Diocese of Alterac
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Alterac City, Alterac






Alterac Chapel

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Braelin Joseph

The Diocese of Alterac is a geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light, located in the Kingdom of Alterac. The Church of the Holy Light in Alterac is centered around Alterac City and extends to the surrounding areas. The Diocese of Alterac is headed by the Bishop of Alterac, currently vacant.


The Diocese of Alterac is bordered by the Diocese of Lordaeron to the north, and to its westernmost point. the Baradin Bay to the south, its eastern most section borders the Diocese of Stromgarde along the Throndroril River where it empties into Baradin Bay. The mountain range to the southwest of the Hillsbrad Foothills border the Diocese of Gilneas.

The Diocese briefly adopted Eagle's Perch as its resident cathedral, prior to Eleisonne's retirement. Upon retirement Eleisonne reversed his decision and recreated the Alterac Chapel as the Diocese's resident cathedral. During Eleisonne's tenure, he was quick to offer a helping hand to the predominant orders within the Alterac Mountains and established the the Museum of Modern Alteraci History and Heritage to offer dedication to the short lived Bishop Emeritus Ahnca Elric as well as various other figures from Alteraci history.

Bishop Edit

The office is currently vacant as of 31st December 626 K.C. It was last occupied by Father Eleisonne, preceded by Ahnca DeBray.

Prior Edit

The office is currently vacant. It was last occupied by Father Eleisonne, preceded by Ahnca DeBray.

Previous Bishops Edit

The Diocese has been under the guidance of three prior to its current vacancy, these three being:

  • Bishop Edrane Riddle, ejected by force from the Diocese before being captured and killed.
  • Bishop Ahnca Elric, newly instated Bishop of Alterac after Edrand Riddle. Now granted Bishop-Emeritus, and has since died in childbirth.
  • Bishop Kýriel Eleisonne, elected by Council vote after Elric's retirement. Has retired due to health related reasons. Upon retirement, he chose to dissociate himself from the Council entirely in favor of supporting the Citrine Conclave.

Lord-Cardinal Melchiz Tzedeck, the provincial leader of the region, served as the interim Bishop of Alterac between the various vacancies.

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