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The Duchy of Kent
Sloperise Keep by Popohnia


Hereditary Nobility
Marcus Banes DeBray


Northern Alterac Mountains


Sloperise Keep






Barony of Kent (8,500)

  • Sloperise Keep (3500)
  • Kent (5000)

Barony of Aron's Crossing (1,000)
County of Everwinter (3,000)

  • Snowhurst (2,000)
  • Ethermorne (1,000)

County of Stoneperch (2,500)

  • Stoneperch (1500)
  • Bridens Gate (1000)

County of Stonehold (2,500)

  • Stonehold (2000)
  • Bridens Castle (500)


Human Coinage

  • Goldcoin.png Gold Sovereigns
  • Silver.png Silver Groats
  • Copper.png Copper Pennies


Kingdom of Alterac



The Duchy of Kent is a recently established Duchy along the northern border of the Alterac Mountains. Formerly the meager Barony of Kent, the incumbent Duke of Kent recently exponentially expanded his lands. With this enormous annexation, the Barony of Kent was transformed into the Duchy of Kent. The Barony and now the Duchy has historically been under the rule of the House of DeBray which continues to rule to this day.


The Duchy of Kent is divided between two baronies and three counties, the Barony of Kent serving as the seat. The remainder of the counties were recently acquired through Duke DeBray's recent annexation.

Barony of Kent

The former sole domain of the House of DeBray, the seat of the Duchy, Sloperise Keep is situated in the Barony of Kent. The Baron of Kent is Ephraim DeBray, the once thought dead father of the incumbent Duke Marcus DeBray. The Barony of Kent also hosts the city of Kent, the largest settlement and only city in the entire duchy. The population of the Barony of Kent numbers at eight thousand five hundred.


The city of Kent was a mere village until long ago however shortly following the annexation, the village quickly expanded into a city with the influx of trade. The city of Kent is surrounded by a large curtain wall which hosts most of the residents inside, save for a few outlying farms. Kent is the capital city of the duchy and thus also serves as a trade hub. Notable structures include: a bank, courthouse, numerous company headquarters and one of the sole surviving buildings from the village, Kent Chapel.

Sloperise Keep

The ancestral seat of the House of DeBray, Sloperise Keep is a formidable castle built into the side of a mountain. The castle has withstood siege before, its survival partially attributed to mountain tunnels that lead to a secret exit. Sloperise Keep is the seat of the Barony and the entire Duchy, serving as a residence for the House of DeBray.


The countryside of the Barony of Kent is fairly sparse, mostly consisting of empty plains. The roads are heavy with traffic and as a result numerous roadside inns have sprouted along the road to Kent.

Barony of Aron's Crossing

The smallest of domains within the Duchy, Aron's Crossing is also the most destitute and is mostly ruin. The Baron of Aron's Crossing is Baron Tion Harrowmire. The dwindling population of the Barony of Aron's Crossing is around one thousand.

Aron's Crossing

The town of Aron's Crossing remains in ruin after a recent attack and is largely uninhabited. Prior to its destruction, Aron's Crossing was a quaint village in a quaint barony. Mostly secluded from the concerns of the greater world, Aron's Crossing had always been small. With the number of farms and rich source of timber, Aron's Crossing had been mostly self-sufficient, dependent on the occasional roaming merchant. Presently, survivors of the attack are attempting to rebuild the town.

Emberpine Tower

Emberpine Tower is the seat of the Barony of Aron's Crossing and presently the residence of the House of Harrowmire. A small relatively small tower, it serves far more as a luxury home rather than a defensible structure. Outside of the tower there is a large hamlet that provides for the lord's residence.


The countryside of Aron's Crossing is mostly woodland and by far the most chaotic area in the entire duchy. The Emberpine Forest as it is known is roaming with bandits, yetis and other dangerous threats. More recently, a very armed cult has been operating out of Emberpine Forest, the same force responsible for the attack on Aron's Crossing.

County of Everwinter

The County of Everwinter is the largest and most populated county in the Duchy of Kent. Under the rule of the House of Whitefield, the County of Everwinter has been swiftly restored in recent years and was allowed to maintain its rulers following the annexation. The population of Everwinter is three thousand. The Count of Everwinter is Count Ralph Whitefield.


