleena, and Irenora to the Karabor stables, where he used his authority to lend each of them an elekk. With mounts at their disposal, Kai'soran suggested that they visit K'ure in Oshu'gun to ask for his help in tracking the beacon placed on Leanarhi. The three of them supported the idea and set out for Nagrand.

Beacon of Hope

Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Kai'soran, and Janus travelled across Draenor with ease, arriving in Nagrand within a few days. Once they reached the perimeter of Oshu'gun, they removed themselves from their mounts and followed Kai'soran to a hidden cavern beneath the dimensional ship known as the Underpale, which led into the ship's central chamber. However, shortly after they entered the cavern, pale orcs ambushed them with shadow magic, revealing that they had made it their home and contaminated it with the Void.

Although Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, and Kai'soran dealt with the pale orc ambushers with ease, it revealed to them that the Underpale was not safe to traverse. Kai'soran, being a former protector of Oshu'gun, expressed his surprise and disgust over the pale orcs' defilement of the cavern and urged his family to assist him in eradicating them. Before they could act, however, Irenora warned them of a powerful presence she could sense further into the cavern and suggested that they avoid it, to which they agreed.

After they fled from the Underpale, Kai'soran informed them of another hidden entrance into Oshu'gun that they could only reach by air. With the help of Fys, they ascended to a narrow opening in the ship's side and entered unharmed. Seconds later, they stepped into the central chamber and found K'ure trapped and corrupted by void magic. Shocked by this discovery, they ran to the naaru's aid but could not find the source of the magic. As they stopped in front of him, he wearily rose and spun, and despite him being in a Void state, they knelt before him out of respect.

Moments later, K'ure spoke in a slow and weakened voice, requesting that they stand before stating his happiness in seeing his follower, Kai'soran, and asking why they had sought him out. Whilst Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, and Janus maintained a deferential silence, Kai'soran once more took initiative, sharing his mutual happiness over his reunion with K'ure but questioning how he had become bound by the Void. Influenced by the Void, K'ure appeared agitated by the question, though answered it regardless, informing them that the pale orcs, led by the ogre Cho'gall, had been working to enslave him. This outraged Danarshi and his alternate family, and as Kai'soran told K'ure that he would defeat Cho'gall and his pale orcs, the naaru refused, stating that Cho'gall was too dangerous for them to fight.

Danarshi watched as Kai'soran argued with K'ure, however, the naaru immediately dissuaded him by demanding that he cease his foolishness. As the four of them accepted K'ure's advice, he again asked why they had sought him out, but more impatiently than before. In response to this, Danarshi told K'ure of his arrival from the future and his plan to unify his family to save them from the orcs, to which K'ure admitted he could sense he was not of that world. Kai'soran then brought up the holy beacon he had prayed for K'ure to place on Leanarhi years ago, though also mentioned that he did not know if the prayer had reached him. K'ure assured that him that he received the prayer and that he successfully placed the beacon on Leanarhi before she left Nagrand.

As Kai'soran asked K'ure to locate Leanarhi, the naaru obliged though warned them it would be difficult in his corrupted state. He then fell into a deep concentration, emitting a subtle holy glow, proving that the Void had not yet fully consumed him. Seconds later, he awoke and revealed that he could sense her approximate location within the centre of Frostfire Ridge. Following this, K'ure instructed them to leave Oshu'gun, and as Kai'soran promised he would return to free him, K'ure advised him to bring many more companions to assist him. With this, the five of them expressed their gratitude and left Oshu'gun to head for Frostfire Ridge, eager to find Leanarhi.

The Huntress

After briefly preparing for the frozen tundras of Frostfire Ridge, Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Kai'soran, and Janus journeyed for several days on their mounts, slowed by their unfamiliarity of Draenor's northern lands. Although Danarshi once visited the different regions of Draenor after the crash-landing of the Genedar, he never became familiar with most of them. Once they passed through the savage jungles of Gorgrond, they entered Frostfire Ridge through its bordering mountains, treading where few draenei had gone before.

The five of them ventured towards the centre of Frostfire Ridge without incident, though soon questioned how they would find Leanarhi within the vast area. They searched for hours, braving the freezing winds of the snowy plains. Eventually, the sun set over the horizon, and their hope sunk with it. As soon as they considered camping for the night, the impossible happened, as Leanarhi spotted them during one of her hunts. She approached them from behind and began a heartwarming reunion before leading them to her home a short distance away, which, to the surprise of Danarshi, was a hut of orcish design, though with several draenic features.

