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Dregar Ironmaw


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Misc legionfall warlock.png Council of the Black Harvest

Former Affiliations

ShadowCouncil.png Shadow Council
Legioniconnew.png Burning Legion
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Dregar Ironmaw is a former member of the Shadow Council and a master demonologist. He previously operated within the Court of the Burning Dawn. He previously mentored Janara Kessler on the warlock arts, but he has since abandoned his student, fearing she had grown too reckless with its power.

Dregar is now very frail and aged, Fel magics corroding his body to much a degree that he has nearly become a leper among his fellow orcs, and thus, seeks sanctuary within Black Harvest.


The Orcish warlock known as Dregar Ironmaw served among the cabal of Shadow Council agents embedded in the Syndicate, answering to Nagaz , the Argus Wake's de-facto leader. Remaining in his position for quite some time as well as offering his tutelage and summoning mastery to his pupil, Janara, Ironmaw performed many grim rituals on the Alteraci humans, turning them from ordinary sorcerers and bandits into foes to be feared.

It arrived to Dregar the realization that his subjects, as well as his foremost pupil had every intention in rebelling against their former master. Janara believed she eclipsed Ironmaw's power shortly before Third Host, and sought to usurp his position in the Shadow Council after she had made a bold and reckless pact with the Dreadlord Karzurek.

During Operation Derelict: The Durnholde Incident, Dregar had been caught consorting with the forces of Tarren Mill, thus, Janara's partner, Thirnas Kessler demanded the orc's imprisonment. He was not held captive for long, however. Liberation came on the operation's final evening.

Dregar had realized the poisonous and ravenous ways of the demonic coven which he served, and his pursuits in the shadowy arts were primarily scholarly. The volatile nature of his peers were not conducive to further research, and he refused to make any pacts with demons. He was confident the Shadow Council would grow stagnant and eventually destroy itself, thus leading to his eventual departure to the Council of the Black Harvest.