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Elevia Verna Highblade
General Highblade by Omat Atef.


Elevia Verna Highblade
July 2nd, 193 K.C. (434 years)
Quel'Zaram Province, Quel'Thalas


Elf alto icon.png Quel'dorei


Chapter-Master of the Quel'Aranal Chapter
Duchess of Highblade Province
Captain of the Justice Company
General of The 501st Legion


"Woman Shaped Battering-Ram"
Duchess of Highblade Province
The Highblade of Quel'Aranal
Knight of the Silver Hand
Yellow Eyed Demon
The Scarlet Bloodhound
The Purifier
Wielder of Shari'dal


Alliance.png The Grand Alliance
Stormwind Icon.png The 501st Legion


Legionfall.jpg Armies of Legionfall

Silver Hand Icon.png Order of the Silver Hand


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Al’themar Highblade(father)
Celrea Highblade(mother)
Aniah Silversong (adopted sister)


Balledor The Redeemer (husband)
Uther Lothair (son)
Alexandros Lothair (son)
Arturia Lothair (daughter)



Belore; Church of the Holy Light

Lawful Good





Military Service


Alliance.png Grand Alliance


Stormwind Icon.png The 501st Legion

Years of Service

258 K.C.600 K.C. ((Thalassian Army))
600 K.C.614 K.C.(Alliance of Lordaeron)
614 K.C.618 K.C.(Grand Alliance Army)
618 K.C. — Present (The 501st Legion)

Commands Held

Ranger-Captain of the Thalassian Army
Commander of the 7th Legion




Chapter-Master of the Silver Hand

SWA Lord Marshal.png
General of the 501st Legion

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"Lead from the front or not at all."
- Elevia Highblade

Elevia Verna Highblade is a prestigious Quel'dorei soldier with affiliations to the Order of the Silver Hand, Church of the Holy Light and the Alliance Military. She currently serves as a Knight-Commander of the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal due to her exemplary leadership skills and combat prowess, as well as becoming one of the first Thalassian women to join the Silver Hand.


Elevia Highblade was born in the year of 208 K.C.. The only child of Lord Al'Themar and Lady Celrea of the illustrious House of Highblade[1], an immediate weight was put on the young woman's shoulders as the heir to one of the most prestigious and well known families of Quel'Thalas, her father Al'Themar having a leading seat on the Thalassian House of Nobles and Commons, and her mother being one of the most famed tailors in Quel'Thalas and even some human lands. Instead of a life pursuing more wealth, influence and power, Elevia chose a path in the military when she became of age in Quel'dorei culture, and joined the Farstriders.

Upon joining the Farstriders, Elevia was far different from most other noblewomen joining the military. She understood orders when they were given, followed them without question, and became a nearly perfect soldier as her superiors would often put it. But one thing always stood out: Elevia seemed to enjoy fighting and battle. She never really showed any signs of mental instability, but it was clear that she enjoyed it, and despite her reputation among soldiers, her and her family's reputation fell from grace when her father, Al'Themar, decided to adopt a small abandoned bastard girl whom he had found in the Silversong Woods; a child whom he would later name Aniah Silversong. Despite being the cause for her family's decline in reputation, Al'Themar and Celrea loved Aniah as if she were truly their own, and Elevia and Aniah would forge an unbreakable bond, with Aniah idolizing her elder sister as a child.

Sometime around 377 K.C., Al'Themar was attacked by a group of Amani Trolls. The young Lord would have been killed in the ambush if it weren't for the efforts of a Human Warrior known as Abraham Ridgewell. As a result of the warrior saving his life, Lord Al'Themar stated that he would owe a life-long debt to the Human, and would defend him and his bloodline until the end of his days. This pledge would later result in Elevia growing to admire humanity and their customs, unlike much of her people's disdain for the species.

