Davin Morley

Davin (Dirge) Morley


Afflicted Human

Current occupation:

Cannoneer for the ship Isiku Moyo

Previous occupations:

Farmer, Mercenary


Father: David Morley ( Deceased )
Mother: Ciarra Morley ( Deceased )


Shelia(Cullins)Morley (Deceased)


Elizabeth Morley age 12 years. (Deceased)
David Morley age 9 (deceased)
Jacob Morley age 18 months (deceased)


Randal Morley afflicted yet( Alive )


An undead hot mess

Dirge... A forgotten lament for the dead...

" What's here today, is gone tomorrow. "


Dirge is a big boisterous disaster of an undead worgen brute... He's frightening to linger the eyes on.

Fur: Ashen bluish black fur covers his large frame, thicker in some regions such as the mane at the nape of his neck, shoulders, ears, and hind quarters. Considerably well maintained in appearance. Frost blue around the edging of his snout and around the eyes. His fur thins in the area of the muzzle and brow. Two long segments of hair on either side of his sideburns of cheek fur run downward neatly tied on either side, in two dyed silver in coloration leather entwined with cloth straps.

Eyes: Glowing blue, like a creepy dude.

Ears: longer in length and fur covered the right ear is perfect condition. The left ear holds a notch at the bottom ridge.

Claws / teeth: Maintained often with hygienic practices. His tight thin lipped smile has an off set appearance.

Scent: Smells like he rolled in a heap of mint and green tea leaves.

Build: Bulky, A brick house of a male. Seemingly roughly above eight feet tall.

Accent:  A touch of Gilneas with a dash of the sea. A deep bass voice, thick, rich, and rumbling. A booming depth, that is always present, even when not excited or upset. He has a tendency to roll his R’s.

Scars/tattoos- None that can be really seen in his wolven form, besides the slight dent on his head that his fur evens out in shape.

Garb: Dirge is random in what he is seen wearing, from typical armor to a crazy hat with hardly anything on at all. One never knows what he’ll show up in.

Jewelry: A necklace of mostly black and white, that holds sea glass in ocean color of sea green and blue patterned, a black pearl in and a wolf face carved inside of a scallop shell. The other patterned and spaced out shells were in white with beading being black. Two matching strands of chords are entwined with his braids. It was made for him by someone he called ' Potato'


Davin ' Dirge' Morley is a broken undead... Dirge has scant memory of his past, but seems to have retained his boisterous original personality. Everything was taken from him, except those shattered emotional fragments that remain. He holds onto those portions that defined him in life, his devotion towards his family, and those he recognizes. He just considers almost everyone he meets apart of that family, even if he really can't on the surface remember what that means. Family, the essence of that its just deeply ingrained in his persona, his theme. Forewarning, Speaking with Dirge can be a gamble. He can be witty, deep, humorous, and sly one moment only then in another blank out and become easily confused the next. He may be emotionally erratic, he may be impulsive, he may be loud, violent, and unstable, but there are some deeply endearing child like qualities to the broken brute. This is not intentional, and the cause of these lapses, is truly unknown although it is believed to be caused by the indentation on his skull. Most seem just to accept it as apart of his quirky personality.

Other things

Living relative (brother): Randal Morley.

Randal Morley.jpg

Both he and his brother currently work on a freelancing fishing | merchant vessel

Dirge is a Harpooneer / Cannoneer

Owns a ukelele, and plays it at times.

Dirge loves blowing things up, and will get enthused talking about explosions and the like at length. Just bring up cannons and he can talk away the hours. Causing all sorts of mayhem, chaos, and blood shed is his cup of tea at any hour.

Motto : Just because it’s a bad idea, doesn’t mean it won’t lead to a good time.

Mood music :

Dark Heart - BrunuhVille

Hurt - Johnny Cash

Zombie - Bad wolves

The Wellermen - by various artists

His History

for best listening, play: Dark Heart - by: BrunuhVille on loop


( Before the fall of Gilneas. )

" Insanity, is merely attempting to solve a problem with the same approach, but expecting a different result. "

Davin was the first born to David and Ciarra Morley. Both parents came from a long line, and a strong stock of farmers. Davin took his role as the first born in the family seriously, from his work to his education his entire purpose was to continue the family traditions, and to be prosperous at it. He learned from the best, his father. Their father was a boisterous yet, kindly gent that knew his way around the field, and had other means to make ends meet when times were tough. David, Davin's father taught both his sons what it took to run a proper business. That even when if hard times happened, one had back up plans to do what they had to do, to survive. Growing up was full time life of responsibilities. Between the school, and chores, and the books, it was morning to night shifts. Davin was well equipped with the tools, a diligent hard working attitude, just as his father before him. Time moves on as it does the two siblings grew up, under their parents loving care, and hard working atmosphere that came with running a farm.