Snowhurst is the largest town and barony in the County of Everwinter and the second largest settlement in the Duchy of Kent. Many refugees from Aron's Crossing fled to much more stable and safer Snowhurst following the cult attacks. A smaller trade hub for the northern portion of the duchy, Snowhurst is responsible for much of the county's prosperity. The Baron of Snowhurst is Baroness Eloise Whitefield of Snowhurst, the head of a cadet branch of the House of Whitefield.


A small village and barony in the County of Everwinter, Ethermorne was built around the once prestigious Ethermorne Academy. Ethermorne Academy was once a serious contender among the Alteraci schools, however the institution's doors closed with the fall of Alterac and never reopened. Ethermorne was resettled along with Snowhurst, the school instead being utilized as a seat for the Baron of Ethermorne. The village is slowly recuperating, partially dependent on assistance from Snowhurst. The Baron of Ethermorne is Baron Tristan Perry.

Castle Whitefield

Castle Whitefield is the seat of the House of Whitefield and the seat of the County of Everwinter. A respectable castle surrounded by a intact curtain wall and a moat. The fortification is fairly average for most castles throughout the Eastern Kingdoms.


The countryside of the County of Everwinter is the same regardless of barony. It is filled with rolling farmlands that are normally covered with snow due to the poor weather conditions of Alterac. However crops do grow during the short summers and in great abundance. The roads of Everwinter are remarkably safe, partially due to the steady grip the House of Whitefield has maintained over the region despite the chaos of Alterac.

County of Stoneperch

The County of Stoneperch is the entryway to the entire Duchy of Kent from the rest of the world. It's sister county, the County of Stonehold are remarkably similar and locked in a bitter century-old feud. Like it's sister county, the County of Stoneperch is too small to warrant it being divided into baronies and thus is only a county. The Count Jeffrey Bridens of Stoneperch is Count of Stoneperch. The population of the county around two thousand five hundred.


The town of Stoneperch rests atop a large hill and is a smaller trade hub for the south of the duchy. However, the city remains in relative ruins as it has been victim to numerous Syndicate attacks. The ruling House of Bridens of Stoneperch resides in Stoneperch tower which sits in the center of the town. The town itself is moderately inhabited however most of its residents have dispersed into the surrounding hilly region where they believe it is safer.

Bridens Gate

Named after the long dead Count Loren Bridens, Briden's Gate is an enormous structure that now controls the only road entrance into the Duchy of Kent. On the Kent side of the gate, a small town by the same name is situated. The town is relatively modest but one of the safest places in the county due to the heavy presence of armed soldiers near the gate. Briden's Gate continues to be one of the biggest sources of income for the House of Bridens of Stoneperch.


The countryside of Stoneperch is filled with craggy hills and dense boreal forest. Because of frequent Syndicate attacks targeting the town of Stoneperch, many of its citizens have fled into the country and built small communities throughout. This large dispersion of the population has actually created safety in the region due to the inability to find most of these communities. Residents of these communities often venture into slightly ruined Stoneperch to trade and pay tribute to the still in power House of Bridens of Stoneperch.

County of Stonehold

The County of Stonehold is the sister and rival county of the County of Stoneperch. Whereas Stoneperch largely benefits from trade, Stonehold's many mines yield much wealth to the region. These two rival counties are ruled by two branches of the same family and have been locked in a feud for a century. Similar to Stoneperch, the County is too small to warrant it being divided into baronies and thus is only a county. The Count of Stonehold is Count Leon Bridens of Stonehold. The population of the county is around two thousand five hundred.


The town of Stonehold is built onto the slope of a mountain and has more in common with a garrison than an actual town. Heavily walled and protected by the dangerous mountain path that leads to it, its residents have been relatively safe over the past few years. The town of Stonehold is in the shadow of Stonehold Keep, the residence of the ruling family, the House of Bridens of Stonehold. Heavily manned, the town of Stonehold diverts most of its resources towards the profitable mining trade of the region.

Bridens Castle

Now an abandoned wreck, Briden's Castle is the former seat of the now extinct House of Briden. Built by the famed Count Loren Briden, Briden's Castle was once the jewel of the prosperous County of Briden. With the collapse of the family and the resulted rivalry of the two cadet branches which now rule Stoneperch and Stokehold, Briden's Castle has fallen into ruin. The shadow town that surrounded the castle is still sparsely inhabited however the castle itself is in such a poor state that it has been rendered uninhabitable.