For the next two hundred years, Elevia would serve as a Farstrider, eventually rising to the rank of Ranger-Captain and serving underneath legendary ranger Alleria Windrunner. When the Second War had begun, Elevia was one of the few elves that openly defied King Anasterian and journeyed with Alleria Windrunner to aid the alliance of Lordaeron due to the rising threat of the horde, eventually the Ranger-Captain and her squadron served with an alliance battalion, Elevia meeting soldiers Balledor Macidean and Julius Parish. Eventually the elven woman grew to respect both greatly and held a deep admiration and affection towards Balledor. Elevia being present for Julius and Balledor’s acceptance into the Silver Hand after the battle of southshore, Elevia was enraptured by the power of the Holy Light that the paladins had wielded and asked Balledor to train her in such ways which he initially declined due to his inexperience in the ways of a Paladin and of the Holy Light.

Captain Highblade and her farstrider batallion followed High General Turalyon through the Hinterlands in pursuit of the horde and being present when Turalyon enlisted the aid of the Wildhammer Dwarves. During said time, Elevia grew attracted and even fell in love with the human paladin Balledor and longed for him deeply, eventually the ranger confessed her feelings to him as they arrived at Aerie Peak but Balledor rejected Elevia’s love due to his own marital ties which soon caused a massive rift between Balledor and Elevia. While camped out of Aerie Peak, Elevia and a few select rangers of her battalion took a caravan north towards Quel’thalas in order to resupply their elven weaponry, as Elevia arrived in her homeland of Quel’thalas, the Dragonmaw Riders of the horde penetrated the walls of Quel’thalas and burned down massive chunks of the Eversong woods, Elevia being taken captive along with another group of prisoners to be used in slave labor when the Dragonmaw retreated to Blackrock Mountain.

Disclaimer: The collapsed paragraphs contain explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised.

She initially resisted in the assault, retaining her rebellious and righteous spirit that the orcs would soon break; being forced to mine minerals in shackles, forge weapons, and even serve the men of the Horde in the nude. Elevia feared each and every day that the orcs would finally give in and take her as they did many other of the female prisoners. The only reason they had not done such to her thus far was to enjoy instilling the fear of impending rape upon their victim.

One night, Elevia had managed to kill the Orc guards with her shackles, and attempted to escape into the Badlands and make her way to Loch Modan. Unfortunately she was recaptured by the Blackrock and was dragged back to the mountains. Once back at the camp, Elevia was tied to a wooden post and brutally whipped by the Orc slave-masters, before being dragged into a tent with the intent to commit an unspeakable act of assault against the Elven woman. Though fortunately for Elevia, the Battle of Black had begun, and Balledor had made his way to where Elevia was being held captive. The Knight brutally slaughtered the Orc, taking his cloak and wrapping her in it, carrying her towards the Alliance outposts during the battle.

After the whole ordeal, Elevia had grown an intense zealous hatred towards the Horde and towards the Orcs of the horde, after her body was healed and she was able to fight again. Elevia hunted down orcs like sport and took great joy in slaying the orcs. The ranger being present when Archmage Khadgar used the Skull of Gul’dan to destroy the dark portal. During the rebuilding of Stormwind and construction of Nethergarde Keep, Balledor began to train Elevia in the basics of the Holy Light and of becoming a paladin. The human learning that the elven woman had a strong aptitude for wielding the Holy Light.

Elevia’s relationship with Balledor began to heal and she grew close to him again and kept her attraction though made no effort to vocalize it, the elf growing to have a fanatical devotion for the future Lightbinder as she acted as his squire all be it in secret during the the construction of Nethergarde. When the Horde re-emerged from the dark portal to hunt down arcane relics, Elevia followed Balledor and Julius throughout the southern half of the Eastern Kingdoms to hunt down the orcs. When the orcs retreated into Draenor and the Sons of Lothar were formed, Elevia refusing to leave Balledor’s side joined the expedition and crossed into The Dark Portal. Elevia writing two letters before she left, one to her parents, and another to her little sister Aniah Silversong.

