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For the derived Language of the Draenei, see Draenei (Language)

Eredun, also known as Demonic, is the language spoken by the Demons of the Burning Legion. The language is believed to originate with the Eredar race of Demons after joining the Burning Legion. the Eredar decreed that their primary language would become the common language of the Legion to all sentient beings that would become part of the Legion.

Eredun is a harsh language to speak, and the mortal throat is incapable of accurately pronouncing it. Certain spells exist to render a mortal capable of doing so, though some are known to have damaging side effects. Reading Eredun can also be arduous, as certain dialects are known to cause headaches, hallucinations or contain outright curses to prevent any but Demons themselves from reading their language.

Some Eredun phrases can be found here:

  • A-rul shach kigon. "I will eat your heart."
  • Anach kyree. "Miserable insect."
  • Akmin-Kurai. "Dominion's Shield."
  • Draenei. "Exiled Ones."
  • Draenor. "Exile's Refuge."
  • Galtak Ered'nash. "All hail the Burning Blade."
  • Gor'om haguul. "Meddling dog."
  • Katra zil shukil. "Suffer and perish."
  • Krosnis. "Furnace."
  • Man'ari. "Horribly wrong."
  • Qa'pla. A salute of victory.
  • Rakeesh. "Butcher."
  • Shaza-kiel. "Surrender your soul."
  • Xar il romath da tidesbi. A grave insult against Sargeras.