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The Dove


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Zevrad - Father (Deceased)
Michita Royal - Uncle (Alive)
Eve Emberbane - Aunt (Missing)

The world keeps taking them all away, Uncle. Everything hurts. I'm not going to let it all just be take take take. I won't let you be taken too. Papa was the same, and I am his daughter. I have to fight to ensure this world... stops taking from me.

–Edis Kaelah

Background - Soaring White Dove Edit

Chapter 1 - The Child of No Name. Edit

Zevrad & Uuna - Stained Glass

"You were the light of my life... Dear."

Edis Kaelah was a young blind Draenic child who was found on Argus without any memories of her previous life due to being crystallized for countless years. It was Zevrad who had freed her from her state and brought her back from Argus to Azeroth. There he made it his goal to care and nurture the child after the defeat of the Legion and return to Azeroth. Whether or not Edis could regain her lost memories, only time would tell.

Zevrad traveled to several regions with Edis to have her know the planet that they were now staying on and meet various people of different cultures and races. The two were inseparable, but duty demanded Zevrad to fight for the Alliance. He did so, despite his condition, to one day create a world where Edis can happily live in... without him. 

Chapter 2 - Turn Back the Pendulum. Edit

Back Then

"Let us remember the times back then."

As the War of Thorns kicked off in Azeroth, both Edis and Zevrad traveled to Kul'tiras so Zevrad could support the war effort. Despite the beginnings of a new war, Edis still hadn't realized the direness of the circumstances as to why they were there. Zevrad did his best to ensure she wasn't directly affected by the war. While there, Edis managed to spend time with both Eve Emberbane and Michita Royal, or better known as The Lady and The Hound. The four spent much time together in the first year of the war, Edis being sheltered at a home purchased by Eve Emberbane in the Proudmoore District.

In the back of her mind, Edis would always wonder if there was more she could do. She wondered why her father would be gone for so long, and perhaps... why he didn't desire for her to be with him. She'd look out her window during those days, and ponder her own usefulness. However days were simple, long, and sweet. She couldn't deny she was happy with their circumstances and spending time with them. She'd grown fond of her family, cherishing the memories she made with them. She wished these simple days could last forever.

Chapter 3 - From You, Endless Silence. Edit

Zevrad and Edis - Ethereal Storyteller

"What did he think at the end?"

In the days leading up to the end of the war, Edis had a nightmare. In this nightmare, she witnessed happier memories of her father. Yet the shadow she cast spoke to her, warning her of the lie of comfort she lived. Edis was filled with confusion and a familiar dread. Visions and memories of a life she no longer recognized flashed before her. The memories with Zevrad slowly broke and crumbled away as she ran to reach them. An endless hall would infinitely grow, leaving her aimless in her pursuit. The world around her grew black, and subtly she would call out to him, never being met with an answer.

As Edis awoke from that dream, she found herself leaned up in her bed at sunset. The day was beautiful, but there was a foreboding heavy presence surrounding her. Her eyes cast to the orange lit sky outside her window. However she wasn't alone, she hadn't even noticed the presence of her Aunt Eve at her bedside. The woman gave her a shock, sitting silently in a chair, simply waiting for the girl to notice. Edis could sense something was the matter, and she questioned her aunt as to why she was acting weird. Edis would never forget the feeling of that day, where her Aunt Eve sat there in what felt like endless silence, before relaying her father's fate to her. Her papa was gone, and he wouldn't be coming back.

Chapter 4 - All That Remains. Edit


"Everyday is still hard. But everyday, I'll still find a reason to smile."

Another full year had passed since the end of the war. Since then, Edis' Aunt Eve had purchased them another home out in Stormsong Valley. Edis still hadn't recovered from the loss of her father, but... for what remained; she was grateful. She managed to find a reason to smile daily. Since then, Edis had been actively attending school at Hearthglenn Academy, taught by the Argent Crusade. With her Aunt's teleportation network, travel was fairly easy and safe. Edis learned much about the grander picture and history of Azeroth and even managed to make friends.

