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Blood Prince Dreven
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Blood Prince Dreven


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Blood Prince Dreven is a San'layn Blood Prince who led several San'layn in an attempt to join the Horde as they did not have a home. In order for Warchief Windrunner to accept the San'layn among them, they had to complete missions under the command of Rokhan.

In Nazmir, the Alliance sought to lure Dreven into an ambush with the aid of John J. Keeshan. Dreven, accompanied by his Blood Marquises, engaged in battle with Keeshan, Shandris Feathermoon, and her Sentinels. Though Dreven failed to complete his mission, the Alliance suffered only a Pyrrhic victory, with the Marquises killing Shandris' sentinels as they died, and Dreven himself severely wounding Shandris.

The Alliance shifted focus away from Dreven following his retreat. However, he later returned aboard a ship with Thomas Zelling to assist in the efforts to scavenge old shipwrecks beneath the sea. Realizing that Dreven would be cornered on the ship with nowhere to retreat to on open waters, the Alliance seized the opportunity to neutralize him.

Dreven discovered by the Alliance draining his allies.

Dreven was found aboard The Crimson Squall training new San'layn neophytes, his people siphoning from blood crystals. After the Alliance culled the neophytes, they tracked Dreven down to the lowest deck of the ship, where he had drained two Forsaken in order to bolster his power to compete with his attackers. He attempted to retreat from battle, only for Shandris to pierce his shield and kill him in a final blow.

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