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Sir Ellrick Ashcroft, Knight of Lordaeron


Human (Undead)

Date of Birth

574 K.C. (49 yrs.)


No information


Kingdom of Lordaeron
Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)
Order of the Silver Hand (Formerly)
House of Ashcroft

Previous Titles

Knight of the Silver Hand
Knight of Lordaeron
Captain of the Lordaeron Army

Immediate Relatives

Baldrec Ashcroft (Brother)
Elizabeth Ashcroft (Sister-in-Law - Deceased)
Hendrek Ashcroft (Nephew)
Malcem Ashcroft (Nephew - Deceased)


Deceased (Undead)

Sir Ellrick Ashcroft was a Knight of the Silver Hand and brother to Lord Baldrec Ashcroft. Ellrick in life was a member of the Lordaeron Army, Knight of Lordaeron, and a Knight of the Order of the Silver Hand before his death in the Third War. Due to his family's devotion to the Light, after it was discovered that Ellrick had in fact been raised into undeath with many of the deceased in Lordaeron, it was covered up. Today very few know about Ellrick Ashcroft due to his brother, Baldrec, keeping it a secret to those within his family and outside it.