Diocese of Lordaeron
Diocese of Lordaeron
Coat of Arms


Tyr's Hand, Lordaeron


Niklos Adamant


Myailah Lanceor


Tyr's Hand Cathedral

Patron Saint

Columban Blackmoore
Terenas Menethil

The Diocese of Lordaeron is a geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light.  It is centered around Tyr's Hand Cathedral in Tyr's Hand, Lordaeron and extends to the surrounding areas.  The Diocese is headed by Bishop and Lord-Cardinal Niklos Adamant.


The Diocese of Lordaeron borders the Diocese of Gilneas at its southernmost point.  The border runs from the coastline of the Great Sea due East along the river flowing from Lordamere Lake.  It then continues along the southern coast of Lordamere lake until it reaches the mountain range bordering the Kingdom of Alterac until it reaches the mountains bordering the hinterlands.  It then proceeds northward, following the mountains and extending entirely to the coastline.

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