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""One day... with Vye... with Dari... with day we all dance in flowers..."" - El Lynn

Ellie "El" Lynn
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Quel'dorei / High Elf



Place of birth



Booper of Noses Keeper of Kindness Holder of Wholesomeness Owner of "Jacinto's Bar and Grill"

Alternate/Old names

Pet Elf Morillia Runeburst El Shadaefci Brazxomim


Ex-Daughter of "The Still Blade Syndicate" Recoil


Chaotic Good/Neutral Good

Ellie "El" Lynn is a Quel'dorei rogue, daughter of Recoil , owner of "Jacinto's Bar and Grill", and half sister to Xansteria Runeburst, cousin to Seli.


El has a slender build now that she is being taken care of. Her jet black hair is long and unkempt, often blocking her brilliant blue eyes. Her ears are clipped, very violently so, making her look more like a half elf from a distance. She has a small Moon Crescent birth mark under her Amani troll slave brand that is burned into her back right shoulder blade. Her breasts are decent C-cups and her nether region has a landing strip shaved into it, and also has a piercing, a sapphire cut into the shape of a heart. The bottoms of her feet bare nasty burn scars and she is also covered head to toe in faint lashing scars and.. freckles... cause freckles are cute as fel.


Due to her life as a slave, El knows very few words and often comes across as primitive or as a child in an adult's body. She is brash, lacks etiquette, and is very impulsive, but if you gain her trust, you have a friend for life. She will use what she learned in captivity to get her way, whether it be by her blade, her body, or otherwise...


Previous Relationships/Flings: "Raven" Lilymane, Elorang, Violet River, Sarissa Hotlove.

Current Relationship: Dari Lynn (Engaged)

Sketch book

Story Thus Far

Early life

When she was a 4 years old, Morillia Runesky was sold into slavery by her own biological father, Villios Runesky, to a tribe of Amani trolls who kept her as a "pet". For years, all she knew was her cage and the torment her owners dished out as they pleased, specifically the chief of the small tribe, a horrific troll by the name of Zorabrul, who had taken a liking to the taste of her blood. The trolls called her "Pet Elf", and it became the only name she came to know for herself. Due to her captivity, she learned to speak Zandali rather than Thalassian and had to fight to survive in the troll's arena. Using her size to her advantage, El learned how to be nimble in combat in order to avoid "punishment" for defeat in the arena. Due to this torment, she has an extreme distrust to all troll kind.


Many years after El's capture, the Blood Elves began reclaiming Quel'Thalas after Arthas destroyed their home, and thus began routing the trolls from their lands. One day, a squad of Blood Knights attacked the troll camp she was being held at, and happened upon Pet's cage, finding her beaten, curled up, naked, and her mind broken. The human (yep, human) Blood Knight that happened upon her while the rest of the village was burned rescued Pet from her nearly 8 decades of captivity. This timing couldn't have been worse, as the 4th war started mere weeks prior...

Sin'dorei Treatment and Escape

Pet was not accepted into the Sin'doreis' community because of her blue eyes, denoting her as a Quel'Dorei. Some thought she was a spy, other thought she was a regressive waste of space, but most didn't care. She lived on the streets of Silvermoon for a while, until one day Pet was beaten by a group of Sin'dorei men and was tied up in a sack and thrown on a ship. This ship was then attacked by an Alliance convoy, where Pet was taken in by the Alliance Captain, Cipher. Cipher was the first soul to show Pet true kindness in years, teaching her how to speak common a little and fight with simple daggers. Upon reaching Stormwind, Pet went back to living on the streets, though crashing at Cipher's from time to time.


One fateful day, Pet followed the leaders of a crime group, called the "Still Blade Syndicate", into the Tram to Ironforge from Stormwind. The group, though brash at first, grew to adore Pet's childlike mannerisms and wonder, deciding to collectively adopted her as the family's daughter, even giving her a new name. El. They were the family she had never truly had, each person on the council of the "Still Blade Syndicate" offering to aid her in some way, whether by combat training, teaching her to read and write, or just being a parent to a child that had never truly known any. She took the middle and last name of Shadaefci and Brazxomim, an amalgamation of all the last names of her head family members. That night, at a random tavern in Ironforge, El Shadaefci Brazxomim was reborn, with a new family and a new goal... see and learn as much as she could about the wide world that was out there for her to finally explore!


She was their wholesome little elf for a few weeks before disaster struck and she was captured by a Death Knight bounty hunter, who returned her to her toll owners. Enraged, the whole of the "Still Blade Syndicate" banded together as a family to save their little girl, ending the troll threat entirely. Now safe, El returned to their base in Boralus to recuperate and resume her lessons.

"Still Blade Syndicate"

It was here at this Tavern hub where El met her first crush, a blue drake named Asaya (Asatani) with whom El had her first kiss, discovering for herself that she preferred ladies. It was not to be due to the fact Asaya did not share such a preference, but remained El's close friend, even taking her on her first date to let her down easy and show her what a date was like. Both had a great time. It was also around this time El met with her biological half sister, Xansteria, purely by chance. El also got close to several other members of the Syndicate. Vye Brambilla, a Quel'dorei mother figure that could not love, John Merickle, the ex-pirate worgen with a big heart and contagious smile, Jace Duskfeather, the ever mysterious elf with a briefcase always chained to him and new father figure, Xaradyth Moore, the lovable human Illidari and other mother figure, Caer, the sneaky rogue operative, Violet River, a human priest with the thickest of thighs, and Ven, The beefiest and deadliest Illidari El knew (For that time).

Familial Rifts

It was not to last though. Internal fighting caused rifts to form in the family, despite El's best attempts to keep everyone together. Her first family fell apart, going their separate ways, leaving her lost and alone once again...

New Beginnings

All was not lost however. Though torn by having to choose some family over others, she followed her mother figures, Vye and Xara, as the endeavored to create a new family, a guild under the name of Recoil. Their goal; take down a group of rogue warlock that were experimenting with forcing demon souls into children, like they had done to Xara. It was in this new family that El found a new interest, a human Paladin named Dari Lynn. The two became fast friends, even sharing a swim together the first night they met. A few days after they met, they became an inseparable couple, eventually leading to the pair getting engaged, El taking on the last name of Lynn, and officially taking on her full first name of "Ellie".

Finally a Family

After months and months of waiting, El finally found out her mother figure, Vye, had broken through her past traumas and was able to feel love again! What's more, she had even found a dashing man, one Jacinto Morningstar, or "Daddy Dunno" as El nicknamed him. With Them and Dari together in her life, El finally had the family she had always wanted!


Brush with the Void

All was well for a number of months. El would join her new family on several outings and adventures, delving into Mogu tombs or fighting battles against crazed warlocks. It was in one of these fights that El took the full brunt of a Void wave, protecting her adoptive mother, Vye. This began El's month long battle against the void, causing the poor, child-like elf to slowly lose her sanity, almost becoming a complete Void Elf. Thankfully, her family came through and found a ritual to cleanse her of the void, watching her entire past as a result.


Within days of getting her mind back, El's adoptive father, Jacinto, was killed. This broke the poor little elf as all she had wanted for so long was a family. She now visits his urn every day, bringing gifts and keeping him informed about current events.

Amani Brand

Logo of the Amani Troll tribe that is burned into the back of El's right shoulder blade.