When Davin first met her, when his eyes fell on her in his heart he just knew Shelia was the one, that she would be at his side and see to it, that farm would flourish under their care. She had became his rock, his calming embrace of mind and soul. She had been his harbor for his absolute passion when it came to surviving, if she was content so was he. How Davin loved her with all that he was, how he would stop at nothing to give her all she ever desired. He would have even lassoed the moon for her if she had asked for it. When came the time he had asked her for her hand in marriage. Shelia took the proposal willingly and with utter joy. His parents loved her, welcomed her with open arms. As Davin and Shelia's children, the generation of grandchildren came to be, one by one, they were received into the family with unconditional love and acceptance as the blessings they were. They prospered, they grew in numbers, and in good seasons.

Elizabeth, Lizzy, their first born was the apple of his eye, the ray of sunshine to a cloudy day. Her giggles and songs, were of those that caused hearts to beat just a little quicker in one’s chest, and the eyes to shine with merriment. She was a guiding light, the beacon of joy in the household, loving and carefree. She had often ran through the crops, with open arms toward her father and to her young uncle when ever the two came up the cobble stone walk from a long day at work.

David, Davin's and Shelia's first boy, a name passed down every other generation, was so witty and taking after the brothers with his smile that could charm a cookie from any stingy baker’s hand. He was always a disheveled mess, climbing trees, or from running around the babbling brook with his friends. He liked to help in everything, from repairs to plowing, to milking the favorite cow Bessy, spending time with his father and uncle fishing, and many other rough and tumble things.

Jacob, was too new to the world, his personality had just been shinning out. He was a happy baby that enjoyed gnawing on everything and everyone.

Melinda, his brother's fiance had warmed her way not only into his brother’s heart, but all within the home. Davin’s Shelia, became best of friends with Melinda, as did all the children fall in love with her. She was kind, and witty, and having a uncanny way of snuffing out Randal’s reckless ways. She was being brought into the fold of the family, yet there had seemed no resistance, it was a slow melting welcome within the walls of their home as she was another joy to be added. Randal, was his shadow when young although highly more reckless and carefree than Davin being the second born he just did not carry the weight of the responsibilities farm life brought. Davin could see beyond those wild ways to the man his brother was to become in those instances when Randal looked to his Melinda.

The morley family .jpg
The Morley Family

Davin's family's well being was his most important priority, just as his father had done for the family, Davin had to give them a stable and sure foundation with the farm. He was out in the fields every day tending to their livestock, and crops, as he became more incorporated with the family's business. As his family flourished, his world had for a long spell. Then one day going over the books, there was unaccountable losses, such as missing livestock, and bad crops that left them short to the point it was apparent that it was time to work outside the farm. His father did side business with a boss lady by the name of Sadie, odd jobs: such as loading crates onto wagons without question. Thug work: such as shake downs for coin owed, nothing too dangerous. When Davin was old enough he had been brought into the fold as to how to make ends meet during a tough year. When his brother Randal was old enough he too was brought into the side work. Sadie had always liked his father, she was charming in her own ways. Davin and his brother and father would talk about it after hours about her liking for them. They chocked it up to the lot of them being large, strong men, that could keep their traps shut, or use them when needed.


