Diane-Lyn Marlowe
Diane by Jawbones


Forsaken female icon Forsaken
Human female icon Human (formerly)


21 (at death)

Magical School(s):

Holy Light


Holy Light


Chaotic Neutral


Alliance Horde


Inv tabard hordewareffort The New Horde


Erick Marlowe (Brother)
Hannah Marlowe (Sister)
Marilyn Marlowe (Niece)
Todd Marlowe (Nephew)


The Heretic
Mother Marlowe/Sister Marlowe
'Diana of Andorhal' (disguise)



Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!

–- Galadriel, LOTR

Mother Diane Marlowe (born Diane-Lyn Marlowe, in Andorhal), is a Forsaken priestess of the Holy Light. She is best known for her thievery of Scarlet artifacts and in turn using them for the Forsaken's gain, such as her staff, Martyrdom.

Diane served as a spy for the resistance, due to her connections with several Forsaken inner-circles. She is a veteran of the Third War, Vol'jin's Rebellion and the Fourth War. Currently, she is attempting to rehabilitate her nephew as well as find her husband, who was stationed in Darkshore.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Diane was born the last of three siblings to a family in Andorhal. Her family was not noble, in fact, her father was a foot soldier during The First and Second War. Diane and her older brother often lived in the shadow of their sister, Hannah, who was the oldest of the three of them. Both she and her sister were gifted with the Light, but Hannah ignored her gifts, forgoing becoming a priest to become a knight until Alonsus Foal would teach the first paladins.

Diane, however, would follow where her gifts would take her, becoming an ordained priest at quite the tender age. Years later she would attempt to teach her older brother the ways of the Light in hopes that he also had a talent for it, but her efforts were seemingly fruitless.

Diane and her family would fall to the Scourge of Lordaeron, when Andorhal was poisoned by the Plague of Undeath. In an attempt to rescue her nephew, Diane was bitten and turned by her brother, Erick. Her sister, Hannah, would escape the city with her niece and nephew in tow; and in the years to come, would find herself a nemesis in her two younger siblings.

The Horde Edit

Originally a member of the Royal Apothecary Society, Diane had first looked upon joining the Horde as a weakness. She saw them only as a means for the Tauren to hold them back from attempting to recreate their dark origins, but over time, she would start to grow fond of their new faction. However, she would remain ever loyal to the Forsaken.

The Argent Tournament Edit

At the sudden appearance of new Death Knights flooding the major cities of the Horde and Alliance alike, Diane realized that Arthas had finally decided to get up off of his Frozen Throne and resume his tirade across the whole of Azeroth. Diane herself was wont for revenge and blood alike, and struck out with the Hand of Vengeance the first chance she got, heading for Northrend.

Once on the continent, she mainly served as a member of the clergy in Howling Fjord, blessing corpses and healing the wounded while the Hand of Vengeance spread across the zone.

As the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance began to close in on Icecrown, Diane was transferred to the Argent Tournament to serve a healer for the Horde and Forsaken forces. It is in the Tournament that she is finally reunited with her older brother, Erick, who had also been turned into a Forsaken. Their reunion was a happy one, but was quickly disrupted upon learning not only was Erick here-- her sister, Hannah, had survived the Scarlet Civil War and had rejoined the Alliance, and was in Northrend. With her, she brought Erick's eldest, Diane's niece, in tow.

Despite this, morale was high. As was the cost of the war against the Lich King. Among the Forsaken, his loss, while it was felt, was considered a joyous occasion.

The Fourth War Edit

Nothing changes instantaneously: in a gradually heating bathtub you’d be boiled to death before you knew it.

–Margaret Atwood

During the Fourth War, Diane was sent all over, though Darkshore was a common post for her in the beginning. While she did not take part in the initial Battle for Darkshore for various reasons, she took part in the Battle for the Undercity and was crushed with its' loss.

She was, in fact, in Darkshore when Tyrande ascended as the Night Warrior. Upon witnessing the slaughter at Ashwood Depot, she became distraught, as her husband had been at the depot when she arrived, and had urged her to run. For a moment, she gave up, falling in a heap on the beach. A group of Kaldorei found her and when they questioned why she would not fight back, she answered; "Just keep hitting me, I don't want to live". However, upon attempting to burn off her hair, she snapped out of it, lashing out in a violent rage.

After this, she was sent back to Orgrimmar while the Alliance held Darkshore.