Ranger-Captain Highblade, 2nd War

Balledor, Elevia and Julius were immediately horrified as they laid eyes upon the “Path of Glory” that was paved in the bones of the noble draenei, Elevia’s hatred for the orcs only burned brighter as she believed that a genocide of the orc people was what was needed though was calmed by the reassurance and presence of Balledor. As they fought on the world of Draenor, Elevia learned how to properly wield the Holy Light and became a tried and true paladin and was knighted by Balledor and Julius after the construction of Honor Hold. Elevia wielding the holy light and acting as an agent of holy retribution throughout the rest of the campaign and was present at the battle of Hellfire Citadel along Balledor and Julius. Elevia following High General Turalyon into what would become the Terrokar Forest campaign. During said campaign, the expedition forces believed themselves to be trapped on Draenor and the family they had waiting for them believed them dead. Balledor no longer able to deny his attraction and desire towards the elven woman gave in and spoke to her of his feelings. Elevia and Balledor spending a night of passion together and began an affair that lasted throughout the rest of their time on Draenor. The trio being present for the battle against the Shadow Council at the draenei site of Auchindoun, Balledor was fatally wounded by a warlock of the shadow council but was saved thanks to Elevia and Balledor’s companion Therderos. Elevia calling upon a divine storm to slay the warlock that had harmed her beloved. Thankfully he survived but was unfit for duty. Elevia who refused to leave his side took him back to Stormwind until the war had ended. Elevia was shocked and disturbed to learn about what had happened when she and Balledor had left and mourned the loss of the Sons of the Lothar and was present for the erection of their statues in Stormwind.

After the war had ended, Elevia returned to Balledor in Stormwind and believed they’d continue their love but Balledor rejected Elevia and pushed her away, the righteous paladin feeling remorse and guilty for the infidelity he had committed against his wife. This creating another rift between the two and much more massive than the last, Elevia telling Balledor that she would only associate with him should she be inducted into the Silver Hand which she was later, resulting in Elevia’s stay in Lordaeron despite her family’s wishes.

The Third War

(WIP) [3]

Age of Strife

(WIP) [4]

Physical Appearance

The flicker of her piercing yellow gaze gleamed in the light, reflecting back into an onlooker’s gaze like a mirror. Golden blonde locks framed her face and a thick braid curved its way onto her chest. Bangs cut short to not block her vision. Her cheeks, previously full and soft, now sunken and toned from months of physical labour. Her once “cute as a button” nose now shows the scar of a previous close call.

Elevia's warrior and muscular physique.

Skin that glistened with sweat in the sun was criss-crossed with scars from fights, duels and a bloody lifestyle. Her arms bearing the brunt of the scars were now thick, well defined with muscle developed fiercely over time. Her breasts were firm but bound tightly by her sleeveless shirt. She radiated strength, and her abs reflected her discipline to physical activity. A symmetrical back, draped with decades-old scars and telling its own story of her past, leads the eye downward to a full rear. While often hidden by her battle armour, it gives ample clues to her lower body power. While scars were fewer in her lower body, her legs had definitely seen their share of heavy lifting and forced marches. One would be blessed to see her without clothes or armour, her scars and physique combined to form a magical treat for the eyes and a warning to her enemies.

Her armour presented a new set of worries to her foes. Polished plate adorned with frightening pauldrons accompanied her to every battle. The armour was crafted to intimidate but also offer unparalleled protection. Her chestplate was chiseled with intricate etchings and capped with a large blue gemstone. Her shoulderplates bore the design of a hawk, with sharp beaks and metallic feathers threatening anyone who got too close. Her arms and thighs were covered by giant curved plates, multiple layers thick, adding useful barriers to slashing attacks but also widening her already scary stance. Massive boots, custom designed for her show detailed angles and lines while allowing her a wide range of movement on the battlefield. Skulls could be crushed by the weight of her boots, but would not allow water or mud inside to potentially cause havoc on a long march.

Wrapped around the entire ensemble was a flowing blue cape, matching the gemstone and hawk’s eyes. Together, along with a chain-attached tome, it created an image of a brutal warrior who marches with elegance and precision.