“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

The Morley's knew how to keep their eyes adverted, or to use their eyes to stare down the literal shit out of someone when it was needed. As long as they were paid well, they had no complaints. The job was done to put food on the table, clothes on his growing children's backs. Besides all that, it kept his younger brother's mind off the absence of Melinda while she was off at school in Gilneas proper. It worked for a while this back and forth from odd jobs to the farm, that was until one night his father was looking ill, and they had to take him home. His father had exited Sadie's office looking pallid, and it wasn't like his father to keep secrets. When Davin had asked his father what was wrong, his father just said " later... " in that type of tone Davin knew it was serious. His father was never sick, never had a cough, or a fever, as he had that night. His father David much like Davin never missed a day of work, he was punctual, and efficient in everything he did... It was so serious that their father was bed ridden. It just escalated from there, the fevers, the sweats, the shakes. The family called for the doctor, but of course for some reason or another, they were all unavailable no matter how desperate the family was. Towards the end of the mysterious illness David was delusional seeing his sons as monsters, proclaiming that their mother was already dead.  Davin didn't have the heart to speak to his brother about what his father had said outside of Sadie's that first night their father David had become ill. Davin's thoughts on that it too was that it was possibly just part of the sickness, yet, it had weighed heavily on Davin's mind as their father continued to fade before them. It was hard for all of them to see their father as that, why add more to it? When their father David did pass on it brought some relief, that he did finally find peace. Davin buried him in the family plot on the land. Soon after the father figure's passing, their mother fell ill with the seemingly same sickness. Delusional fevers, the painful twisting, and she too was soon buried besides her husband. Davin having buried their mother as well, stood strong for the family, doing what he could.

It wasn't as fast as it seemed this illness, it was as insidiously slow, as much as there was an urgency behind it. They didn't know what had brought it on, no one could pin point the cause. At first they thought it only targeted the elder generation, as even Randal's fiance Melinda's parents had soon passed away shortly after the Morley's parents had. Two homes within a few miles of each other completely annihilated by this illness. During the crisis Randal's fiance was brought to live in their home soon after she had sold her parent's home to her father's business partner in the mining business. They needed to keep those they cared about close. As Davin's eldest child Lizzy became ill it seemed like no one was safe. The water was the first suspect, then their food, perhaps, it was carried on the air? Yet, Davin and Randal, Shelia and Melinda seemed to be immune to what was killing everything from parents, to the children, to the livestock. One by one as each child there after had fell ill, he held held them tenderly in his arms as they passed on, feeling helpless, hopeless. All he could do was to bury each one, as they all fell down.

Each death wore so heavily on his Shelia, Davin just didn't know how to fix this. He could fix a wagon, a plow, fix financial problems. Such loss and death, he couldn't control he couldn't fix for her, or him, or anyone.  He loved them all so dearly, sleep became a distant thing for Davin. He would have done anything to ease his wife's heart, to ease this loss.. He tried, he buried each one of their children side by side in stoic silence while Shelia shed her tears for him. While her wails etched into his heart of stone, he was just doing his best to be strong for her. He felt broken, detached from those parts that would allow him to feel what was happening. He could offer no words of comfort, no touch, no hold could sooth such a loss away. Shelia had grown distant from Davin, too quiet for him to reach. Davin did as he knew how to do, work. He put all his focus into the work, while his wife suffered feeling isolated.

The home was now strangely quiet... echos of the past sometimes could be heard. A rolling marble on the wooden floor made his heart leap with almost a question if one of the children was upstairs. Late at night under the restless breathing of his wife, Davin racked his brain as to what he could do... Could they financially, abandon the farm and all that his family had worked for and be okay? Could they actually escape this sickness? What if it was the land itself that was cursed? All Davin knew was time was running out, and he needed to have what was left of his family safe.


( During the fall of Gilneas. )

“When truth is replaced by silence, the silence itself is a lie.”

Early in the morning on a whim, Davin explored their book keeping to find out if they actually had funds to uproot the family to escape. The Gilnean wall prevented anyone from coming or leaving by the main roads... but by sea, now there may lay the answer for them to be able to leave. In his exploration of his father's belongings he had found something in a large lock box hidden away in their parent's closet that Davin didn't recognize as belonging to their father. It was a large tome of a record keeping ledger of Melinda's father's and his partner's holdings. It wasn't much from what he read, but he would have to talk to Shelia when she had good moment, as she was better at reading numbers and the fine print than he was ...

The records in his father possession didn't belong to him, it shouldn't have been there. From what Davin gathered from his brief look through it was just some minor larceny and embezzlement infractions. He didn't have time to gather more information from it, he had errands around the farm to do and the business in the evening. He set the contents aside, so that when he came home from work he, and his wife could go through the numbers and come up with the answers as to why his father had this in his possession in the first place. He didn't want to bother her, but, perhaps, this mystery could keep her mind busy with something other than the deaths of their children. It was taking a toll on her health, and her mental state. He wasn't certain if she had the same illness, or if it was something else entirely, as they had been all weary and destitute emotionally. There were signs, he just didn't want to believe he was to lose her too.

