Erilihn Autumnsong

"The Eventide"

Erilihn by NatalyAlex


Blood Elf


Windrunner Village, Quel'Thalas



Ranger Captain


"the Eventide"


  • Allegiance

The New Horde





I will lead my people by example, not by force.

–Erilihn Autumnsong

Erilihn Autumnsong is a young adult sin'dorei woman of common descent. She is a Farstrider ranger who serves her people as the leader of the Rising Wing division of the Dominion of the Sun. A practical woman, Erilihn often comes across as cold and stiff, but those few acquainted with her know that she has her moments of emotion.

A practiced spellbow, Erilihn can strike down an enemy from afar with deadly precision, as well as handle magic with lethal potency. The two skill sets, when combined, are not to be underestimated. Both erudite and resourceful, she maintains a true balance of scholar and ranger. Her initial magical studies were focused on the Arcane schools, but now she has devoted herself to learning Nature magic. Her efforts to explore her people's roots have paid off, and in recent years she has made steady and significant progress in her practice of druidism.

Appearance Edit

Erilihn stands at an average height and weight for one of her people. Her skin is of a pale hue—the result of a life spent beneath the canopies—and her high cheekbones are lined with copious freckles, adding life to her pallid color.  Always alert and calculating, her natural green eyes bear no hint of past fel use aside from the occasional glimmer within the depths of the iris—a cosmetic side effect of her life as a Farstrider. Her wavy silver-white hair is cropped short and left to gently curl around her jaw; it is well kept, and the luminous strands closest to her face are sometimes pulled into a small braid at the back of her head.

Her ears are pierced by nothing more than a simple set of silver leaf-shaped studs in the lobes. She has other earring holes that she keeps open, but she only ever uses them for formal occasions. She has little time for such frivolities on an everyday basis. As for makeup, she wears very little: usually just a neutral eye shadow, a flick of mascara, and a simple balm.
Erilihn toa ball 2018

Erilihn at the 2018 ToA ball by nozomi-m.

When it comes to scars, she has several, but most of them are almost entirely faded away or too small to be worthy of any note. The most prominent injuries visible on her person are the missing tip of her left ear and the lingering jagged marks of an old wolf bite on her upper right bicep. However, this would not be visible unless it was left uncovered, and such an occurrence is rare.

History Edit

Erilihn was born to a middle-class family in Windrunner Village, and from a young age was raised to highly value the legacy of the Windrunner rangers. They were her role models growing up, and her ability with a bow stemmed from her burning desire to follow in the footsteps of these elven heroes.

Erilihn by Nindei

As soon as she was old enough to learn how to shoot an arrow, it was all she devoted her free time to.

It was soon discovered by her parents, however, that she seemed to have an innate aptitude for the Arcane. There was no excess of money in her household, but her parents managed to scrape together enough funds to send her to school in Silvermoon City, so that she could become a proper arcanist. Not wanting to devote her life to the path of the mage, but also not wanting to waste her education, Erilihn decided to follow her dream of becoming a ranger while also incorporating her skills with magic—thus becoming a spellbow. As a result of her refusal to fully pursue the Arcane and her preference for relying on nature above all, her addiction to magic was greatly lessened, as was the case with most of her Farstrider brethren. Consequently, she kept her fel consumption to a bare minimum following the Third War, as it felt unnatural and disturbing, and her withdrawal symptoms were mercifully negligible compared to those of many other sin'dorei.

For many years, she served as a Farstrider, though there was a brief period when she took a hiatus from the organization in order to assume a more forward role in the defense of Azeroth. As of now, however, she has returned to her order and resumed her service as a Farstrider—and this time, as a soldier of the Dominion as well—in defense of her homeland and its people.

Politics Edit

Thrust into the political spotlight as a target of social injustice, Erilihn has taken the stage recently as somewhat of an unofficial civic leader. Her position at the head of the Reformer party has cemented her as an outspoken elven rights activist, and her political opinions have become common knowledge to those who keep up with the news.


Banner of the Reformer party (art by Honorem)

Her main goals are as follows:
  • To transfer power away from Lor'themar Theron and instead spread that power throughout a committee of governing individuals, hearkening back to the Convocation of Silvermoon.
  • To welcome quel'dorei back into Quel'Thalas.
  • To allow the practice of illegal magics in Silvermoon, but ensure that this only takes place under proper supervision and with utmost discretion.
  • To turn Quel'Thalas into a neutral nation.