During this time, her nephew would go missing during the retaking of Darkshore by the Alliance.

Spillingardans Edit

To say the boy's reappearance in Darkshore was unsurprising would be an understatement. A path of white-hot rage was drawn through whatever Horde supply lines tried to trek through Darkshore, far from Bashal'aran and the main force's support. Whoever was behind it was smart, which is why she went hunting for who she knew was responsible- her nephew, Todd.

While Darkshore seemed to change hands fairly often, Diane was nearly undisturbed in her search for her nephew, although looking for Todd was not an easy task. In times where the land was friendly, he was well hidden. In times when it was not, he was well protected. It made tracking him quite difficult.

When she found him, however, it was not a happy experience. In a mishap that resulted in her temporary death, Diane wandered into a trap set by the Army of the Black Moon- believing herself to be safe from whatever effects it might have in store for her, only to be impaled and found by Todd. The incident struck her nephew to the core, and while he originally brought her to his Scarlet masters so they might glean knowledge on one of their longest-held enemies, the boy surprised himself with the idea that perhaps his motivations were not fully what he believed them to be in the beginning.

Afterwards, the two had several run-ins with Hannah, her sister, who is desperate to wrestle their nephew from Diane's skeletal fingers.

Her original quest- to find her husband, was a success, locating him in a tenuous section of Darkshore where allegiances changed hands quickly. He assured her that he would come back to her, thought Diane still fears for his life. He remains stationed in Darkshore, while Diane presses on with her nephew.

Undercurrents Edit

As Sylvanas' actions began to stack up, Diane began to see the flaws in the Queen she once venerated. Separated from her husband, hunted by her sister and saddled with her nephew, Diane grew disillusioned with Sylvanas and her version of the Forsaken, coming to the realization that the Dark Lady was not, in fact, in the Forsaken's best interests. She realized that the Burning of Teldrassil and the destruction of the Undercity was merely the beginning to whatever plot Sylvanas was planning, and no matter what side they might be on, it was the losing one.

While the thought rattled her at first, she quickly began to gather as much information as she could in preparation to present it to the leaders of the rebellion. She was not warmly received by them, however, though upon being presented by the information she held, they were willing to cut a deal with her.

Spoilers For Darkshore

As Diane looks over the broken battlefield, she feels her apathy pause for the briefest of seconds. Martyrdom slips from her hand, as she felt the strength to hold it leave her. Along with the staff, her knees weaken, and she crumples to the ground.

"My dear, it is over. We have been in the wrong place the whole time." She rasps.

Her nephew dares to give a reverent glance to her; "What do you mean, Auntie?"

"It means..." For the first time in years, tears fall from the Reverend Mother's eyes; "I have abandoned my husband, and I have opened you up for a knife in the back."

Upon the Second Siege of Orgrimmar, Diane's contempt for the whole situation reached its peak, and, with her nephew in tow, she disappeared after the hasty arrest of her husband right from between her arms. Enraged at the resistance, no one presently knows where she went, or where her nephew is. Her sister is flying blind in the hunt for her and Todd. It is said they roam in the shadowed alleyways of both Orgrimmar, and Stormwind.

Relationships Edit

They say to walk softly and carry a big stick. Well, my husband walks softly, and I carry a big stick!

–Diane Marlowe

Romance Edit

Unknown Husband: Reading over her SI:7 file, you'll find that while it mentions that she does in fact have a significant other, you'll also notice that it does not, in fact, have any information on who it is. Her husband is known to the SI:7 as 'Unnamed Deathstalker #5784'.

In the notes section of the file, it mentions that if she's ever brought in alive to; 'use husband as leverage', but the line has been scratched out. Must have been ineffective.

Family Edit

Todd Marlowe: Diane's nephew.The two's relationship started off rather rocky, with Todd not being very trustworthy due to his aunt's undeath and his upbringing in the Scarlet Crusade. However, the two have developed an unlikely alliance, with Diane hoping she may one day be able to bring him over to the Horde completely, as she has watched him become disillusioned with the faction he grew up in. However, he seems to gravitate more the the Argent Crusade rather than the Horde.

Currently, the two have a near mother-son like relationship, with Diane being fiercely protective of him. Her second death opened her eyes to the unseen cruelties she had nearly forgotten about in open combat.