Inside the hut was a single circular room, decorated with hand-crafted furniture around its walls. A dwindling fire rested in the middle of the room until Leanarhi fueled it with firewood, causing it to produce more warmth. As they gathered around the fire, Leanarhi conveyed her confusion by asking how they knew she was in Frostfire Ridge, which Kai'soran answered by explaining K'ure's help in locating her. She then asked Danarshi who he was, failing to recognize him, to which he revealed himself as being a future version of her father. Leanarhi then questioned the cause of Danarshi's corrupted appearance, which he once more hesitated to answer before claiming he would explain it later.

The six of them conversed around the fire in Leanarhi's home for several hours, which mostly composed of the family sharing their stories from the time they had spent separated from each other. During this, they became acquainted with Janus and Danarshi went further into detail about his home timeline, from describing the worlds of Azeroth and Outland to recounting the deaths of his family members and everything in between, excluding his necromantic activities in Auchindoun and the struggles that resulted from it.

Near the end of his stories, Danarshi mentioned he did not know the fate of the main Leanarhi. Although the alternate Leanarhi could not answer his question, she instead delved further into her past activities in Frostfire Ridge, including her former marriage of an orc from the Frostwolf clan known as Brundak Snowstalk. Because of his hatred towards the orcs after their actions against the draenei, this appalled Danarshi, causing him to argue with his alternate family about the affair, but none of them shared his opinion.

Once anger had risen between the five of them, Kai'soran demanded that Danarshi stop hiding the secrets of his past, to which they all agreed. Though Danarshi continued to hesitate, he eventually caved beneath them and revealed the darker details of his past, including his former position as a necromancer within the Auchenai, his severance from the Light, his desecration of Aelleena, the truth behind his son's death, and his second fall to insanity on Azeroth. He also described his deep remorse for the actions he had committed and that he had since returned to the ways of the Light with the help of D'ore and the Te'Amun.

Despite Danarshi's efforts to keep his alternate family calm, they each shared a look of horror upon their faces after hearing the stories of his corruption. While Irenora, Leanarhi, and Janus fell into a shaken silence, Aelleena and Kai'soran expressed their disgust towards Danarshi's actions. Ashamed of himself, Danarshi sincerely apologized to them, but they refused to speak to him any longer. With their tensions risen, they agreed to sleep through the rest of the night.

Once the sun rose and they awoke, Danarshi courageously approached his alternate family and implored that they continue to trust and follow him before stating that he only cared for their survival throughout the coming invasion of the orcs as he did not wish to see them die again. Aelleena then explained that she had contemplated his story throughout the night before revealing that although she abhorred his sins, she admired his return to the Light, which Kai'soran agreed with. Irenora and Leanarhi instead forgave Danarshi for his past sins, as their lesser reverence for the Light made them more accepting of his wrongdoings.

After convincing his alternate family to remain with him, Danarshi informed them of his plan to return to Auchindoun and use their combined sway to convince the alternate Danarshi to leave with them. The five of them, including Janus, agreed with the idea and later departed from Leanarhi's home, travelling back the way they came on the backs of their mounts.


Within the following days, Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Kai'soran, Leanarhi, and Janus found themselves back in Talador. On their way to Auchindoun, the six of them passed by Shattrath City, at which point Irenora suggested they stop there briefly to recuperate. While the growing stress of the coming orc invasion made Danarshi reluctant towards the idea, he could not deny that they needed the rest after their journey and agreed alongside his alternate family.

As Irenora led them to her home, they witnessed commotion amongst the population of Shattrath. Irenora questioned a civilian about the matter, to which they informed her of the recent construction of the Dark Portal in Tanaan Jungle. Danarshi, remembering that the orcs in his timeline did not create the Portal until after the genocide of the draenei, became panicked by the shift in events and relayed this information to his alternate family. Irenora responded by stating that she thought Danarshi knew how history would unfold before questioning the validity of his claims, to which Danarshi merely reiterated his surprise and confusion.