There still was work to be done. Even though they had a night job to do for Sadie, the farm needed to be tended to lives depended on it, from the livestock, to the people. He and Randal were tending to the flocks, getting them in for the evening. It had been a relatively smooth day considering his discovery in the closet, and for a short while he and his brother had a few normal conversations. They talked about the job they had that night, it was supposed to be a labor job at a warehouse, and Sadie promised full pay when finished. Davin spoke of possibly chartering a ship to get them out of there, that they would have enough with tonight's earnings to actually buy a passage for all of them. Davin tried to ignore the look his brother gave him when he spoke of Shelia coming along with them as well. She had been ill these last few days, and Davin just didn't want to accept it that she too had the illness.

Everything was fine.... Everything would work out just fine... They could start over again some place else. Davin found a solution, he found a way out for them all. Davin could hold it together. So he had thought, that was until he and his brother came across the familiar black and white mottled coloration of their favorite cow laying on her side in the green bladed grass.

It broke him... He had shattered right then and there in front of his brother. He like his father did not shed a tear over losses, they took what came in stride, and just kept going onward. It came with farm life, animals died, you didn't name the ones that were to become food... But that ... particular milking cow.... He, his wife, and children had raised her from an orphaned calf, bottle feeding her, tending to her night and day until she could manage on her own. They had been there for the heifer when she gave birth to her first calf herself, had been there when she kicked over her first bucket of milk. It wasn't just the loss of Bessy, staring up with a large dark unblinking dead eyes towards the overcast sky, it was reflection there of himself that he was lost in. Bessy was the straw that snapped Davin in half. His children were there in that hazed over reflection, vague shadows, but he saw them there. The vague images brought him to his knees, and he cried over the dead cow. His children were gone, their beautiful vibrant lives that had stretched out before him, the fears of losing his wife... He would never see them grow up, he would never attend their weddings, the birth of their children, all he would know was what was, and what would never come to be. With so much death and loss he was in shock, in disbelief, and couldn't truly grieve with so much work to be done.

His brother could offer no solace but a hand to Davin's back as the tears as the sobs came at him in waves. What was, was no more... and it hit Davin hard, harder than he had ever been hit. Just like the storm of anguish had come upon him, it had ended. There were still people that depended on him to do what was best for the family, but first he had to do as he had done before. He stood up and retrieved the shovels, passing one over to Randal, they dug in the soft rain drenched soil. Together they dug, the sounds of the shovels striking the dirt were no different than the sounds of each grave he had already dug, it was repetitive, of breath, of sweat, and an agony that had taken on a form of an almost ritualistic motion. The only difference it was deeper, and it took longer, but with his brother at his side they were done just in time to go to the other job.

Simple things were forgotten, such as stopping in at the farm house for dinner, or a change of clothes, they walked down the cobble stone road to their destination as they were, haggard, dirty, smelling of labor and hard work. Sadie was there to greet them at the warehouse. Sadie was hardly ever at the location of a job, she mostly worked from her lavish office. Even in their disheveled state, she oddly was all smiles and charm as if it didn't matter. Davin spoke to her about the payment, and what he needed to do. Sadie said of course she would pay them as soon as the job was done that she took care of hers. They were like family to her, she was fully aware of what hard times they had fallen upon, and knew of their losses it was the least she could do to see them safe... She unlocked the building and let them inside, letting them know they did have a few look outs working with them this evening, and that she would see them when they finished. Once they entered the building, it was Randal that pointed out they must be the only two on the job. Which that too was strange, usually there were at least four others doing the lifting, and grunt work. Davin in such a numb state just shrugged it off and the two brothers got to work loading up the wagons with the crates. After some time of this they stopped to take a smoke break, they rarely smoked, but from time to time there was a day that called for it, it was one of them. They didn't rehash about the cow, or anything, but they did banter about what Sadie was wearing, it had looked like she had come out in her night gown. The two brothers had a few jokes about it, actually relaxing for the first time that day.


