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The Derelict Battalion is a specialized subdivision of the Hand of the Unblinded, intended as a place for convicts, nonhumans; and any other outcasts of the order. Being assigned to this division is considered a very harsh punishment and is feared by many.


Derelict Battalion is led by the headstrong and ruthless Captain Donnagar Blackforge. The division was created as a means of constraint for all of the Unblinded's undesirables and was quickly formed into a group of expendable warriors deemed only fit for their use in brief, and often destructive suicide missions. Under Captain Blackforge's leadership there has been some effort to organize the group with minimal success.

The division's tactics were mostly focused on hit and run, lightning fast strikes intended to deal as much damage as possible before leaving; whether it be in an actual battle or outright sabotage for an enemy encampment, which included destroying supply lines, burning food stores; and even infiltration. Though their success was mostly limited due to their lack of numbers and nonexistent discipline, they were most noted for their unyielding bravery in the face of danger.

There exists no real leadership within the Derelict Battalion aside from the formal titles. The only thing that keeps this group of bandits and psychopaths together is the warning of merciless punishments at the hands of Captain Blackforge should they draw his ire.