Burning Legion

Racial Leaders:

Kazzak the Supreme





The Doomguard, also known as Ered'ruin, are a powerful race of demonic warriors that hold a place of esteem in the Burning Legion as shock troops, elite guards and captains of the Legion's demonic forces. Doom guard are almost the archetypical Demons our of Humanity's nightmares, possessing dark, burnt skin, cloven hooves, a pair of leathery wings, a head crowned with horns and a whipping tail behind them. Doomguard revel in the destruction they wreak upon the cosmos in service to the Legion, with a reputation for exceptional brutality that has been well earned many times over. Loyal to the Pit Lords and Eredar that command them, the Doomguard are Demons to be reckoned with.

The Doomguard were not always a force of destruction in the universe. the Doomguard hold a mysterious origin that none even among their own kind care about. Millions of years ago, in ancient times, the Doomguard were the hounds of the Titans. The Doomguard were enslaved as a force of order in the universe, tasked by the Titans to police the laws of arcane magic, descending upon offenders with brutal efficiency, and no magic did they find as sweet as sacrificial magic. Sacrificial magic was considered the greatest violation of life by the Titans, and were thus attuned to instantly punish any who delved into such delicious sorcery.

At some point, The Doomguard entered the service of Sargeras, and took a prominent place in the Burning Legion he was forging. The Doomguard quickly took a role as the elite troops of the Legion, sent into battle when the multitudes of Felguard were not enough to break enemy lines. The Doomguard still possess something of their Titanic gifts, in their advanced resistance to magic, but can still be killed by it. It is unknown and unlikely if Doomguard are a Titanic race like the Earthen, or were merely used by the Titans as servants. Doomguard is also a rank as much as a race, as several Terrorguard subraces of the Doomguard also hold the Doomguard title.

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