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Dark Iron Clans are dwarven clans known for their blackened skin and red eyes. The clans have faced several fractures in the recent years after the death of Dagran Thaurissan I and subsequent collapse of the Empire of Thaurissan, yielding conflict and political strife between loyalists to Dagran, independent clans and those who seek refuge in Ironforge. Most Dark Iron Clans reside in the Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, though many have established colonies in far-flung locales throughout Azeroth.

Known Dark Iron Clans

Thaurissan Clan

The Thaurissan Clan is one of the oldest and most influential Dwarven clans still in existence. The family has taken the titles of High Thane of the Dark Iron Clan and King of Shadowforge City for generations, and ruled from their seat in the Blackrock Mountains since the War of the Three Hammers.

Firefist Clan

Known for its duplicitous leaders and dangerous politics, the Firefist Clan is an independent clan of the Dark Iron Dwarves that holds land in the northeastern mountains of the Searing Gorge. Among the Dark Irons, they are both feared and hated for good reason, as they betrayed Thaurissan's nation, as well as make war upon and enslave their own kin. Housed within their fortress-city of Brügarr Hold, the Firefists have often launched raids into the Searing Gorge, Badlands, and Loch Modan, enslaving a myriad of creatures, including goblins, orcs, trolls, and all clans of dwarves in between. While other clans like the Ravenbeards are known to fight for the betterment of the Dark Iron nation, the Firefists are more known to serve the needs of their vile thane Argol - and he delights in the opportunity to take down anyone who would get in his way. 

Ravenbeard Clan

The Ravenbeard Clan is a clan of Dark Iron dwarves that were loyal to the Dark Iron Clan and the Empire of Thaurissan. The Clan has always kept an active focus within the Dark Iron armies, renowned for their scouting abilities; they’ve been at the head of countless assaults on their Dwarven cousins to the north and the Human settlements to the south. Now at the forming of the Council of Three Hammers, the Ravenbeard Clan fronts the Hand of Thaurissan to secure Dagran Thaurissan II's claim to the throne of Ironforge.

Other Known Clans

  • Doomforge Clan
  • Shadowforge Clan
  • Anvilrage Clan
  • Burningeye Clan
  • Corehammer Clan
  • Ironstar Clan
  • Moltenfist Clan