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Dandred's Fold and its farm.

Dandred's Fold is a small estate off the coast of Lordamere Lake. Prior to the Cataclysm, this area was utilized as the base of operations of the Alterac Syndicate under Lord Aliden Perenolde who is the last known leader of the Syndicate. After his death by the hands of adventurers, the area has since been vacated of its Syndicate presence. It's former inhabitants, including Aliden Perenolde's mistress Elysa are nowhere to be found. The area is presently vacant.

The Fold itself consists of a small residential estate that overlooks a dock built on the coast of Lordamere Lake. Beside the estate is a small orchard for picking Apples. In the front yard of the home, there is a large watermelon patch, as well as a small vineyard for growing grapes


Dandred's Fold, from Lordamere Lake.

Some speculation leads to believe this estate was once the Royal Manor of the House of Perenolde, which is however disputable. It was one of the last few estates to survive the Siege of Alterac after the Second War, and was used as a small bastion by bandits of the Alterac Syndicate after the Undead Scourge invasions of Lordaeron.

From that point, the Syndicate utilized the area as a base of operations within the Hillsbrad Foothills. However during The Dark Times, adventurers were sent to this location to combat the Alterac Syndicate and uncover the necklace of Taretha Foxton, the woman who saved Thrall. After killing Aliden Perenolde, the Lords Mistress Elysa granted the adventurer the necklace. Since then, the Estate remains vacated.

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