Stonehold Mines

The source of income for the House of Bridens of Stoehold is mineral ore, all of which is mined from the Stokehold Mines. A small mining town of the same name has popped up nearby the mines where most of the miners and their families live. Given significant protection by the ruling Bridens of Stonehold, Stokehold Mines is well protected.


The countryside of Stonehold is mountainous and hilly in the east where most of the population lives and is safely protected. However as the Alterac Mountains fold into the Bridens Valley, which includes both the County of Stonehold and the County of Stoneperch, the safety dissipates. The boreal forest valley is roaming with Syndicate and is not safe for unarmed travelers.


The Duchy of Kent is situated along the northern rim of the Alterac Mountains and so it takes after the rest of the region geographically. The eastern portion of the duchy, particularly the County of Stonehold and the Barony of Kent are mountainous and often difficult to traverse. The further westward, the lower the altitude drops and as a result more life appears. The Barony of Aron's Crossing is predominantly dense boreal woodlands. Boreal forests also fill Briden's Valley which fills the space between the mountainous east of Stonehold and the craggy hills of western Stoneperch. Rolling hills do appear in the County of Everwinter and the western portion of the Barony of Kent. The Flora, fauna and weather are similar in each of these environments as they are for the rest of the Alterac Mountains.


Due to the recent annexation, Duke Marcus DeBray has recently stepped into the position of administering all these formerly independent fiefs. The majority of these incumbent lords have remained in power, except in the case of the Barony of Aron's Crossing and the Barony of Kent. In both situations, a new Baron was appointed to replace the missing or now preoccupied predecessor in both regions. The three Counts of Everwinter, Stoneperch, and Stonehold each agreed to heed their vassal lord upon the annexation. Duke Marcus DeBray remains the superior authority in each of these regions however the day to day management is left to each domain's respective liege lord.


Due to the youth of the Duchy of Kent, the houses that first composed the Duchy have remained in power since. The history of any houses ruling in this region will be included here as well.

House of DeBray

House Head: Duke Marcus DeBray

Having only recently rose to the prosperity of ruling the entire Duchy, the House of DeBray is a relatively young and previously meager Alteraci house. The House of DeBray has grown exceptionally powerful, the current head of the family having significantly their holdings. The Duke's younger sister, Ahnca Elric has also brought prestige to her House as a Bishop Emeritus of Alterac. Once meager mountain barons turned prominent dukes, the House of DeBray is hungry for glory and affluence.

House of Carlisle

House Head: Dame Henrietta Carlisle

The youngest House is in the entire duchy, the House of Carlisle was founded by its current head, Baroness Henrietta Carlisle. The House of Carlisle was created when Dame Henrietta Carlisle was raised to the position of Baroness by Duke Marcus DeBray to rule over the Barony of Aron's Crossing which had been previously ruled by the now missing House of Rossen. The House of Carlisle presently struggles to grow and solidify itself in the region as the Barony of Aron's Crossing is the least stable out of any in the Duchy of Kent. Due to the recent plague attacks on the small Barony, Henrietta has retired to private life and stepped down as Baroness of Aaron's Crossing. Now ruled by house Harrowmire.

House of Rossen

House Head: Unknown

The former rulers of the Barony of Aron's Crossing, the former Baron of Aron's Crossing went missing and is presumed dead after the Fall of Alterac. Following the downfall of the Kingdom of Alterac, the Barony of Aron's Crossing and the ruling House of Rossen fell into a similar state. The House of Rossen is presumed to be extinct.

House of Whitefield

House Head: Count Ralph Whitefield

The House of Whitefield is the second most powerful family in the Duchy of Kent, second to the House of DeBray. The historical rulers of the County of Everwinter, the House of Whitefield maintained their power after agreeing to accept the House of DeBray as their vassal lords peacefully. The House of Whitefield is lead by Count Ralph Whitefield who has maintained relative peace in the County of Everwinter despite the collapsing kingdom surrounding it.

House of Whitefield of Snowhurst

House Head: Baroness Eloise Whitefield of Snowhurst

A cadet branch of the House of Whitefield, the Snowhurst Whitefield's formed their own House roughly two centuries ago after their ancestor, Baron Keven Whitefield, the second son of Count Thegor Whitefield, was appointed the Baron of Snowhurst. Since then the Snowhurst Whitefield's have remained loyal to their cousins and liege lords, the House of Whitefield. The Snowhurst Whitefield's continue to rule over the Barony of Snowhurst to this day.

