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Dwarven glyphs inscribed on a wall in Ironforge.

Dwarven or Dwarvish is the primary language of the Dwarves in Azeroth. The Earthen, then Dwarves, did not originally have a written language, instead passing their knowledge down through oral tradition and imagery. They did however have an extensive 'vocabulary' of titanic glyphs that are known today as runes. These runes each symbolized one word or concept, and only the oldest of dwarves today have mastered all known runes that survived from antiquity.

After the Awaking of the Dwarves and their eventual surfacing over two thousand years ago, the humans of the Arathorian Empire taught the dwarves how to write in Arathorian Common which was much simpler than rune scribing. Over the years, dwarves altered the language into their own design, incorporating some titanic glyphs and making words of their own.

Some Dwarven Vocabulary

Here are a few Dwarven phrases and words:


  • "Bael" = "Red"

Animals and Biology

  • "Draig" = "Dragon"
  • "Cyfail" = "Heart"


  • "Modan" = "Mountain" or "Mountains"
  • "Lorn" = "Land", used in Lordaeron.
  • "Loch" = "Lake" or partially landlocked or protected bay; a narrow arm of the sea.


  • "Dwyar" = "Star" or "Spiked Ball"
  • "Hun" = "Bow", as in the projectile weapon.


  • "Magna" = "Protector", used for both male and female Guardians.
  • "Khadgar" = "Trust"
  • "Gar" = "Giant"

Other Words

  • "Oie" = "Yes"
  • "Eta" = "No"
  • "Dun" = "Town" or "Settlement"
  • "Gwyarbrawden" = Ritual among dwarven warriors, a way of connecting their blood. It was also a kind of justice. Those who swore Gwyarbrawden to another would avenge that person's death no matter the difficulty.