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Elf alto icon.png Fëanor Quel'dorah
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Elf alto icon.png Quel'dorei

Date of Birth:

August 1st, -75 L.C.


Sun's Reach, Quel'danas


Commander of the Silver Vanguard
Magister of the Allerian Stronghold


Silver Covenant Icon.png Silver Covenant
Silver Covenant Icon.png Silver Vanguard
Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
Mage crest.png Magisters
Icon of Blood.png Kingdom of Quel'Thalas (Formerly)


Theramyr Quel'dorah (Ancestor)
Elros Sin'dorah (Father)
Ivanna Quel'dorah(Mother)
Vardamir Sin'dorah (Brother)


Lawful Neutral



Military Service


Grand Alliance

Years of Service

Second War
Alliance Expedition
Fourth War




Sons of Lothar

"What I do, I do for the eternal sun that made me. No personal ambition is mine, no glory do I seek, no salvation for my soul, no comfort for my body, no fear do I feel."

Fëanor Quel'dorah (Thalassian: Fëanor Highvalor) is a High Elf of Quel'Thalas currently aligned with the Grand Alliance. A veteran of the Alliance of Lordaeron, Fëanor joined the Alliance Expedition beyond the Dark Portal into the Orcish homeworld of Draenor as a part of Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner's High Elven detachment. When the Dark Portal closed, Fëanor was trapped upon the shattered realm of Outland for nearly two decades. When the portal finally reopened, he emerged into a world where his homeland had been decimated by war and his people were now allied to their greatest enemies.


Early life

Feanor descends from a long line of exceptionally unexceptional Quel'dorei. His earliest known ancestors were manual laborers who worked to build Dath'remar Sunstrider's mighty fleet which sailed in exodus across the Great Sea to find a new homeland for the Highborne.

After settling in Quel'thalas, his family made a living as woodsmen and artisans, the most notable of which never rose far in terms of fame or prominence. When Feanor was born, family tradition held that his mother and father travel to the Sunwell Plateau to be born in the Sunwell's light, a tradition that his parents followed. Fëanor was the first Elf in his family to pursue magic full time, and pursue it he did with great enthusiasm.

Fëanor was driven hard by his parents as they sought to pass onto him the skill he would need to become successful in life. When he was almost nine years old, he was taken to ride his first Dragonhawk. He was continuously thrown off by the animal over a dozen times, but he repeatedly climbed back on, determined to succeed. After limping home with his Father, the two would share a rare moment of mutual bonding as father expressed pride in his son.

As a young Elf, Fëanor spent time studying swordplay, which quickly became a passionate hobby of his, though he was encouraged to focus on his magical skills, his parents seeing a future for him in the field. Nevertheless, he continued his sword fighting ways, eventually studying under a Master spellblade to become a true swordsman. Fëanor would also continue practicing Dragonhawk riding for the remainder of his life as well, never forgetting his affection for the beasts.

Fëanor during the Second War.

The Second War

Before Fëanor had seen his second century, the Second Great War between Men and Orcs broke out, and soon spilled into Quel'thalas as the long-time Amani enemies of the Elves joined forces with the Horde. Feanor was among the Elven Magisterial forces deployed the front line, and saw considerable fighting in Zul'Aman, Lordaeron and the Hinterlands, establishing several contacts among the humans and dwarves of the area that he would continue to stay in contact with for most of his adult life.

The Quel'dorah family did not escape the War without cost, however. Fëanor's mother Ivanna had been killed during an Orcish raid into Quel'thalas during the War, which would leave a rift between Fëanor, his inconsolable brother and their father, who blamed him for not returning home fast enough to defend her whilst Feanor was fighting with the Alliance abroad.