It was like the night air had taken a breath and held it, a feeling fell upon them both as if a shiver of cold caused the hair on their arms to raise. It wasn't so much a sound, or scent, or sight that caught the brother's attention, it was sensation one just couldn't explain. It was like a hunch, or a deeply repressed instinct that there was something other than themselves was there lurking in the dark of that warehouse. Just as Davin was putting the cigarette out, and he and his brother were looking around for the source this sensation of not being alone, when a sound of metal clattering in the dark corner of the old building had them looking that way. They were suddenly ambushed attacked by the shadows themselves coming from the other direction. Davin and Randal, although, not warriors, knew how to handle themselves in a bar brawl. They knew how to shake down someone that wasn't willing to pay with some tenderizing first. They could swing a led pipe with the best of them. What came at them was not a mere man, but some beast made of shadow, fangs and claws! They fought their way out of the building, as always, as brother's do, they had each other's backs. Alas, the brothers had not left the building unscathed, both of them were royally messed up, cuts, bruises, bite marks. The two were smarter than that to stick around to find out what it was that had jumped them. They weren't sticking around to find out how many more creatures were in that building. Sadie's promised carriage was not outside the building either, her look outs no where to be found. This abandonment left Davin and Randal to hoof it back on foot. Through the rain they ran, and with the alertness from the adrenaline rush state they were in, they had made their way home. The plan was to take what they had in gold and see if they could get passage out of here tonight, and if not they were going to steal a boat, or a ship, or whatever the fuck they could get their hands on! They couldn't make heads or tail of the situation, but that was it! That was the plan! They couldn't stay here any longer, and every second counted.

They rushed into their home, Melinda was asleep at the hearth, that meant Shelia was upstairs in their room. Davin rushed up there to tell her to gather what she could, but when he opened the door he found his wife sitting the middle of their bed surrounded by not only the record keeping tome, but the other things he hadn't gone through earlier that morning that came from the lock box.

" You knew about all this?! " Shelia normally had the most quiet of tone, had the most gentle of voices. In this very moment it had turned into something ugly and her voice screamed at him while she was physically was coming at him.

Davin didn't know what she was speaking of, he stared blankly as his mind was on a sudden halt. His plans to make haste to get them out of there, were now on pause. He looked into the eyes of his fevered wife's face, while she pounded her closed fists against his chest. He didn't even know how to answer, or respond. Davin just stood there frozen as this wasn't at all his wife. It was the hard closed handed slaps to his face that had him finally go for her wrists, just to have her stop. Staring down at her, he was soon pulling her to close his chest, wrapping his arms tightly to hug and hold her to him. To make her stop hitting him. He just held her for a moment, hoping his heart would calm down, hoping his mind would clear. Maybe it was just the fever, it was just the illness... give her a moment she'll come to see that he wasn't the enemy.

Shelia twisted out of his grasp and had reached for what she believed was the evidence. Once she freed herself from his grip and began shoving it in his face to read it. What Davin read... he had to read over and over again, there on the pages was... was the mad reasoning's of a paranoid twisted mind. What he read revealed that all this death could have been prevented, could have been avoided, if he and his father had just kept to farm work. He just stood there shaking, as every act of kindness their boss had done for their family had been under false pretenses. Sadie's motivations had been under a sinister intent. It hadn't been the farm's water, or carried on the air..... What had killing them all, had been the gifts given to their parents, their children, to his wife and his brother's fiance, poisoned by their boss Sadie. Sadie had been systematically killing off all those she had viewed as rivals, or a threat to what she wanted. His father knew too much about her operations, and what David knew, his wife Ciarra knew too... Melinda's parents, Sadie had been black mailing them, due to their dealings with the mine, and the mine's partner after what profits there was to be had. Those gifts given to his wife and children under the pretense of condolences for their loss of their parents were to get rid of any loose ends. Those extensions of friendship and comradery were lies... And for what? So Sadie could have lackey's that would come willing to her as they had no place else to turn... But what of tonight? Davin was suddenly convinced Sadie was some sort of the old way's witch calling forth the shadows into creatures of death and destruction, only because Davin had told her of his plans to take his family away!

He shook his head, he had no prior knowledge of any of this! He exposed it on his expression, on the tears breaking over the rim of his eyes. Shelia kept screaming at him that he was the MURDERER! He was the MONSTER! that had caused all their loss and misfortune, that he, Davin had created this! Such anguish, such rage filled him all at once, while his wife violently screamed and violently attacked him. Out of no where as if some internal damn broke. All that Davin could hear and see was red! All he could taste was that bitter sweet metallic liquid that filled his mouth. The twisting world was just as suddenly silent...

