Eagle's Perch
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Ahnca Elric

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Eagle's Perch (formally known as Abbey of Eagle's Perch) is the seat of worship and faith for the Order of the Citrine Eagle, and their Holy Order of Citrine Clerics. The area also functions as a place of meeting for ceremonies and discussions for the Alterac Silver Hand.

Overview Edit

The chapel was initially commissioned by Ahnca Elric for use within the Alterac Mountains, at the time when the inner streets of Alterac City were still in disrepair and infested with ogres. With her death, the project was completed while the Diocese of Alterac was between bishops. During this time, a graveyard was erected for the deceased faithful directly adjacent to the chapel. After the elevation of Kýriel Eleisonne as then Bishop of Alterac, he adopted the chapel as hub for the Diocese for a little more than a month prior to reversing his decision upon his retirement, and relinquishing its use to the Citrine Conclave, who later reformed under Abbess Jezebel DeBray to form the Holy Order of Citrine Clerics -- a group who has worked closely with the Silver Hand of Alterac.

While under the domain of Abbess Jezebel, the once humble abbey has seen several rennovations and expansions to construct additional areas for the study and practice of faith, as well as to be a place of respite for those truly in need of charitable aid.

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