Beyond the Dark Portal

After the Second War's deciding battle at Blackrock Mountain and the Horde was declared defeated, Fëanor returned home to Quel'thalas to rest, and to take stock of his life. It became evident after a few awkward and tenuous weeks at home that a rift had grown between him and his family. Seeking to avenge his Mother's death, Fëanor eventually volunteered to become part of the Alliance Expedition into the Orcish homeward of Draenor, seeking to put an end to the Orcish threat once and for all. His decision to do so briefly reconciled Feanor with his Father and Brother, who supported him in his decision, and offered him Felo'dinal, their family's heirloom sword to take with him, on condition he use it to gut an Orc for every Elven life their foul breed had taken. A burden that Feanor happily accepted. Their reconciliation occurred mere days before the expedition began, and Feanor soon crossed the Dark Portal into Draenor, where he would spend the next twenty years without seeing the green woods of Eversong.

The Allerian Stronghold, Fëanor's home on Outland for two decades.

Life on Draenor was hard for the first few Months. Honor Hold was the only Alliance expedition base on the Orc homeworld. After months of fighting and skirmishing against the Horde of Draenor's forces in Hellfire Citadel, the Alliance forces split off south and west to found new strongholds that would become home to the Wildhammer Dwarves and High Elves. Allerian Stronghold was founded in Terokkar Forest, where Quel'dorei Ranger operations would begin operating out of. Before the outpost could be more than roughshod wooden palisades however, the hunt for Ner'zhul, leader of the Horde of Draenor, took on greater urgency, and Feänor soon rejoined the chase to the gates of the Black Temple.

The Doom of Draenor was upon the world as the Alliance battled against the Horde forces outside the Black Temple. In the fighting, Fëanor slew many Orcs with Felo'dinal, fulfilling much of his oath to his family, but before the battle could be interrupted by the world coming apart, Fëanor's arcane senses were set on fire by the stress of portals opening across the world, heralding the oncoming apocalypse. As the Horde leadership fled the doomed world, the Alliance fell back to their Strongholds and braced as the world came to an end around them.

Life on Outland

With the Dark Portal closed by Archmage Khagar to prevent Draenor's destruction from affecting Azeroth, the remaining Sons of Lothar had no choice but to make a life upon the shattered remains of Draenor, now twisted into a bizarre landmass floating in the Great dark beyond known as Outland. Feanor returned to Allerian Stronghold and began using his magic to try and secure the outpost's territory, ensure that food supplies remained stable and that any and all threats were detected before they could strike at the Alliance Expedition. Things would soon take a turn for the worse as the Burning Legion, frustrated with their Orc pawns' failures, moved in from the Twisting Nether to take direct control of Outland, forcibly twisting any Orcs they could find into little more than mindless killing machines by force-feeding them Demon blood from the Pit Lord Magtheridon, who had declared himself the new Lord of Outland. Fel Orc attacks soon became an unfortunate reality of life for Outland's remaining societies.

Fëanor's skill as a Magister would magnify considerably while in Outland.

Allerian Stronghold fared better than other Alliance outposts on Outland. Though dark and gloomy, the Terokkar Forest was not short on wildlife or fresh water. Over time, a small sense of normality returned to life. All High Elves of the expedition came to settle at Allerian, but many Men and Dwarves chose to as well, and Fëanor eventually found himself growing comfortable around his adopted 'family.' Though the Burning Legion's control over Outland remained a constant threat, their attention remained so focused on other affairs that Feanor eventually found time to begin focusing on his magic once again. Though shattered, Outland still played home to a wide host of magical artifacts from the Ogre, Draenei, and Orcish societies. Fëanor threw himself into his studies, learning great abjurative magic from the ruins of Draenei treatises. From the ruins of the Gorian Empire, he learned of magic nullification, and from the Orcish Shadowmoon Clan, he learned much of the stars and mysticism of the world Draenor had once been.

Fourteen years passed on Outland, studying the secrets of the destroyed world and protecting his comrades as best as he was able to, before the first major shake-up to the world arrived. From afar, he sensed the opening of new portals opening on Outland. Although new portals opened frequently on the nether-bathed world, the new arrivals were not Demons of the Legion. Fëanor was stunned to realize none other than his own prince now walked on Outland. The Sunfury Army led by Kael'thas Sunstrider had arrived on Outland with the Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage to wrest control of it from the Legion. At first, Fëanor was overjoyed, even believing that his people had come at last to rescue their lost expedition. Fëanor's hopes soon turned to confusion however when he saw the Fel magics his people were casting, and then to outright disbelief as the victorious Illidari began taking control of the shattered world.