He awoke... naked... on the floor...  What was left of his wife was still on the bed, but unrecognizable as a person. Confused, disorientated, he took a shower, Davin got dressed, and moved as he would any other day. Numbness had filled his very soul as he gathered what remained of his wife, and then onward doing the same for Randal's fiance Melinda tenderly wrapping them in sheets. His unconscious brother for the time being, he had left laying on the living room floor. Although wounded, it was as if Randal was just a background note in Davin's mind, as Davin walked past Randal was still alive. Davin on autopilot began the task at hand outside lightning broke the dark sky in a jagged swoop of blinding white. The fire within the hearth burned down to embers. Liquid stubs of the candles were still burning what remained of the wicks. A music box from the fireplace's mantle lay broken on the floor, it had stopped playing hours ago. An unsettling silence befell the farmhouse within, as outside, again was the sound of that shovel digging into the soil repeatedly, over and over again, as he dug the two graves. Once the task was done, he returned to his brother and carried him down that long walk to the docking port. Davin without realizing what chaos was going on around him, had stole a small craft without thinking about it, and just began to row out to where his fate would be met....


( After the fall of Gilneas. )

" Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart, the wound lasts a lifetime.”

They didn't get very far, just half a day out when a schooner came upon them. Questions were asked, and they both were forced to drink something that would cure them from what Davin concluded was the sickness. He just wasn't himself and still in that blank slated state, he just did as he was told. Although, both brothers were numb Davin, urged Randal to do the same so they could continue their journey on board the larger sea fairing vessel. Gilneas had been razed that much Davin knew as he witnessed it burning from the water as he rowed. The ship they were now on, was heading somewhere. The destination remained unknown to him, even if it was told to him, Davin hadn't retained the information. The people on the ship were like ghosts to him, echos of murmurs half remembered. The only thing now he had to watch over was his brother who apparently was afflicted by the same sickness. This affliction had washed over the population was vastly different than of that in which his family had suffered from. They became more beast than man that night they were attacked in the warehouse. That shadow creature was what everyone was calling a Worgen, something the nightelves brought to the city. When they were attacked, the cuts, the saliva from the bites had infected them. That was why there was gaps in memory and time, why not all things could be remembered clearly. They were told that the mandrake concoction would ease it back and make it easier, as well as the elven water that was blessed by Elune they would have more access to once they arrived at port.

Davin didn't follow the other refugees being led onward, as he carried his brother half conscious off one ship onto another destined for some place else. Davin had enough gold to go anywhere as far as a passenger, and what ticket he bought was the farthest destination from civilization he could think of... North.

It was a cold, long trip, and as his brother came to a more conscious state they spoke on what had happened on the voyage. Davin clarified as much as he could, as for the scar on Randal's face that left him blind on one side... it was Randal's story. There was some conflict as to whether they should go back and join the forces that were fighting for their people and land. It wasn't much as far as the talk went, as they were too far from such... and they both were emotionally withdrawn, and not fully there, or anywhere. Randal was worse for wear back then than Davin, so Davin did all he could to see to his brother's well being, using the prospecting of the north to inspire his younger brother with a sense of adventure.

Davin made it up in his mind they would wait until his brother Randal came back to himself truly. They stayed at some logging community on the outskirts of the world. They ate, drank, slept in virtual mutual silence between them, until the money came to an end. Davin had frequented the bars and heard of some opportunity of work. Over hearing one of those situations where it was too good to be true, but he just didn't have a mind to really put a care towards it. In the past he would have made all the connections that it was a possible job they didn't want to take. Davin just wasn't as sharp on it as he would have been. Without consulting Randal, he put them on for the job, it was just a guard the cargo kind of job, follow a caravan and make sure no road bandits, or raiders attacked.

Davin had just secretly wanted to die, he had been drinking his way towards it, but only living because his brother needed him to, his brother needed him there. Randal had spent those nights when Davin came back to the room drunk, pleading with him that things had to change.. Randal trying to convince Davin that he was the reckless one, not Davin, but now it seemed the roles had reversed. Randal had been more responsible, and more aware of the world around him of late, than even Davin, himself, allowed himself to be. The job wasn't much, but it would pay for their drinking habits and room.... Unbeknownst to them, It wasn't bandits they had to worry about. Even after the war and the defeat of the lich king, there were rogue necromancers, and scourge still wandering around in some parts.