Personality and Ideals

Elevia is a brave and emotionally strong soldier. She is also quite honorable as can be seen in her actions. She has wisdom earned by her four centuries of life,  She has a strong disdain for the undead and calls them filth, as seen when she is forced to speak to Knights of the Ebon Blade. Elevia maintains a very strong sense of loyalty to her country as a soldier; her loyalty is so great that she will willingly let herself be used and even killed to secure the future of Quel'Thalas and the Quel'dorei. Possessing great wisdom in warfare, she is a fierce soldier that sparks fear and admiration among her enemies, colleagues, and allies. Although she held a calm and collected demeanor, she possessed such a strong and overbearing presence that even the highest of Alliance Officials were intimidated by her whenever she questioned their mistrust towards her.

Elevia is extremely determined to achieve her end, usually by whatever means necessary. Her words and her constant quoting of scripture indicate a clear, almost fanatical obedience towards the Light. She shows a greater sense of morality both in her treatment of those under her care and her eventual assistance to the Sin'dorei. Pure and strong-willed, Elevia has a powerful sense of justice and the will to fight, train hard and do what is right.

Talents and Abilities

Arcane Magic

Physical Strength

Holy Power


Family Members

Elevia's adoptive sister.

Aniah Silversong, Elevia’s younger sister, the two have always maintained a close personal loving relationship, the sisters having an unspoken mother / daughter relationship due to the distance put on Aniah by her adoptive mother Celrea Highblade, the sisters always admiring one another with Aniah following greatly in her elder sister’s footsteps. Even through the sacking of Quel’thalas at the hands of the scourge and the civil war between Quel’dorei and Sin’dorei. Elevia personally brought Aniah into the Alliance after her defection.

More recently has their relationship been very shaky since the War of Crowns and the turmoil Aniah had suffered at the hands of the House of Bloodwrath along with her own actions and treatment of her new family, though Aniah has recently caused nothing short of constant controversy, Elevia still deeply loves and cares for her sister.

Friends and Allies

Marian Elizabeth Ridgewell

Elevia has known the Ridgewell bloodline the entirety of her four hundred years, an ancestor of Marian saved her father's life during the Troll Wars and Elevia held a deep respect for the human clan, Elevia was present for Marian's birth twelve years prior to the opening of the Dark Portal and aided Marian's mother in birthing the future priestess. Elevia served as Marian's governess throughout her early life teaching her the softer arts that her parents wished. Eventually when Marian matured, she managed to slip past Elevia's stern and cold demeanor and became her treasured if not best friend.

Marian being present for most of the important event in Elevia's life during the period she was already born in, Marian saving Elevia's life more times than either can count and helped Elevia found her place after the exile of the Quel'dorei. Most notably is that Marian's founding of a unique philosophy of the Holy Light centered around zen spiritualism and inner peace helped Elevia to finally let go of her deeply rooted love for the paladin Balledor The Redeemer and move on with her life and herself, to not allow herself to be trapped in the past that haunted the elf greatly. To this day Marian remains Elevia's best friend and companion.

Aurelius Bloodwrath.

Out of all of Elevia Highblade’s relationships, none is more difficult to define than her connection to Aurelius Bloodwrath, throughout their lives, none understands the other better than themselves. The two elves seemingly share a connection that goes beyond their current mortal lives, two halves of the same coin. Both driven by pride of their races, the two’s bond is ravaged by bloody conflict between the Quel’dorei and the Sin’dorei. They are fiercely loyal to one another, Aurelius coldly killing his own blood after the suffering endured by her at his cousin’s hand. They would die and kill for the other, perhaps they fight because they believe they’re supposed to or perhaps because they truly relish testing the other in battle.

Aurelius and Elevia love each other in an unspoken non-romantic manner but will always oppose the other so long as Quel’thalas stays divided. Though regardless of the state of the Elves and their homeland, the two will chase each other into the next life regardless and the cycle will begin again.

