Viscount of Galecrest
Durstan Warpwood
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GaluynCrest Galuyn
LeanaiCrest Leanaí Iscia
NathairCrestDrapeCountessBlack House of Nathair
Duchyoftheheadlands Duchy of the Ashen Coast
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Viscount of Galecrest
Ordú Tóraíocht





Viscount Durstan Warpwood is a Galuyn made noble man in the Earldom of Iscias cove and the Ordú Tóraíocht, roughly translated the Commanding Huntmaster of the Galuyn clans of the Leanaí Iscia.

Durstan was one of few survivors of the clans who formerly called the hills around Galecrest their home. During the various attempts of the Fallow Crest nobility to rid the land of the Galuyn, Durstans own clan suffered immensely, forcing him to retreat south.


The Crest of the House of Nathair

Crest of the Leanaí Iscia Wavewalker Galuyn.

There Durstan befriended the Nathair family, seeing benefit in acting as a lord of Gilneas while holding true to the roots of the Galuyn he joined the House as their Houndmaster.

Being similar in age Durstan spent much time with Desmond Nathair and his younger sister Aleyina Nathair, aiding Sinead with keeping them both fluid in Galui.

After the passing of Conall and Sinead, Durstan became a personal guard to Aleyina, assigned to her by Desmond. Durstan along with Alroy spoke in favor of Aleyinas desire to reach out to the Galuyn clans in the territory but was ultimately declined.

Durstan, Alroy and a small retinue of knights made sure to safely remove Aleyina from Iscia's Cove after the Fallow Crest nobility assassinated Desmond.

The Houndmaster spent much time plotting his return to Iscia's Cove and avenging his own clan destroyed by the nobility and the Dulahan clans, so when Aleyina approached him with her plans to return he once again swore his allegiance to House Nathair.

Durstan moved into Iscia's Rest with a small troop of trained huntsmen upon their return, clearing the path for the rest of the forces of House Nathair and Aleyina to retake the city and her own Manor.

After the expansion of the Earldom and the public execution of the Fallow Crest nobility Durstan Warpwood was named Viscount of Galecrest and left in charge of the most contested territory in the area.

Durstan has since joined the Blades of Greymane from time to time on their campaigns against the Dulahan clans at Aleyinas urging and has returned with the remains of the traitorous leaders to boast to the people of Galecrest that those of the Fallow Crest standing in the way of the Leanaí Iscia, House Nathair, and now the Duchy of the Ashen Coast will fall.

The Viscount joined an elite force of Galuyn soldiers called the Ánraoch trained by the military of the Blades of Greymane, Aeydan Wald, and the Duke of the Ashen Coast- Berenal himself to protect Iscia's Cove of any Legion forces invading the territory.

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