Over the next several months, Fëanor would watch with horror as he realized the dark path his people had gone down. Calling themselves 'Blood Elves,' the Thalassians had little interest in the Alliance remnants upon the world. Their interest laid more in conquest, and the vampiric leeching of magic from living beings like Vampyrs. Attempts to communicate with the Prince's forces usually ended in failure, and often violence, though he was able to discern something terrible had happened to Quel'thalas. The next few years were some of the bleakest of Fëanor's life. Blood Elves began taking over more of Outland, and Sin'dorei ranger scouts began probing into Terokkar. Fëanor would clash against the Sunfury on numerous occasions, even managing to steal a much-coveted Dragonhawk from house Sunstrider's royal stable, riding one for the first time in twenty years.

Five years after the Sunfury's arrival on Outland, the Dark Portal reopened after almost two decades. At long last, the Alliance returned to the broken world their forces had been lost on so long ago, and reconnected with the remnants of the Alliance Expedition. The Portal's reopening at last brought intricate details on the fate of Quel'thalas and the suffering of the Third War to Fëanor's ears. Quel'thalas now fought on the side of the Horde, and he could never go home. Terokkar Forest was the only home he had left. Rather than despair, Fëanor dove into rage as he began fighting back the forces of the Burning Crusade, including Kael'thas' lapdogs who betrayed Azeroth to fight for the Legion. Fëanor exhausted his rage and fury until his inner fire was a cold ember, and grew introverted. The Alliance would continue the fight against the Legion until their presence had been driven from the bulk of the world, and finally the way home was open for Fëanor. He did not return home to Azeroth with the withdrawing Alliance armies through the open Dark Portal however, feeling there was nothing left for him there.

Return to Azeroth

Fëanor would remain in Outland for some time, melancholic and bitter over the fate of his homeland. He considered his comrades whom he had struggled to survive alongside for decades closer and more important to him than some far-off regency in Silvermoon. Though remaining in self-imposed exile, Fëanor hungrily tore through information on Azeroth that has transpired in his absence, and read up on anything he could get his hands on, making frequent journeys to Shattrath City to converse with visitors, or pick up the latest news. After a few years had passed, Fëanor began to have a hard look on who he thought himself to be and what his role was in the Alliance he had chosen over his own nation. Eventually, he concluded that he remained a High Elf even when so many others had chosen to abandon that noble heritage, and if there was going to be any future for the Quel'dorei, they would have to make it themselves. Though he would always call Allerian Stronghold his second home, he at last left the Outland, and set off for Azeroth alone.

After returning through the Dark Portal, Fëanor took stock of himself and his abilities. Teleporting himself to Stormwind City, he learned quickly of the Fourth War that had broken out across Azeroth, and willingly entered the service of the frontline troops as a Magister. Fëanor would encounter the Ren'dorei in the early days of the war. Although disturbed and shocked by what had happened to them, he soon began to appreciate the company of his fellow Thalassians, and though refraining from practicing Void magic himself, he grew comfortable in their presence.

The Silverguard

Fëanor (Right) with the Silverguard at the Tournament of Ages.

Months into the Fourth War, Fëanor, alongside other Quel'dorei colleagues of his caught word of the High Elven force known as the Silverguard. Though Fëanor had heard of the Silver Covenant, he had not been on Azeroth to fight with them on Northrend or Pandaria. The idea of a strengthened Quel'dorei presence in the Alliance both comforted and emboldened Fëanor, helping him overcome much of his melancholy. With the number of Thalassians in the Alliance due to the Ren'dorei's defection, Fëanor decided to offer his aid to the military organization, soon becoming accepted as one of their Magisters. Reacclimatizing to life on Azeroth was not easy for Fëanor, who had grown accustomed to his close-knit environment in Outland, but so too had the character of the Quel'dorei changed. In his absence, his people had been vastly reduced in numbers from their once hundreds of thousands strong to tens of thousands if even that. Every High Elf now lived with a shared suffering.