Serana Dawnsinger

Elevia’s sister in law, Elevia met Serana during the beginning of the Blood War when Serana petitioned the High Elven Convocation of Silvermoon to aid her in retaking the Duchy of Quel’Damor, since then Elevia had watched the then Serana Lionsong, eventually marching north with the 501st Legion and aiding Serana in retaking the elven state for the Alliance, since that day, Elevia’s younger sister and Serana began a romantic affair that led into a controversial unspoken relationship that Elevia herself distances from.

Though due to Serana’s ceaseless lust for Horde blood along with constant issues between her sister and her wife, Elevia has been forced to take a more authoritarian role in Quel’Damor politics much to the dismay of it’s people. Serana’s constant skirmishes with the Horde during peace times along with civil unrest caused between the nobles of House Dawnsinger have left her and Elevia into an awkward and tense relationship.


Balledor Lothair.

The love of Elevia’s life, the two have had an extremely complicated relationship since their meeting during the Second War, Elevia and Balledor had an instant connection, an intense feeling of love between the two that has burned many bridges, eventually separated by a vow Balledor refused to break despite his own desire, the two’s love became a sore spot that left Elevia bitter for years yet the tension, unspoken love at times would prove too much and the two would have brief moments where their true feelings have surfaced. Always ending back in each other’s lives somehow. Though eventually Elevia was not able to stand the rift between them, Elevia eventually let go of her feelings for Balledor to save herself from the Sha of Envy as well to heal her soul.

The two reunited on the Legion homeworld of Argus, fighting at the edge of creation, Balledor and Elevia were done hiding their feelings and gave in after thirty two years, the two soon married after the end of the War with the Legion, Elevia and Balledor having three children as well, twin sons, each named after the fathers of the Silver Hand and the Scarlet Crusade, Uther and Alexandros and a daughter named Arturia. Elevia eventually used her arcane magic to restore Balledor’s youth, to give them more years together before time separates them again. The two built a home and smithy in in Lordaeron.

Balledor currently serves as a Lord-Paladin of the Silver Hand as well as a leading figure in the northern Stonemason’s guild, the war and constant struggle keeping the lovers apart for now.

Positions of Power

Familial Succession
Matriarch of the House of Highblade
Preceded by
Celrea Highblade
Elevia V. Highblade Succeeded by
Carrera Highblade
Head of the House of Highblade
Preceded by
Al'themar Highblade
Elevia V. Highblade Succeeded by
Carrera Highblade
Sovereign of Quel'Zaram Province
Preceded by
Lord Al'Themar Highblade
Elevia V. Highblade Succeeded by
Lor'themar Theron
Wielder of Shari'dal
Preceded by
Synesse Highblade
Elevia V. Highblade Succeeded by
Captain of the Selama Company
Preceded by
Position established
Elevia V. Highblade Succeeded by
Dalsaedra Dawnsong
High-General of Quel'Aranal
Preceded by
Velanara Dawnsinger
Elevia V. Highblade Succeeded by

Military Career


Alliance legion of valor ribbon.png Medallion of the Alliance Ribbon.png
Alliance Commendation for Leadership Ribbon.png SLSM 35.png Prisoner of War Medal Ribbon.png
KGCRibbon 7.png Meritorious Conduct Medal Ribbon.png AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon.png
Royal Unit Citation.png Alliance Unit Citation.png Varian Reign Ribbon.png Fourth War Campaign Ribbon.png
Alliance-HordeRibbon.png DraenorCampaignRibbon.png NorthrendCampaignRibbon.png
OutlandCampaignRibbon.png ThirdWarRibbon.png SecondWarRibbon.png
1st Row Alliance Legion of Valor Medallion of the Alliance
2nd Row Alliance High Command Distinguished Service Medal Alliance Commendation for Leadership Alliance Grand Cross of Service
3rd Row King's Cross w/ 2 silver stars Meritorious Conduct Medal King Anduin Coronation Medal
4th Row King Varian Reign Medal Blood War Campaign Medal Fourth War Campaign Medal
5th Row Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal War of the Lich Campaign Medal War in Outland Campaign Medal
6th Row Alliance-Horde War Campaign Medal Third War Campaign Medal Second War Campaign Medal
Unit Citations Stormwind Royal Unit Citation Grand Alliance Unit Citation

