The Dwarves
Dwarf Crest

Primary Affiliations

Grand Alliance

  • Bronzebeard Clan
  • Wildhammer Clan
  • Frostborn Clan
  • Earthen Dwarves
  • Dark Iron Clan

Titan Constructs

  • Earthen Dwarves
  • Iron Dwarves

Cult of the Twilight's Hammer

  • Dark Iron Clan
  • Iron Dwarves

Primary Nations

Aerie Peak
Thor Modan
Blackrock Mountain

Primary Languages

Dwarven Common

Life Span

250-450 Years

Average Height

3'9" - 5'0" (114 to 135 cm) (Males)
3'7" - 4'5" (109 to 130 cm) (Females)

Average Weight

134 - 226 lb. (Males)
104 - 196 lb. (Females)

Dwarves are an ancient race that emerged from the earth after thousands of years below ground - having suffered the from the Curse of Flesh bestowed upon many of the Titans' creations.

Short of stature and hardy in spirit, most dwarves in contemporary Azeroth have sided with the Grand Alliance out of political and military necessity. Other dwarves, most notably in the Dark Iron Clan, have sought refuge amongst other factions including the Cult of the Twilight's Hammer. The dwarves who did not suffer the Curse of Flesh most often remain close to their Titanic origins, guarding Titan artifacts and sites in the remote corners of the wilderness.

Dwarves are split into three primary sub-species. There are the Dark Iron Dwarves; black skinned dwarves that make their home within Shadowforge City; their primary leading family is the Thaurissan Clan. Wild Dwarves, also known as Wildhammer dwarves, Feral dwarves, Aerie dwarves or Mountain dwarves are typically tan skinned dwarves adorned with primal tattoos and hold a reverence for nature; the main leading clan being the Wildhammer Clan. They make their home within Northeron and the Hinterlands. Hill Dwarves, also known as Bronzebeard dwarves and mountain dwarves as well, who are the primary dwarf clan within the Alliance next to the Wildhammers, they maintain anywhere from somewhat tan to pale skin and maintain their home in the snowy mountains of Dun Morogh, their main leading clan being the Bronzebeard Clan.

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