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Dietrich von Webber is the eldest child of Baron Heinrich Mellion von Webber, he is the oldest son of the former Baron von Webber and is now Baron.

Currently the Baron of Fowlbrook is off on Draenor, leading men from the Barony in the name of the Kingdom of Stormwind.


Written by the amazing Sylindra, while I attempt to draw up a description

A rather fine looking man, Dietrich von Webber bears a rather noble look to him. His rounded face is very human in nature, looking plain compared to the more exotic races of the Alliance, though it gives him a certain distinction. Sitting atop his head is short brown hair parted to the right. Framing his head are a pair of larger than average ears with connected lobes.His almond shaped eyes are hazelnut in color, resting over his nose and under a thin pair of eyebrows.In terms of body shape, he is rather thin, with well formed shoulders and a chest to match. His arms are well toned and end in a pair of matching hands. Below the belt he is well crafted as well. His legs and feet are toned and not overly muscular.



Born in the year 591 K.C. to Heinrich von Webber, and his wife Amelia von Webber. The early years of his life was dominated by two things: lessons from his mother and the threat of the newly arrived Orcish Horde. For the first seven years of his life he received lessons in reading, writing, and basic manners. At the age of five his family left their home, evacuating the Kingdom with thousands of other refugees as they fled to Lordaeron. Taken in by local nobility within the Hillsbrad Foothills, Heinrich joined hundreds of other refugees to fight against the Orcish Horde, Dietrich and the rest of his family stayed with this noble for the duration of the war, continuing to recieve lessons from his mother and two years later at the age of seven becoming the page for Knight Heinz Smith, another refugee from Fowlbrook.

The Second War

Though he was taken as a page by Sir Smith, it seemed the war was not going to drag on as it did before, he served as the Knight's page and followed the army across Lordaeron and it was during this time he saw Quel'thalas and other lands as the Alliance armies pushed south. Following the Siege of Blackrock Spire and the beginning of reconstruction within the Kingdom of Azeroth, the von Webbers returned back to their now ruined lands, and set about rebuilding.


Baron of Fowlbrook
Preceded by
Heinrich Mellion von Webber
Dietrich von Webber Succeeded by
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