The last point in particular has earned her many accusations of disloyalty from supporters of the Horde, as well as accusations of Alliance sympathy. However, she makes it abundantly clear that she dislikes the Alliance and has no desire to join its ranks. Rather, Erilihn has a great deal of respect and appreciation for the Horde and its members, and she would side with them over the Alliance any day, but she believes that the sin'dorei have paid their debts to the Horde with the lives of their brethren many times over. It would be in the nation's best interest, she insists, to maintain a friendly relationship with the Horde, but to disavow involvement in its warmongering. She is openly skeptical about the safety of her people, should the Alliance push north now that they have ousted the Horde from Lordaeron—a nation right on the border of Quel'Thalas.

Nevertheless, as war raged across the map, Erilihn stood by her vow to serve her people on the field of battle. She may have disagreed with sending blood elven troops
Erilihn study color gif

Erilihn's study by nozomi-m

into war against the Alliance, but it is her sworn duty to fight where she her people need her to fight, and so she did, albeit reluctantly. She kept these misgivings private, however, so as not to discourage the soldiers fighting under her command. While she never did believe in the moral or ethical validity of this war, she knows that the difference between hope and doubt can be the difference between life and death. Therefore, she masked her true opinions on the matter from the general public, and instead took to sharing her thoughts behind the scenes in Silvermoon's political circles. For now, that is what she continues to do, as this is how she believes she can make the most difference.

Weaponry Edit

Analah'mindu Edit


Analah'mindu (by AnnettaSassi)

Erilihn's prized possession, Analah'mindu—"Will of the Wilds"—is an intricately carved bow, imbued with both Arcane and nature magic. Runes riddle the bow's length: mostly of the evocation school, but some illusion as well. Other runes are present, but those two schools make up the bulk of the lot.

Arrows Edit

Erilihn's quiver is full of expertly carved arrows, with more runes covering the length of each shaft. Because of the effort that goes into crafting them, Erilihn often will spend the few minutes following a battle collecting some of her used arrows and recycling them if possible.

Swords Edit

Twin swords typically rest at her hips; they are curved and decorated with faint Thalassian engravings. A gentle aura of magic emanates from them, though they are not heavily enchanted enough for it to be notable at first glance.

Concealed Arsenal Edit

Beneath her cloak and strapped to her person are various small blades, poisons, and other tools commonly used by members of the Rising Wing.

Notable People Edit

Desstis Cloudfarer Edit

Erilihn's friend and former partner, Desstis is a reckless and often arrogant man, but also a man of good intentions, courage, and loyalty. He was her first close friend upon joining the Dominion (though they got off to a rocky start), and he remains her most trusted confidant to this day, even after their decision to end their relationship. Their backgrounds and personalities are rather opposite, but when the need arises, they can work together like a well-oiled machine.

Selestra Rosevale Edit

Despite their incompatible political views, Selestra and Erilihn are good friends who always try their best to ensure that their positions as leaders of opposing parties do not get in the way of their relationship. Selestra's affiliation with the Blood Knights puts her in some often uncomfortable situations, particularly when Erilihn so often seems to run into trouble with them.

Hf girls

Erilihn, Selestra, Silvitri, and Valeorya (commissioned by Silvitri)

Valeorya Bloodweaver Edit

Valeorya and Erilihn have had regrettably few chances to interact, given their vastly different social situations, but on the occasions where they have been able, the two have secured a friendly relationship. Valeorya, Selestra, and Erilihn form a stable friend group together.

Silvitri Emberblade Edit

Erilihn and Silvitri are currently not on good terms. Their differing opinions on magical use and the Light have led them to clash in public, and they clearly do not think highly of one another. That being said, they have not had the chance to discuss matters in private together. Perhaps, with time, this could change.

Tendael Dawnlight II Edit

Setrien Dawnlight—more commonly known as Tendael Dawnlight II—is both a leader and a friend to Erilihn. Her recent appointment as the acting leader of the Reformer political party—opposite to Setrien's own Loyalist persuasion—created somewhat of a rift between them, and even led to his order for her arrest on the grounds of treason. They eventually made up, and their bond seemed to strengthen somewhat, but immediately after this development, Setrien went missing and is currently believed by most to be dead.

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