Before another of his alternate family could speak, Danarshi declared that they should travel to Tanaan Jungle to investigate the Dark Portal and discover what caused its premature construction. Aelleena argued against the idea and emphasized her fear that the alternate Danarshi would perish if not retrieved from Auchindoun, but Danarshi ignored her reasoning and asserted that it was far more important for them to understand the situation surrounding the Portal. Although the five of them were uncomfortable with the sudden change in plans, they could not hope to divert Danarshi from his course and thus accompanied him out of Shattrath without delay.

The Iron Tide

Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Kai'soran, Leanarhi, and Janus travelled towards Tanaan Jungle, once again mounted on their elekks whilst Kai'soran and Janus rode Fys. Before long, they arrived at the border between Talador and Tanaan, only to find their path blocked by a colossal metal gate with an unfamiliar symbol on it. Surrounding the gate were several abandoned fortifications and encampments. This proved to be a deception, however, as dozens of ironclad orcs emerged from the encampments and surrounded them.

Once the six of them removed themselves from their mounts, they stared the orcs down with their weapons drawn. After moments of silence between them, a male orc commander appeared from the crowd and yelled at them in Draenei, labelling them as fools for coming to Tanaan. Danarshi questioned him about the construction of the Dark Portal and the intentions of the orcs, to which the commander claimed that they, under the banner of the Iron Horde, would use the Portal to invade another world. Afterwards, he revealed that the Portal required souls to function and that Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Kai'soran, Leanarhi, and Janus would be among the many sacrifices.

Leanarhi briefly shared her confusion with the orc commander, stating her belief that the orcs were a peaceful race and that she did not see how they could commit such atrocities. The commander insulted her for being ignorant before ordering his forces to apprehend them. However, Danarshi yelled in refusal and attacked the approaching orcs with shadow magic, causing them to respond violently. Kai'soran and Irenora joined Danarshi in his retaliation while Aelleena bolstered them with the Light. Leanarhi, unfamiliar with harming intelligent beings, hesitated to take part, and Janus, being a non-combatant, hid behind her lover, Kai'soran.

Amidst the fighting, the orcs overpowered the elekks and Fys fled unharmed. Although the combined prowess of Danarshi, Kai'soran, and Irenora slew orcs in droves, they heavily outnumbered them and soon overwhelmed them. The orcs rushed at them from all directions with blunt weapons in hand, and because of Leanarhi and Janus' disinclination to defend themselves, the orcs knocked them unconscious first, followed by Aelleena. Danarshi, Kai'soran, and Irenora continued to hold their ground for several seconds but ultimately suffered from the same outcome.

The orcs transported the six of them to the Dark Portal in their unconsciousness. They awoke after their arrival and found themselves bound in chains within a large wooden cage. The six of them watched for minutes as the Iron Horde led various draenei prisoners towards the Portal with the obvious intent of sacrificing them. During these moments, Danarshi’s hatred for the orcs grew further, as he noticed they had not consumed the blood of Mannoroth as they had in his timeline, yet were still willing to commit the same atrocities even without its influence. Because of this, he now viewed them as monsters by nature and lost any remaining faith in them. Eventually, the orcs arrived at their cage and released them before driving them towards the Portal with the other prisoners.

The orcs steered them to a series of scaffolding connected to the frame of the Portal which led to a pit of dark magic that would consume the souls of those thrown into it. A long queue of draenei prisoners slowly moved across the scaffolds as the orcs pushed them into the pit one by one. The orcs threw Danarshi, his alternate family, and Janus into the queue, after which they began their slow walk towards their demise. Eventually, however, as they neared the end of the scaffolds, Danarshi saw as the portal turned red and the armies of the Alliance and Horde rushed through. Danarshi capitalised on the distraction by barging the nearest orc off the scaffold before casting a levitation spell upon himself, his alternate family, and Janus, allowing them to fall to safety.

Despite being confused about the Alliance and Horde's arrival, Danarshi could not stop to question it amidst the chaos. Alliance soldiers freed him and his companions from their chains and they joined them in their battle to defeat the Iron Horde, save for Janus, who merely followed them while trying to stay alive. Once the forces of Azeroth successfully closed the Dark Portal, the six of them accompanied them through the surrounding jungle while helping to fight the Iron Horde and free the prisoners along the way. Ultimately, they survived the ordeal, witnessing the destruction of the Dark Portal before fleeing from Tanaan with the Alliance via a stolen Iron Horde ship.


