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Elarydel Hallowbrook
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Art by Actual Sailboat



Date of Birth

July 17th, 333, K.C.

Place of Birth

Emberwood Isle


  • Arcanist
  • Ranger
  • Mercenary



  • Zanlis Hallowbrook (Father)
  • Elini Eversky (Mother)
  • Sialina Hallowbrook (Sister)
  • Pareth Hallowbrook (Uncle)

Character Names

  • Elarydel (Hunter)
  • Elarydell (Mage)
  • Hallowbrook (Rogue)



A career soldier if ever there was one. Elarydel has trained in both the martial and magical arts most of her life, leading her to an active career in both the Farstriders and the Silver Covenant. Despite having aligned herself with the sin'dorei following the fall of Quel'Thalas, Elarydel has since defected back to the Alliance during the height of Garrosh's reign.

Today, Elarydel occupies herself with several jobs and duties. She's a ranger of the Silver Covenant, a mercenary under the Oathsworn Aegis, and a consultant for all things arcane.

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Prissy, judgmental, hypocritical, and conceited: These are all words that would accurately describe Elarydel. A true sin'dorei at heart, Elarydel can often be seen as someone who talks, acts, and thinks as though she is above her station in life. She is oft to take the moral high ground and lord it over someone who she believes to be making poor decisions, even if she would be doing the same thing in their position.

Despite all of this, Elarydel recognizes some of her flaws and has been trying to become a better person of late. She does her best to be caring and considerate towards others, but frequently goes about it in ways that are either deceitful or produce unforeseen consequences.

Physical Description


Standing at a slightly above average 5'10" and sporting an athletic build, Elarydel has spent most of her life in the military and it shows. Beneath the woman's armour lies the toned upper body of someone who's very well acquainted with the use of a bow.

Her face bears two distinct features: a spray of freckles dotting most of her face and a faded scar that starts just above her upper lip and travels all the way until it disappears in her hairline near the right ear. Though her natural hair colour is red, she can most often be seen with it dyed white or blue.

When resting, Elarydel tends to wear a rather stern facial expression.


Bows, swords, or staves. Elarydel's weapon of choice will often vary based on the situation, and none of the three are of particular import or note.

The weapon she is never seen without however, is her wand. Resting inside a thin wooden tube attached to a loop at her waist rests a wand of simplistic design. A finely carved wooden grip gives way to a slender, blue crystal composing the top quarter of the device's length. In total, the wand measures roughly 25 centimeters in length.






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