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Mayor Gwen Armstead (Formerly)


Southwestern Gilneas


Kingdom of Gilneas


Land collapsed; Town submerged

Duskhaven was a town located in southwestern Gilneas led by Mayor Gwen Armstead. It was destroyed during the Invasion of Gilneas due to the fragility of the land following the Cataclysm along with a Forsaken coastal bombardment, and all the lands all the way to the Darkmist shores were sunk, except for the local fishery. The lands were known to be one of the larger holdings under the House of Greymane and due to their status as being directly under the house, were referred to as Royal lands.

Prior to it's sinking, the town was the center for many travelers, particularly those trading fresh produce or held business with the Royal Family. The village even had a standing militia which was led by Hugh Luxford before his death at the ends of the Forsaken.


Duskhaven was originally settled by farmers and fishermen, and composed a meager population of 200 inhabitants. They thrived off of the farms and fishing for years until the discovery of metal in the region. Settlers poured in from across the peninsula, and the region prospered as towns popped around. It only lasted a time, however, as there was less metal than thought.

Despite the lack of metal in the ground, most of the people didn't leave the region, and they continued to thrive from the farmlands, without and meaningful conflicts throughout the years. While there were rumors of a Kul Tirian naval invasion which led to the organization known as the "Blades of Korvask" to make their home there, they were presumably un-found.

Invasion of Gilneas

The ruins of Duskhaven.

Years later, Duskhaven was where refugees originally went after the fall of Gilneas City to the Worgen. Unknown to them, Gilneas' natural coastal barrier had been damaged by the Cataclysm, which gave the Forsaken an opening for invasion. Because of the Cataclysm, the lands around the town had already been weakened, and the Forsaken invasion followed with a coastal bombardment caused the lands around Duskhaven to collapse.

With the town's imminent destruction, the town's mayor, Gwen Armstead, was forced to swiftly evacuate the town. Despite her best efforts, many were drowned when the town collapsed, busy trying to take as many of their possessions with them or too stubborn to leave, and a large portion of the region was sunk, including the entirety of the town except a small fishery.

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