Hannah Marlowe: Hate is a particularly strong word, but the closest Diane has ever come to hating anyone close to her is her older sister, Hannah. Outshined in their youth, Diane enjoyed the freedom from their father's prying eyes; but in their adulthood, she was ruthlessly hunted by her older sister, who had been indoctrinated into the Scarlet Crusade. After she nearly fatally wounded their brother, Erick, Diane swore she would end her sister's life. Only time will tell if she can make good on those words.

Erick Marlowe Jr.: Diane's older brother. He was the middle child between Hannah and Diane, and as such Erick and her formed a very close bond; especially since the two of them were harshly outshined by their older sister. The two shared inside jokes that their sister wasn't privy to, they pulled pranks on her and in their adulthood would often make plans without her. Diane was the one to assist in the delivery of both of Erick's children, whereas their older sister showed up once, after the children were born.

Erick was the one to turn her, as she came to visit him while he was sick at home. After turning, he tore her throat out and left her to die, causing her to contract the plague of undeath as well. They were separated and each believed the other to be dead until the Argent Tournament, when they were reunited.

When the Scarlet Crusade attempted to rebuild, their sister came for the both of them with a vengeance, succeeding in temporarily disemboweling Erick. While Diane was able to help fix her brother, she was furious their sister would attempt something this heinous. It widened the ever-increasing void between the Marlowe siblings. A void that will most likely never be filled.

Weaponry Edit

Diane wields the staff Martyrdom, a holy weapon created in fairly recent times following her escape from the Scarlet Monastery before the second opening of the Dark Portal. Forged from the Scarlet staff, Deicide (literally; 'God-killer'); the stave is sleek and simplistic in design, composed of gold and fitted with an oak handle, the head of the staff is molded in the shape of the symbol of Holy Light, denoting the wielder's faith. However, the years have taken its toll on Martyrdom, and the staff has not always been used the way it was intended, rather Diane would swing the heavy end of it to ward off attackers- to varying degrees of success. As such, the end has become dingy and, in some places, there are flecks of dried blood.

Along with her staff, Diane possesses a rosary-- although it isn't much help in combat, it functions more like a charm or trinket would- it simply provides a holy buff for her. Occasionally she passes it to her nephew or husband, to protect them. She considers her rosary to be a good luck charm as well, and thus unless it is in the hands of either her nephew or husband, it is always on her person.

Much like her staff, her libram; The Word of The Faith, was stolen from the Crusade as well, another one of the tools Diane originally used to escape with her life. Unlike Martyrdom, Diane decided against attempting to repurpose the libram in a traditional sense. Rather than rebind the book, she reinterpreted much of the written word, as much of it is a pre-Scourge book that was then annotated by the Crusade.

Literary Works Edit

  • Full Dark, No Stars [AO3]
  • Once Upon A Dream [AO3]

Quotes Edit

  • "Bury me shallow- I'll be back."
  • "Whatever has been silenced will clamor to be heard."
  • "I had hoped that one day you would see that is was still me inside."
  • "Have you seen you? You're very annoying!" - To her older sister
  • "Putress created a PR nightmare. We're never going to recover from the blow that fatheaded idiot dealt us."
  • "My nephew, the ignorant little manchild that he is, show's promise."
  • "It's not called treason if you win. We call that revolution."
  • "It will be a cold day in Lordaeron when the Forsaken accept another ruler by the name Menethil..."
  • "Are you fucking joking? We're all tired of the fight! Why can't everyone learn to take out their rage on the real people responsible for their suffering for once- our leadership!"
  • "Rule by the people? Sounds... enticing. And complicated."

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite kind of footwear are Doc Martens.
  • While the SI:7 are aware she's married to a Deathstalker, they have no idea which Deathstalker it is that she is married to.
  • Diane has a glass jaw- one tap and she's down.
  • Diane can sing- she was an operatic soprano in-life; in death, her voice has been known to rattle windowpanes.
  • If you ask her, Diane will say she's always been loyal to the Forsaken. When you ask why she betrayed Sylvanas, she'll tell you she acts in the Forsaken's best interests, not in their leader's.
  • There's a joke amongst my friends and I, wherein Sexyback plays in the background whenever she steps into a room.
  • Diane took the time to read Lavernius Jur's book, Tin Men while she was in hiding in Stormwind. She found it educational; with the Alliance portions leaving her feeling a bit vindicated, while the Horde portions left her with something to think about. Are the factions really so different?
  • Her faceclaim is Sólbjört Sigurðardóttir.

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