Whilst Danarshi sailed the Tanaan Channel onboard the stolen Iron Horde ship, he learned from the accompanying Alliance soldiers that they had originated from the same Azeroth where he came. Upon hearing this, Danarshi realised that he had not gone back in time but travelled to another universe, and he quickly relayed his discovery to his alternate family. Now knowing them not to be his true relatives, he spent the rest of the voyage contemplating the concept, during which he concluded that he would still fight to save the draenei of alternate Draenor, despite knowing it would not affect his home timeline.

They eventually arrived upon the shores of north-western Shadowmoon Valley. Once Danarshi and his alternate companions disembarked from the Iron Horde ship, Kai'soran suggested that they return to Karabor to help prepare the temple for the inevitable Iron Horde invasion, to which Aelleena argued against by again sharing her concern for the safety of her husband in Auchindoun. Because of the time they lost by going to Tanaan Jungle, most of them, including Danarshi, agreed with Aelleena, but Kai'soran insisted, stating that with the help of the Alliance, the draenei might have stood a chance at defending Karabor against the Iron Horde. Danarshi, under the assumption that the Iron Horde would attack Karabor first, as the Old Horde had, could not help but agree with his alternate son, and with his added persuasion, they journeyed to Karabor.

Shortly after their arrival at Karabor, Danarshi and his alternate companions found Fys, who had flown there after their capture by the Iron Horde. Following their reunion with the faerie dragon, they accompanied Kai'soran as he met with some of his fellow high-ranking vindicators in Karabor, who informed them that the Rangari had spotted several Iron Horde encampments throughout Shadowmoon Valley, which proved the likeliness of an impending attack against the temple. With this in mind, the five of them, after leaving Janus within the safety of Karabor, set out across the valley to eliminate any Iron Horde encampments they could find. Whilst they did this, they visited many of the draenei settlements throughout the valley to help prepare them however they could.

The Dark Star

Within the following few days, Danarshi's predictions came true as the armies of the Iron Horde came to attack Karabor, surrounding the temple by land and sea. As the orcs closed in on Karabor, Danarshi, Aelleena, Irenora, Kai'soran, and Leanarhi stood alongside the defenders at the front entrance, ready for what was to come. Moments later, the orcs clashed against the draenei, outnumbering them in the thousands, though the prowess of the defenders, combined with the power of the temple's defence crystal, held them at bay. Whilst Kai'soran helped hold the front line, Danarshi and the rest of his alternate family supported him from behind, bolstering him whilst attacking their enemies from afar.

Their luck did not last, however, as the Iron Horde eventually destroyed Karabor's defence crystal, leaving the defenders exposed to the overwhelming army. As soon as they could no longer hold the orcs back, Danarshi and his alternate family followed Kai'soran as he retreated further into Karabor with the other defenders. Although they continued to slow the Iron Horde's advance, they could not stop them, and they inevitably overran the temple. As the draenei found themselves on the verge of defeat, Danarshi watched in disbelief as the darkened naaru K'ara appeared in the sky before being purified by the Holy Light in a blinding display. Freed from the influence of the Void, K'ara washed its holy energies over the defenders, filling them with the strength to push back against the orcs.

Whilst Danarshi, his alternate family, and the other defenders once again held the line, the Alliance sent the orcs into disarray by ambushing them from behind, and K'ara arrived at the temple to power an attack that would cripple the Iron Horde. Despite their attempts at stopping K'ara, it cast its spell, unleashing a vast wave of Light that sunk their fleet beneath the sea. In the minutes that followed, the Alliance and draenei forces defeated what remained of the orcish army, saving Karabor and achieving what the draenei had failed to do in the main universe.

Danarshi, elated by the victory, celebrated with his alternate family throughout the following day. With their morale heightened, the five of them thought the draenei would defend Shattrath City and Auchindoun against the Iron Horde and that they would ultimately win the war. Because of this, they diverted from their aim of retrieving the alternate Danarshi from Auchindoun, no longer believing him to be in danger, and instead remained in Shadowmoon Valley for several more days to assist the draenei in ridding the remnants of the Iron Horde from the region.



Notes & trivia

  • At the time when Danarshi met the Triumvirate on Argus, it's possible Archimonde had not yet joined and they were still considered the Second Duumvirate. As there are no provided dates on his admission, it's presumed by default that Archimonde was already a member.
  • Danarshi as an in-game character can be found under the same name on the Moon Guard server.
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