However, as she learned more day by day at school, creeping guilt haunted her. It pained Edis to know so much was happening while she was relaxing, and that her father kept her from so many terrible things. Every so often, she'd pull out a piece of cloth from his scarf, a gift from her uncle, that reminded her of him. Edis was blind but she'd been taught by her father to see things in the form of light's energy and differentiate forms of life based off that. Her father's cloth had no remnants, but there was still a foreign essence unique only to him there. She cherished that.

Edis convinced herself that the pain would never go away, but she could do right by him by being better. Her Aunt and Uncle were still here, so she'd continue learning and growing. She'd likely not become the individual her father wanted her to be, but still, become one he could be proud of. She'd strive to both be prepared for the future, as well as cherish the time she had with the friends and family she had left. She would cherish all that remains.

Chapter 5 - Our Thousand Years Chase. Edit

Edis and Eve painted

Edis looked to her aunt in departure and uttered brokenly. "I will never stop chasing you... not even in a thousand years."

Aunt Eve had always been mysterious to Edis, but she never felt the need to question her. Adults had their secrets, and Edis was fine with that, she knew her aunt was often busy. But Edis loved her wholly, and as long as she was there, that was all that mattered to her. As long as she remained in her life, Edis would allow her to have all the secrets she wanted. So when abruptly her Aunt had attempted to sneak off in the middle of the night, a more righteous fire had exploded within her. For the first time in her life, Edis felt a wave of searing anger ignite within her.

She was leaving? No... she wasn't. As if something had snapped in the child, Edis refused to allow her Aunt to leave. Without hesitation, she combatted her Aunt to force her to stay. Her Aunt Eve had never seen the child so angry and thus was caught off guard by her sudden combat prowess. The two were alone in the middle of this night, as Edis' Uncle Mich had been out on another occasion. Perhaps strategically chosen that day, it made sense why her Aunt would try to leave then, expecting little to no resistance. However, Edis would leave her aunt a lasting scar with the burning light, a scar that would never fade.

But that didn't matter to Edis, if anything, she wanted it only to be a reminder to her aunt that the result here didn't matter. That not even in a thousand years would she ever stop chasing her. That this event if she followed through, would break her and change her forever. Edis refused to lose anymore, and pleadingly as she gripped her Aunt Eve and looked up to her, she only desired for her to know what the consequences of her actions would be if she left. Edis would never give up, and never stop. After the loss of her father, she would never let her aunt go. Her Aunt Eve couldn't truly fathom a child chasing after her, and would only gift Edis a final departing smile. For Edis, this had cemented her commitment, and that righteous fire... never left.

Chapter 6 - Beneath Your Weeping Shattered Sky. Edit


They were all that was left now. Beneath a weeping shattered sky.

Much had changed since her Aunt's departure. Her Uncle Michita had slowed and aged even more so. Edis noticed it in his face and eyes, that despite always tucking away his anger, he had become tired. Edis was fine with this, as long as he stayed safe and ultimately, with her. However, she felt sadness for her Uncle whom she loved dearly. It was just the two of them now, and these days, she felt more as if she had to be a protective force for him rather than vice versa. Her newfound righteous conviction kept her focused on bettering herself, so when the time came, she could protect her Uncle from any more pain. She would do whatever she had to, to keep him in her life.

As the two traveled Azeroth, searching for clues or remnants to Aunt Eve's whereabouts, Edis saw personally the more terrible nature of the denizens of Azeroth. Yet despite all the death, destruction, and pain she witnessed in the variety of places her Uncle and her visited; she never left his side. Though it was against his wishes, he'd realized that no matter what something within her had changed, and she'd never let him out of her sight now. The two had become peas in a pod, even if the circumstances leading to it were built off shared trauma. Edis would never allow herself to tire in her mission, she'd made her Aunt a promise she intended to keep. Amidst their travels though, came a day that Edis would never forget. As if the very world broke, a shattering echo broke out across the sky, and the whole world itself cried.

Personality Traits Edit

Her years of isolation and loss in memory affected Edis into becoming reserved towards others during the first few months. However, this eventually phases away as her childlike spirit was demonstrated as her curiosity grew. Allowing her to become unafraid when interacting with others and the objects to her surroundings. This was seen during the Stormwind Market as she wanted to taste the various delicacies offered.