Awards and Honors


  • My people were baptised by flame upon their arrival to our land, we were forged by the fires of Belore’s might and the Light’s grace, we honored the struggle of our ancestors who bled for this land, I will not disrespect my heritage by hiding it behind different colors, I am Quel’dorei, birthed of flame and shaped by the sun. If fools wish to label me Sin’dorei for the colors I wear upon my chest then that is their misfortune.
— to Serana Dawnsinger, on her banner's colors during the War of Crowns.
  • "The issue is not that the Silver Hand needs to adapt. It is that it has adapted too much to the point where it has lost it's original identity and evidently you needn't be a follower of the light to become a Knight of the Hand which is heresy. The Silver Hand first of all, is designed to defend the faith as much as the people as our original purpose was to be that of the Church-Millitant. And now the Hand seems like a deteriorated group for those with simple lawful values.

    The Silver Hand in its original form was purely based around the Alliance of Lordaeron. And after the Third War, the Argent Crusade revived it the most. And that made sense at the time. Because the single most important goal at the time for the Silver Hand, was redemption by killing Arthas and defeating the Lich King. It became a cornerstone of their being and agenda, which in thought atleast, still made the Argent Crusade based on Lordaeron. The Silver Hand is a product of Lordaeron.

    Responsible for its protection. Responsible for its former student bringing its downfall. And responsible for avenging Lordaeron by killing Arthas. Though the true issue is that without the Lich King as an enemy, or efforts taken to protect Lordaeron.. Some semblence of Lordaeronian identity.. It loses its significance. Now the Silver Hand just means any simple paladin. Not a tried and true Paladin-Warrior of Lordaeron... And that's what it needs to mean again."
— Elevia's speech to the Thalassian Silver Hand upon the discussion of of the opposing ideologies of the Silver Hand generations.

  • "Commander Serana Dawnsinger, the legion of valor is awarded for acts of singular daring and devotion of a soldier of the Grand Alliance Army, your actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service, your bravery in the face of impossible odds reflects great credit upon yourself and the Grand Alliance, The Alliance has gained one of it's best. Lead from the front or not at all Commander."
— to Serana Dawnsinger, during the award ceremony, upon granting Commander Dawnsinger her Legion of Valor.


Battle for Azeroth/Shadowlands Art:

Vanilla-Legion Art:

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Pre-Warcraft Art:



  1. Elevia believes she was named after the flower, the elevian crimson lily though in truth, she was named after her father's favorite brand of whiskey which is crafted in the Elevian foothills of Highblade Province where the flower is known to grow.
  2. Due to the suffering she endured under the Blacktooth Grin clan during the 2nd War, Elevia’s psyche was partially, the war only furthering a sense of shellshock, her relationship with Balledor somewhat eased her pain though their separation after the returning from the Outland drove Elevia into a bitter rage which would cost her; her relationship with her surrogate son Dzhonovan for the next fifteen years, a regret that has continued to haunt Elevia her entire life.
  3. The 501st Legion also known as "Elevia's wrath" was formed from remnants of the 212th Attack Battalion in which Balledor, Elevia and their companions served in during the 2nd War and 3rd War which much of the officer corp being comprised of the original surviving members of their personal squadron.
  4. Being present during the rebirth of the Holy Sunwell, her ancestral blade, Shari'dal absorbed a portion of the sudden burst of Light, causing the blade to transform into an unstable holy runeblade.


  • Elevia's personality and ideals were inspired by a compilation of characters ranging from
  • Her favorite color is Royal Purple.
  • Elevia's voice claim is Jennifer Hale's Avatar Kyoshi.
  • Though Elevia keeps a cold and militant demeanor towards nearly all aspects of her life, she secretly enjoys and reads smutty literature.

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