Elise Labelle


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Arcanist of the Truthful,
Head Scribe of The Kingdom

Current Affiliations

Scarletnewfire Scarlet Crusade
TruthfulIcon2 Army of the Truthful

Former Affiliations

Achievement Reputation KirinTor Kirin Tor



Elise Labelle is an arcanist of the Scarlet Crusade and a senior member of the Army of the Truthful. She currently oversees the reliquary of the Prelacy.

Appearance Edit

While Elise wouldn't be considered a typical noble-blooded specimen, her features are no less striking. With a radiant, tawny complexion, short raven hair, and piercing ocean-teal gaze, she possesses an exotic allure. Her prim, flowing silk garments of stark crimson compliment her slender, nimble frame gracefully.

Despite her enchanting air, Elise carries herself in an understated manner, preferring to not draw much unnecessary attention. Her voice is soft, tinged with a vague accent that provides a mysterious flair to her words. It's rare to hear her speak, however, as often times, the mage prefers to bury herself in a book or fiddle with her spell-craft furtively.

History Edit


Elise, once a scholar of Dalaran, was spurred to action against the Scourge after Dalaran was nigh completely destroyed by Prince Arthas' invasion of the city.

The Scarlet Crusade Edit

Elise's early work within the Crusade was, of course, met with heavy distrust by the wary zealots at the organization's helm. She was eager to demonstrate the Arcane's effectiveness against the undead, hoping to keep suspicions at bay. Her studies were continued under Arcanist Doan, which curried further favor with the inquisitors and higher echelon of the Crusade.

Despite the many sieges faced by the Scarlet Monastery where she studied, Elise managed to survive amidst heavy causalities, developing sly methods to evade capture or death.

The Truthful Edit

Elise joined the Army of the Truthful while on her expedition to Northrend, where the nascent order ensconced itself with the remnants of the Scarlet Onslaught. Following the Dragonblight Offensive, she made her way back to the Scarlet Monastery to aid the ranks of High Commander Goodchilde.

The mage's well-attuned portal magic provided a quick means to transport the Truthful forces from Northrend to Tirisfal, where the High Cleric's presence would once again be firmly established in the area.

Elise has proven herself a valuable asset to the Truthful's prelacy, employing her craft of inscription to help produce the propaganda series known as The Kingdom.

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