House of Perry

House Head: Baron Tristan Perry

Another young House in the Duchy of Kent, its incumbent head, formerly Sir Tristan Perry was elevated to baronship by Duke Marcus DeBray to manage the ruined Barony of Ethermorne. The House of Perry has found moderate success in this pursuit as it slowly recovers the old college town. The House of Perry is still young but strives to achieve prosperity.

House of Marensbrook

House Head: Unknown

The now extinct House of Marensbrook once ruled over the Barony of Ethermorne. However, the Baron of Marensbrook aligned himself with the Syndicate shortly after the fall of Alterac and was later executed by Count Ralph Whitefield. The Count of Whitefield revoked the family of their title of Baron of Marensbrook and the rest of the family fled Alterac. The status of the surviving members of the House of Marensbrook is unknown.

House of Bridens

House Head: None

The now extinct House of Bridens were once affluent Counts of Alterac. Ruling over the no longer existing, County of Bridens the family brought prosperity to the region. However, a hundred years ago the last Count Bridens had two twin sons. After his death, the two disputed one another's claims and ended up tearing the county apart. Both brothers ended up forming cadet branches of the House of Bridens, one brother claiming the Barony of Stoneperch, the other claiming the Barony of Stonehold, former domains of their father. Both brothers asserted that their baronies were counties and their descendants continue to be locked in this century old feud.

House of Bridens of Stoneperch

House Head: Count Jeffrey Bridens of Stoneperch

The descendants of Count Edward Bridens, the Bridens of Stoneperch rule over the County of Stoneperch. Their family remains locked in a feud with their cousins, the Bridens of Stonehold. The Stoneperch Bridens have ruled over the County of Stoneperch well, however in the county has fallen into somewhat disrepair in recent years with the downfall of the kingdom. The Stoneperch Bridens have had trouble defending their citizens against Syndicate however maintain control and wealth through the income of Bridens Gate. The Stoneperch Bridens consented to the rule of the House of DeBray, trusting that the new House would bring peace to the region.

House of Bridens of Stonehold

House Head: Count Leon Bridens of Stonehold

The descendants of Count Gregory Bridens, the Bridens of Stonehold rule over the County of Stonehold. Their family remains locked in a feud with their cousins, the Bridens of Stoneperch. The Stonehold Bridens have maintained a tight control over the County of Stonehold in recent years despite the chaos of the Kingdom of Alterac. This is partially attributed to their solidified military force and regular income of minerals. The Stonehold Bridens guard these resources closely so that they may continue to remain profitable. However in recent years, the Bridens of Stonehold have secretly funded Syndicate to usurp their cousins, the Stoneperch Bridens so that they may lay claim to the County of Stoneperch.


The economy of the Duchy of Kent is stuck in an economic depression. Whereas some fiefs of the duchy remain economically stable, others remain unstable or destitute due to the chaotic conditions of Alterac. As a result, higher taxes are levied against the wealthier domains so that the citizens of the poorer and less stable regions may be protected and order maintained. The Duchy of Kent mostly depends on the mineral and lumber trade which it exports throughout the Kingdom of Alterac and the Eastern Kingdoms. The Duchy does depend on some exports, however there are ample resources within the other domains to support the Barony of Kent alone if necessary.

Judicial System

With the Kingdom of Alterac a defunct state, the Duchy of Kent is no longer legally bound to obeying Alteraci law. However the Duke of Kent continues to enforce Alteraci Law regardless, appointing magistrates to manage the duchy's judicial system.

Presently there are four active magistrates within Kent:

  • The Honorable, James Nestor
  • The Honorable, Tracy Osborne
  • The Honorable, Theodore Perry
  • The Honorable, Samantha Verner


The military of the Duchy is slowly recovering. Due to the youth of the duchy, a central army is still in the process of being developed. Until a unified Kent host is created, each domain depends on its own forces to keep the peace.


The Duchy of Kent is a new creation and thus has very little history to it. The Duchy of Kent was created as an expansion of the Barony of Kent by Duke Marcus DeBray. Most of the ruling houses of the region consented to this centralization of power as they all agreed that it would mutually benefit all. Since then, the Duchy of Kent has slowly been recovering to restore order throughout the duchy.

Recently, a radical Light worshipping cult has been spotted in the Barony of Aron's Crossing and been waging war within. The Duchy's conflict with this cult is ongoing.


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