The Silver Vanguard

After the Fourth War, Fëanor was still part of the Silver Covenant. After having served for the duration of the War, he had acquired a good enough standing with the organization that he was entrusted to take charge of a detachment of Elves to form a forward operations unit tasked with being the first Silver Covenant troops to enter engagements.

This assignment eventually took shape in the form of the Silver Vanguard. The vanguard of silver covenant forces who would be first into battle. The Vanguard officially took its oaths to form on the 26th of February and began training and drills, seeking to hone themselves into a unified and professional force. After some time spent trining, the newly formed Vanguard were beginning to work well together, but they required a victory in the field to bind them together. This took shape in the form of an opportunity to capture a crashed floating spire for the Silver Covenant. The Fallen spire was recovered and its arcane energy restored to it, allowing it to be lifted from the ground and restored to full function after lengthy repairs.

Fëanor and his officers oversee a promotion ceremony.

After months of service, the Silver Vanguard had grown to become a thriving regiment within the Silver Covenant. Honoring their oaths to their Alliance allis, they would partake in Operation: Avalanche and campaigns against the remains of the Scourge. The Vanguard continued to grow, taking on threats to the High Elven people and growing their numbers.

Personality and traits

Fëanor is a somewhat solitary soul. He is never one to shy away from conversation once invoked, but he has made great progress in the art of using many words to say nothing at all. He reveals little about himself and never volunteers information without being asked for it. A great loneliness rests upon Fëanor within, as well as a less-well concealed rage and anger at being discarded by Quel'thalas despite how much he had sacrificed for his homeland.


Felo'dinal (Flamereaper)

The family sword of the Quel'dorah, Flamereaper is an Elven Ranger's sabre first used during the Troll Wars. It served a mostly ceremonial purpose upon the Quel'dorah family mantlepiece until Fëanor took it with him to Draenor. Over the last several decades, he has runeforged the blade to become an elven runeblade and an effective arcane channeling tool which he wields in place of or in conjunction with a staff.

Golden Armor of the Magister

Fëanor's armor was crafted at his description, recounting the details to Silvermoon's finest magesmiths, the rune-engraved armor was created for him upon his ascension to the rank of full Magister. As one of the youngest to obtain the mantle in his generation, the armor was granted to him to use in the defense of Silvermoon, and has seen battle since the Second War. The armor is lightweight, crafted from reinforced truegold enchanted to be lighter than more common metals. Thalassian scripture engraves the metal, creating wards against Scrying and personal intrusion. The armor is durable, but not invincible, and has been scored by blade-cut and magic over the years.

Verdant Spheres

Verdant Spheres are powerful magical relics utilized by Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei. These valuable relics are sought after by most arcane spellcasters due to their ability to enhance spells. All fire spells cast by the owner have their range widened, increasing the area of damage. Fëanor keeps his spheres charged with Arcane energy compared to the Fel utilized by Blood Mages.

Felbreaker's Tome

This rather large book of magic was written by the Arcanists of the Gorian Empire. The secrets to utilizing the powers of titanforged breaker stones to nullify certain schools of magic can be found within. This grimoire was written during the rise of the Horde as the Highmaul desperately struggled to counteract the Orcish Warlocks. Fëanor recovered the tome from a Shadow Council lair and has expanded upon the tome with his own notes and additions to create his own personal spellbook.



  • Fëanor is something of a habitual liar, often inventing stories when asked into his past rather than elaborate upon it.
  • Despite the seemingly mundane history of the Quel'dorah family, there are subtle indications that their role in Thalassian history has been more than it appears.
  • "Fëanor" was a legendary Elven King of the Ñoldorin Elves in Tolkein's Silmarillion who created the Silmarils and the Palantír.
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