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Dominion-Ward Conflict
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July 10, 41 L.C.


Eastern Kingdoms



Major battles

Sacking of the Enclave


Dominion trans.png Bloodmoon Dominion

Icon of Blood.png Kingdom of Quel'Thalas


Queen Alytheria Bloodmoon


"By order of the Magisters, the organization known as the Bloodmoon Dominion and its affiliates are hereby denounced and branded as servants of the Scourge, and enemies of the kingdom of Quel'thalas. For crimes of terrorism and sedition against the kingdom, and the conversion of citizens into the aberrant San'layn..."
- Excerpt from the Ward's declaration against the Dominion.

The Dominion-Ward Conflict is an ongoing military conflict beginning in 41 L.C. between the Bloodmoon Dominion and the Ward of Anasterian on behalf of the Kingdom of Quel'thalas. After discovering the Dominion's ongoing operations in Quel'thalas to harvest new San'layn converts and thralls to feed the vampiric faction, the Ward was dispatched to excise the Dominion's presence, and hunt down their continued activities in the world.


Under the leadership of Duchess Seden Stellare, the Bloodmoon Dominion had secretly occupied territory within Quel'thalas, hiding within old ruins once belonging to the defunct House of Solflame. Among these ruins was the tower that became Banu Arkae, which served as a chief surveillance and conversion facility for the Dominion. While keeping an eye upon Silvermoon and its interests, the Dominion in Banu Arkae "educated" its new arrivals in the ways of the Dominion, before they could be seen fit to make the journey to the homeland.

Additionally, desiring to cultivate the living side of her family once again, Queen Alytheria orchestrated the revival of House Solflame through one of her few living descendants who had yet to be exiled, Sylvia Solflame. As part of her scheme to uphold the new Bloodmoon Dynasty, Alytheria intended to have the two families be two sides of one coin, with those among the Solflames joining the Bloodmoons in vampiric undeath, if willing. Following this successful revival, the Dominion occupied the Solflame Enclave.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Silvermoon were well aware of a growing San'layn insurgency within Quel'thalas after recent events that shined a light upon a hidden crisis. Organizations like the Phoenix Society worked to undermine this and reveal their plots, but ultimately the Ward of Anasterian took to the field of investigating the activity, with the intentions of putting an end to the conspiracy, and bringing the culprits to justice before the law.

Sacking of the Enclave