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Duchy of Veridia
Lesser Arms of the Duchy of Veridia






Industry and Progress

- Ruler

Hereditary Monarchy
Duke Xavier Morgan

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122 square miles



Ruling House

The House of Morgan





The Duchy of Veridia is a realm within the Kingdom of Stormwind consisting of a single muddy island.


The House of Morgan is described by some as a group of con-men but described by most as a group of people with delusions of grandeur. Three hundred years go when Stormwind was being divided up there was a small island made of mud somewhere off the coast. It was owned by a man named Cheswick Morgan. Cheswick told the King that it was giant and full of resources. Nobody checked to see if he was lying or not so Cheswick was made the Duke of all of nothing.


Veridia is claimed by its citizens to be a large archipelago of islands just 357 miles west of Westfall. In actuality, it's a single muddy island about 357 miles west of Westfall. Nobody lied about where it was located at least.


  • March of Grimeshire - Apollo Grimblesnatch
  • County of Mudshire
    • Barony of Stevens
    • Barony of Burmington
  • County of Sophia - Xavier Morgan
    • Barony of Rashire - Aran Dacey
    • Barony of Morgantown - Xavier Morgan
  • County of Dirtshire - Volke Southstrider
    • Barony of Gritch - N/A Leper Colony
    • Barony of Bradley


  • Veridia once experienced something known as "The Month of a Dozen Dukes" in which a very strange game of truth or dare had gotten incredibly out of hand. Few Veridians wish to talk about this.
  • There is a statue of Cheswick Morgan in the center of Morgantown that is cherished by many. It's actually a stolen statue of King Barathen Wrynn the Adamant of Stormwind. Just about every Veridian knows this, but like to pretend it really is Cheswick.
  • Veridia is home to creatures known as Grimbles. Trogg-kobold hybrids that run rampant, stealing onions and children.
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