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Major Erin S. Tarinval
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Portrait of Erin by whyswan


IconSmall HalfElf Female.gif Half-Elf
GilneasBorderIcon.png Gilnean


22 December, 10 L.C. (Age 29)
Merchant Square, Gilneas City


SI:7 Agent (043)
Lieutenant of the Icewing Brigade
Prison Warden of Talongrab
Corporal of the Grand Alliance Army


Alterac Guild Banner1.png The Citrine Eagle
Alliance.png Grand Alliance
Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac
GilneasBorderIcon.png Kingdom of Gilneas
Stormwind Icon.png Kingdom of Stormwind

Former Affiliations


Kendra Denholm (Mother) †
Irinold Tarinval (Father) †
Jonah Tarinval (Brother) †
Josi Emberflame (Adopted Son)
Tayde Emberflame (Adopted Daughter)

Extended Family


Naoko Skydancer (Half-Sister) †
Castiel Skydancer (Nephew)
Aleesia Skydancer (Niece)
Talnash Skydancer (Nephew)


Jarik Grimshaw (Uncle) †
Elizabeth Denholm (Aunt) †
Jezebel Grimshaw (Cousin)
Khaleck Grimshaw (Cousin)


Danath Morsin (Adoptive Father)
Sereli Morsin (Adoptive Mother)
Amberly Dawnheart (Adoptive Sister)
Daniel Morsin (Adoptive Brother)
Elana Morsin (Adoptive Sister)
Abigail Morsin (Adoptive Sister)
Lillian Whitethorn (Adoptive Sister)


Erin Tarinval Signature.png

Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance


Grand Alliance Army Icon.png Grand Alliance Army

Years of Service

28 L.C. — Present Grand Alliance Army
37 L.C. — Present Citrine Eagle



The deadliest predator is the one you cannot see.

Erin Shae Tarinval (born Erin Shae Denholm, 22 December, 10 L.C.) is a trained intelligence and subterfuge agent, alongside a former Lieutenant of the Citrine Eagle. Recently, she has kept to her residence in Talongrab City, living an ordinary life among the citizens, and caring for her children.

Born to Kendra Denholm and Irinold Tarinval before the fall of Gilneas City, the half-elf was no more than ordinary to description. When the fall of the City came, and the death of her parents was clear, she took to escaping from Gilneas — and made the extensive journey to Stormwind City in refuge.

For a time, she lived as no more than a street rat — scavenging for sustenance and sleeping in the smallest of nooks within the cities walls. By the time she reached maturity, she encountered an Alliance militia officer, and took up the offer of joining the ranks — to fight, and hone her skills; and to protect those she would come to meet in time.



The Gilnean half-elf stood at a steady height of five feet and three inches tall, maintaining a lean and agile build from her constant physical training that accompanied her line of work, and the consistent employment that required silent gait, and a quick beat to the missions she acquired. It was rare to find the woman with a hunched stance - unwilling to allow a fatigued stance hinder her physique. Elven heritage aided her well in exercise and physical effort.

If one was to meet her before the events of Solliden’s Farmstead, they would have witnessed the woman having two completely mismatched eyes - the left being a bright cerulean blue with a slight glow, and the right being a deep hazel. Due to the unfortunate mishaps that followed the events of Solliden’s Farmstead, however, a burn scar holds the right side of her facial features securely - ranging from the top of her cheekbone, to just above her eyebrow, accompanied by the milky white eye that now replaces the hazel color. Despite the scars, those eyes hold a life-like glint - one of unkempt cheerfulness - refusing to be snuffed out.

Fear of being different from those around her did not seem to withhold her from adjusting to her own styles - especially regarding her short ebony locks and the way they were styled for the day. Often, she can be found with the sides and back of her skull shaven down to ebony stubble, accompanied by the short tuft of hair that rests atop. A slight quiff sits at the front of the tuft, where the rest simply appears to be flowing into it.

A slender, yet agile build held the woman well, aiding her with agile mobility as time pressed forward. Though it does not seem to remain this way if left unadministered. Training is pursued daily, even if only for an hour of the work day.

Armor & Weapons

The half-elf’s armor had two various sets of armor, one of full leather accompanied by daggers, and the other of full plate accompanied by a halberd. The leather armor was used in instances of stealth missions, or every day work, while the plate was donned for more heavy-duty jobs, which would result in being on the frontline more frequently. Otherwise, one may just find her in casual wear throughout the day.

Kvaler & Strid

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Buried beneath the cold visage that the half-elven woman carried was the life-like spirit of a child. She was easily excitable over the smallest things, and the occasional large achievement (like exploring the lands of Azeroth and the areas beyond). However, due to recent events, she has refrained from revealing this optimistic, outgoing side of herself, more focused on her cold exterior; building her interior walls higher and higher — letting less and less trusted people within them.


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Early Life

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Military Life

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Valeria Gorewalker

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Josi & Tayde Emberflame

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Naoko Skydancer

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Castiel Skydancer

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Aleesia & Talnash Skydancer

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Daniel Morsin

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Danath & Sereli Morsin

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Kollis Argent-Ravenmoore

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Al & Livian Wright

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