She is normally a happy child who is kind to others when she engages in a conversation with others, believing that she and her father should help people whenever possible. This naive nature has made her somewhat careless as she does not consider her surroundings or the situation when danger occurs due to her lack of experience. For instance, she greets a wild bear in the woods which resulted in her and Zevrad being attacked by it.

Edis has many flaws as a youth and lack of experiences as she greatly dislikes violence as she fears the concept of killing. Throughout their journey, Edis would flinch, hesitate, or hide as she covers her eyes and ears whenever Zevrad would protect them from danger against other creatures or people. At one point it caused her to run away from him as she called him a monster when he killed some bandits that ambushed them on the road.

It was when Zevrad took off his mask and explained to her the lessons of life that she began to understand the common sense of Azeroth. Slowly, she would mature as she reflects on the consequences of her actions and the lessons being taught to her. She has much to learn and experience and would continue her travels with the Worgen Michita Atiel Royal and Void Elf Eve Ariel Emberbane.

Combat Phases - The Summer Blaze Edit

Phase 1 - The Hunter's Dove. "Remember Father's kindness." Edit

Edis is gifted with the ability to commune with the Holy Light of Creation, an endless shimmering sea of energy situated outside the barriers of reality. It is a primal force with its morality characterized by how it is wielded making it neither good nor evil. She has the potential to harness this magic to either heal, cleanse, protect or harm but has much to learn to master this ability.

Every living being possesses the energies of the Light, in every Heart and Soul, allowing Eve to sense other creatures and her environment through the various colors. Since each creature projects a different color giving her sense of sight despite her alignment of being blind. It was later when Zevrad created a technique that allowed her to focus her abilities to sense the details of her surroundings, granting her sight just like a normal person, similar to the arts cultivated by a Demon Hunter.

Phase 2 - The Wolf's Teeth. "Know Uncle's Rage." Edit

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Phase 3 - The Teacher's Mercy. "Embrace Teacher's Mercy." Edit

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Key Relationships Edit

Zevrad Stargazer, The Immortal Father. Edit

Zevrad, Edis, and Pepe

Created by Angevere. Listen to Theme

You are a part of my fate, as I am a part of yours.

The Demon Hunter, Zevrad Stargazer, is the surrogate father figure to Edis who attempts to give her the very best life possible. He is the person that she looks up to and would follow his example based on his actions and lessons taught to her.

Although he may appear more demonic due to the presence of his horns and mask that he wears, Edis has grown accustomed to his appearance due to the color of the Soul he projects. Allowing her to gradually trust him as she continues to interact with him as he continues to act as a supporting character for her.

Often called the Demon, Edis knows him to be kind, wise and a benevolent figure as she sees him often showing care during their travels. As seen when Zevrad aided and the Gnomes and Humans at the Eastern Kingdoms with little reward to gain. Despite his background and powers, he tends to speak in a warm voice and attempts to wear a different attire that is less imposing from before so that is not scary to Edis or her friends.

Eve Ariel Emberbane, The Starlit Purpose. Edit


Created by Michellle Elaine. Listen to Theme.

How long is forevermore?

Eve Ariel Emberbane is a close friend to Zevrad during the Legion campaign at the Broken Shore and Argus and continued to be so alongside her traveling companion, Michita Atiel Royal. Eve had grown sympathetic towards the young Edis since their first encounter and as she had become a shimmering light to Zevrad's life that would eventually become a part of Eve's life as well.

Eventually, Eve would become an Aunt figure as she would continuously spend time with her and her father while ensuring that Edis is getting spoiled by her whenever possible. By buying her various items of goods, assortments of toys, snacks, clothes, and treats. Causing Eve to be held into a special place in her heart.

Time would pass and it would be Eve along with her ally, Michita, that would take in Edis while Zevrad was labeled as missing eve since the events of the Ghosts of the Pasts. Months of his absence have worried Edis but Eve's presence and care offered what comfort could be given to the young child.

Michita Atiel Royal, The Guiding Heart. Edit

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Art Gallery Edit

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