It had just happened the shipment they were guarding was ambushed. They were just heading to their destination and a wave of undead came rushing at them. Chaos ensued, and the brothers were abandoned by those that had escorted merchant caravans. The brothers were once again fighting against strange apparitions that their minds couldn't truly comprehend or make sense of, as the others ran for their lives Randal and Davin Morley took up what they could to fight the oncoming waves of darkness that threatened to end them. Mayhaps, if they had been geared, or carrying more than what was on their backs they would have faired the weather. Perhaps, if the drink hadn't dulled their senses, or perhaps, it was just their previous losses that left them too numb to access the adrenaline needed to have the sense to flee. Yet, again when Davin saw his little brother surrounded by these monsters, he rushed in and in a final great last act and had tried to save the only person he had left on the planet. In that act of self sacrifice Davin took an morning star violently to the head. Davin taking the blunt of the blow for Randal, and had fallen over dead at his brother's feet. That last act he had hoped gave his brother time to escape. Randal was younger than he, Randal had a possibility to live again, he had time to recover from their losses... Randal just had enough time to get away.

The Dirge

" By fae hands their knell is rung.... By forms unseen their dirge is sung. "

He awoke... as a monster... as an abomination... as a creature.... as an experiment.... for a twisted undead mind. A master that poked and prodded, and tortured, finding his creation interesting... What was he? Who was he? How much could he take? How long had he been as this? The master was cruel, told him many things, but the one that seemed to have stuck was that he would never hear his own funeral song... that he would never know peace... This master may have took his mind, may have taken his memory, but he would not take his rage! He would feel EVERYTHING! Take everything he could grasp! As he broke free and tore through his creator, he stole back what his!

He became the Dirge himself the lament of the lost, the song of the dead! He had found his peace with the master's end, but then again, the Dirge just didn't know what to do with himself.  He held onto the name as he tightly as his mind could as he began to wander the frozen wastes. The only thing his broken mind could hold onto... He was lost for some time wandering where his padded paws would take him. Perhaps, it was fragmented memory. Perhaps, it was just the draw the dead have towards the place they met their end. All the Dirge knew is when he found where his feet took him someone else was there.... in his place! His territory! He attacked to end the intruder! Until tasting fear on a question came to his burning brain. " Brother? It's me! It's Rand! " Brother? He had a brother?! Of course he had a brother.... He had to look out after him, that was why he was here, right? He had to save his brother. He had to make sure his family was safe, well, and happy... That's why he was here... For family.... No matter what shape that family took on...

Dirge, Davin Morley may not retain all those fragmented pieces of himself on every second, they just slip away. At moments he will recall himself as young boy in life, as a husband, a father, or even as bouncer for a bordello in his unlife. At times he can recall himself as a trusted friend, a cannoneer on a ship since he had been created as this walking tin canned creature neither fully living or dead. He may grasp at names holding them close, he may lose it all on a blink. His memories coming to him in rush, a fluid line as to where the ocean meets the sandy shore, caressing the land briefly before slipping back out of reach. Taking those multi hued granules of thought and memory away with it.

There is so much more to the story, after all it is an accumulation of those fragments, of those memories, of truths and lies that once made him, him, and in a strange way still are creating new memories in that mass of damage in his unlife. The damage upon his death so impaled that locked treasure annihilating it, slicing through his hippocampus, severing those synapses that spark such things to become the focus of reality. Dirge, because of the damage inflicted on his death it had created, has an another affliction a kin to a dissociative fugue state. A disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of individuality. The state can last days, months or longer in the living. For Dirge it is random, the time frame it lasts, and it is also unknown what triggers it to begin, it hasn't gone away.. What had been attempted to be repaired, or what had been damaged further in extent while in his captivity is unknown. He continues, his purpose, his place amongst those individuals that welcome such a damaged abomination to remain besides them... That deeply embedded portion of protecting those he deems family truly never seems to fade, that tiny portion, that passionate and desperate fragment, it still resides in there somewhere there near the surface.

Family of a different kind.

Dirge would be lost without the guidance of his brother, and those that look over him. It takes special, and extraordinary people to know about the man he once was, with enough hope that man may one day be found again. Dirges antics can be annoying, obnoxious, and very irritating, but once understood that he truly can't remember, that he isn't like this intentionally most find him in a strange way endearing. Those that can understand are aware when Dirge is himself, he too is trying desperately to regain what he once was, to regain what had been lost to him, and stolen, that it is still in there, somewhere within. He is in a manner of speaking a walking talking reminder not to sweat the small stuff, and that there are bigger values to hold close. He's getting closer to the answers through those that he surrounds himself with, but the right answers remain fleetingly out of his grasp for now, until that day comes.....

“Let the self judge the right and the wrongs, let others decide to praise, or to blame, and let the losses, and gains remain unrecalled.”

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