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Dor'Serrar, The Eternal Blade
Dorserrar Banner.png


33 L.C.




236 varying fighters
30 Druids
65 Rangers
10 Highborne Magi
100 Warriors
50 Shadowstalkers
11 Miscellaneous
1 Modified Airship
12 Glaivethrowers


The Raven Hold


Black and Silver

Theater of Operations:

Broken Isles
Kul Tiras

Leader & Officers:

Isarith (Zin'Serrar)
Silharand Shadewhisper (Zin'Serrar)
Spectreana (Shan'Serrar)
Velasandra Ravensinger (Shan'Serrar)







Dor'Serrar is a heavy roleplay, Kaldorei Order devoted to the protection of Kalimdor, the Kaldorei way of life, and securing foreign fronts for their allies. Their allegiance is clearly to the Order and the Kaldorei. However, over the years, they have forged alliances with several different races and tolerated differing ideologies to achieve the same goals.

Formed in year 33, the Blade has fought numerous campaigns against it's enemies. The Eternal Blade's skills are varied and often times savage in execution. Stealth and gorilla tactics warfare has proven time and again to be a valuable military asset within the Order's arsenal. It is not all that they do but it is what the enemy fears of them the most.

Duty and Honor. Loyalty and Country. Above All Else.

Rank Structure

Zin'Serrar (Guild Master)
Glory of the Blade 

Shan'Serrar (Officer)
Honored Blade

Shan're / Shan'do (Guide / Mentor)
Honored Advisor / Honored Teacher

Surfal'Serrar (Veteran)
Beloved Blade

Shal'Serrar (Member)
Blade of the Night / Nightblade

Kal'Serrar (Initiate)
Blade of the Stars

Dieb'Serrar (OOC / Ally)
Blade of the Family


Approachable and friendly, members of Dor'Serrar create events that are laid-back and all about being together as a family. The guild can often be seen attending community meetings, parties, or other occasions and participating in other guilds' stories. If you're looking for a more quiet roleplay experience, there are several members that do not mind and prefer smaller group settings (I.e., story-telling circles, mini-adventures while doing in-game content, or a simple talk while fishing up some food for the Order.. just to name a few examples).

D20 Events

D20 events have a simple, stream-lined system that makes use of the in-game /roll command, providing chance and unpredictable results to every adventure undertaken. The Event System is easy to master quickly, in as little as one event, and the mechanics can be accessed by any member at any time for quick reference should they need a refresher.

Every member can choose from several available perks and kits to add to their experience such as a bonus to their rolls or additional damage against enemies in specific situations. You can reference the guild website for quick reference points, cheat sheets, and more detailed information.

You will need an account on the Dor'Serrar website in order to view the D20 Event forum thread.

Joining the Order

To join Dor'Serrar, we ask that all potential members visit the guild website, click on the Rules tab and read. If it sounds like something compatible to what you're looking for then fill out a very brief application. If your application is accepted, you will be asked to contact one of the Leadership in order to setup an in-character meeting to bring your character into the Order.

Usually taking no more than 30 minutes of your time, our interviews help us gauge your knowledge of Kaldorei lore and roleplaying skill. We encourage every new member to take their time and not rush through the interview. We are very accommodating for people of varying roleplay skill level, especially those eager to learn, and we simply ask you put effort into your work.


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